Letter to Dean John Manning, Harvard Law School’s New Dean, Part 1

| July 4, 2017
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This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.


~ Frederick Douglass


Silence [to invidious and ideological racism] is consent.


~ Elie Wiesel (a paraphrase)


Prologue from an Existential Concentration Camp

Dear Dean John Manning:

Especially since I heard that you were a “conservative” academic, I felt a small measure of hope and thus I wanted to be one of the first Black conservatives to welcome you as the new Dean of Harvard Law School.  Congratulations!

My name is Ellis Washington.  I am a Blacklisted Black law professor and conservative intellectual who has for over 35 years waged a one-man existential battle against institutional, intellectual, and ideological injustice inside the Arena of Ideas by the political Left, yet despite my academic accomplishments I have been unjustly and savagely slandered, rebuffed, but mostly ignored by virtually all of my colleagues inside the American Academy. Why? Because 95% – 100% of all faculty and administration inside the overwhelming majority of America’s colleges, universities, law schools, graduate schools are controlled by the political Left—the Progressives, Marxists, Globalists, Liberals collectively allied with the Democrat Socialist Party, of whom I am not affiliated, thus I am of necessity blacklisted.



Randall! … Martha! … Ogeltree! … Guinier! … Posner! …Tribe! Where art thou!?

For example, for the duration of former Dean Martha Minow’s tenure as Dean of Harvard Law School (2009-17), I repeatedly asked your predecessor for help in becoming a Visiting Faculty at Harvard Law School. I thought (in retrospect, naïvely so) that my University of Michigan connections as a graduate [M.M., 1986] and later a Staff Editor on the Michigan Law Review [1989] would give me some measure of credibility with herself being a University of Michigan alumni? Also, might I be given a measure of deference by Dean Minow (for old times’ sake) since my MLR colleagues and I edited a 1990 and 1992 work she co-authored on Legal Narrative? … Yet, tragically it didn’t move her to my cause.

*N.B.: I reference the following works by Dean Minow I believe I and some of my fellow editors at the Michigan Law Review edited in an earlier form titled—Narrative, Violence and the Law: The Essays of Robert M. Cover (co-edited 1992); and Making All the Difference: Inclusion, Exclusion, and American Law (1990).

However, in 2013 Dean Minow did send me a nice email acknowledging receipt of my book gift to her, The Progressive Revolution, Vol. 1 (University Press of America, 2009). I sent my Vol. 1 opus to Dean Minow in commemoration of a rare visit and lecture by Justice Clarence Thomas at Harvard Law School, Feb. 11, 2013. Since that event, I have heard nothing from Dean Minow regarding my Visiting Law Faculty inquiry.

Notwithstanding, Dean Manning, nor did my pleas for ideological equality move any of your predecessor Deans to aid my Harvard faculty dreams except for my initial law class inquiry and Dean Robert C. Clark, who in Dec. 1988 thankfully allowed me to take my first law classes at Harvard Law School while I was a graduate student studying Musicology. My first law class was “Human Rights Law” studying the apartheid legal system under Professor Randall Kennedy, who sadly for almost 30 years has done nothing to help alleviate my invidious discrimination plight despite my numerous books, law review manuscripts and law journal gifts I’ve given him over the decades and to other noted academics like U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge and U of Chicago Law Professor Richard A. Posner—My repeated, lachrymose pleas for redemption from these law scholars in my singular, existential battles against ideological racism, at Harvard Law School, inside the American Academy, repeatedly fell on deaf ears.

It gets worse! Not only did my first law professor, a noted and prolific scholar on civil rights law and racial discrimination, Randall Kennedy, ignore my cries for ideological justice and equality for almost 30 years, but also other faculty members I looked up to and admired— Lawrence Tribe, Charles Fried, Charles Ogeltree, Lani Guinier, Annette Gordon-Reed, and many, many other HLS faculty and administrators there, including the former HLS Dean Elena Kagan (2003-09), currently a Justice of the Supreme Court since Aug. 2010)… Silence of the Lambs. To paraphrase my recently departed friend, pen pal, and intellectual mentor, Elie Wiesel, “Silence [to invidious and ideological racism] is consent.” I even thought I had a listening ear with Associate Dean Akiva Covitz, a Jewish administrator that through our correspondence, I had developed a strong bond with during my 2012-13 faculty inquiries at Harvard Law School, (perhaps due to my numerous scholarly writings chronicling the extent of the 1935 Nazi Nuremberg Laws of the ethnic discrimination against the Jews), yet he seemingly disappeared from Harvard Law School shortly thereafter, without so much as a ‘good-bye’, before I could even get an interview as a Visiting Faculty… Another ‘Dream Deferred’.


I’m Age 55 Now: My Biological Academic Clock is Ticking!

Dean Manning, please read the Abstract of my Nigger Manifesto. This excerpt of my internationally respected biographical monograph will give you a small inkling of my 35 year Sisyphus-struggles battling intellectual, Institutional, and ideological injustice in America—a country whose Judeo-Christian traditions, institutions and culture I still exceedingly love, venerate and continue to study in a scholarly manner.

For the past 30 years, since my short one year tenure at Harvard GSAS & Harvard Law School, think about the hundreds of Harvard Law School faculty and administrators that exist now and have passed through those Ivy-covered walls during that time frame. Using Socratic dialectical reasoning techniques, ask yourself—Are they all better than me? Are their vocational and scholarly credentials that much better than mine? Have they published more scholarly works in quantity and quality above that I have published (without co-authors, ghostwriters, student assistants or NGOs/Foundation who did most or all of the work)? Have every HLS Faculty member published in more countries than I’ve published in? On more continents than I’ve published? If your answer to this preliminary inquiry is ‘No’, then I ask yourself—Why am I sitting in my study here in Atlanta, Georgia instead of in my faculty office in Cambridge, Massachusetts teaching a History of Law or a Jurisprudence class at Harvard Law School?


From the Concentration Camps of Detroit to Michigan Law Review & Harvard Law

As a child born and survived inside the Dante Inferno-like American Concentration Camps called ‘the Projects’ and ‘Ghettos’ of Detroit, nevertheless I came to Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences & Harvard Law School literally one step from the streets! I had virtually no mentors to guide me, no one to help me. Six months later, against all odds I won a coveted Staff Editor position at the Michigan Law Review by testing in and triumphing over the top tier 2Ls & 3Ls at the University of Michigan Law School who possessed much more law experience and scholarly credentials than I had… yet as the biblical David defeated Goliath, I tested better on the Blue Book Rules than my competitors and was this time granted Justice—I WON!

The three Michigan Law Review Volumes we edited back in the day (May-Aug. 1989) are linked below. I was told personally by my colleague and supervisor, Editor-in-Chief, David Meyer (Current Dean at Tulane Law School), that these volumes were the bestsellers in Michigan Law Review history!) Gregory Heller, now Partner of a prestigious Philadelphia law firm, was in 1989 the Managing Editor of the Michigan Law Review. Greg Heller was a true and supportive law review colleague and later was kind enough to write me a letter of recommendation chronicling my editorial duties on the Michigan Law Review—a letter I used to gain admittance to law school. Dean Emeritus Toni M. Massaro and Professor Richard Delgado are two of the scholars whose scholarly writings on Legal Narrative I particularly enjoyed reading and was granted the honor by Editor-in-Chief, David Meyer to serve as the primary editor of their manuscripts on Legal Narrative during my tenure at the Michigan Law Review.

*N.B.: Since I always took meticulous notes, therefore to see which other Michigan Law Review manuscripts I was the primary editor on you’ll have to read my Manifesto manuscript. See the concluding chapters—The Progressive Revolution:  Vol. 4—2013-14 Writings). Here are the Michigan Law Review volumes our editorial board edited and published to national acclaim and notoriety.

*N.B.: I challenge any law scholar copied here (to ‘Bear Witness’ to my inquiry to Dean Manning), to tell me of a law review staff that published three voluminous volumes of scholarly law review articles, monographs, book reviews and notes like those cited above within a 4-month period. We knew we were the best Editors in America at that time because we at the Michigan Law Review worked like dogs and yet it was the most intellectually satisfying work I had ever done before (or since)… at $6.00 per hour!


Bollinger inside the Arena and the Slave Chains of Affirmative Action

Later I would send law faculty hiring inquiries not only to Harvard Law School but to my alma mater, University of Michigan (every Dean and President from 1989 – today). I particularly remember sending numerous inquiries to the entire law school faculty at the University of Michigan including to Dean Lee C. Bollinger (Professor at U of Michigan Law School (1973-94), Dean of the U of Michigan Law School (1987-1994), (*N.B.: Bollinger’s tenure as Dean was actually during the same time period I was Staff Editor at the Michigan Law Review), and President of the University of Michigan and Law School, 1996-2002).

In my naivete, I dutifully followed the Socialist disinformation I was taught by my professors, deans, provosts and presidents throughout my higher education experiences—I foolishly thought, I’m a ‘Michigan Man’ and U of M is always praising their racially ‘diverse’ faculty and are always looking for more ‘qualified’ Blacks to join the faculty at the University of Michigan… right? I didn’t know then what I know now—‘Diversity’ ≠ color or ethnicity, background or experiences, but quite the opposite—ONLY ideology or worldview matters (or what the Nazis called “Weltanschauung”)—a singular, Gestapo-like devotion to a militant Progressive philosophy or to a Marxist-Globalist-Socialist worldview, therefore,

  • Professor Lee C. Bollinger’s response to my faculty inquiries… Silence of the Lambs.
  • Dean Lee C. Bollinger’s response to my faculty inquiries … Silence of the Lambs.
  • President Lee C. Bollinger’s response to my faculty inquiries … the Silence of the Lambs.

President Bollinger’s cold-hearted Silence of the Lambs became even more vexing to me personally, to my pleas for institutional and ideological diversity on University of Michigan’s faculty in 2003 where President Bollinger was the pro-Affirmative Action Champion inside the Arena in two landmark Supreme Court cases that would determine if White folk’s allegiance to racial equality was based on cynical ethnic quotas and color-coded checklists, or could the Democrat-dominated faculty at America’s colleges and universities dupe the Useful Idiot Masses with ‘fake Diversity and extrinsic criteria? (e.g., {cynicism, furtive faculty lounge talk} ‘We need more afros in this faculty to keep the feds off our backs’).

This begs the Socratic dialectical inquiry—Where is the ideological diversity if virtually all your faculty are Democrat Socialists and Globalists, Progressives, Liberals and Evolution Atheists in their existential Weltanschauung? That to me is the Bollinger B.S. he and university administrators all across America have perpetrated against U.S. for 40 years via systematic lies and disinformation and Ghetto Globalism and Racialist Three-card Monty.

Note the Grand Globalist Progressive Paradox: Here’s the Wikipedia summary of President Bollinger’s valiant Man-inside-the-Arena standing against the evil conservatives (who hates ‘minorities’) and standing singularly, boldly for Affirmative Action, all the while dutifully ignoring hundreds of thousands of voices behind the veil including a young Black law scholar’s painful, private cries for institutional justice. Yet President Bollinger callously pontificated before America, before the University of Michigan Family, before the Supreme Court and tragically allow his faculty dreams go unanswered for 30+ years to this day—

{from Wikipedia, footnotes omitted} In 2003, while serving as president of the University of Michigan, Bollinger made headlines as the named defendant in the Supreme Court cases Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger {fn}. In the Grutter case, the Court found by a 5-4 margin that the affirmative action policies of the University of Michigan Law School were constitutional. But at the same time, it found by a 6-3 margin in the Gratz case that the undergraduate admissions policies of Michigan were not narrowly tailored to a compelling interest in diversity, and thus that they violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

In 2006, affirmative action in university admissions in the state of Michigan was banned by a ballot initiative known as the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

The efforts of President Bollinger’s three decades-long fight for Affirmative Action as cited in his Harvard Law Review Commentary—129 Harvard Law Review F. 281 (April 16, 2016) prompts the question—How do I feel personally about Bollinger’s defense of Affirmative Action, as a struggling, ignored Black academic from the ghettos of Detroit, possessing a worthless University of Michigan graduate degree and an editorship on the Michigan Law Review that only got me blacklisted for 30 years and aborted my academic career…? Thus, in light of our aborted Bollinger/Washington dialogue I’ve tried to conduct in vain with this man for over the past 30 years, Bollinger’s Commentary to me, to Black America, is only vain, irrelevant, worthless, words. Bollinger’s Harvard Commentary to me, to Black America, contains only lofty rhetoric explicitly designed to continue the apotheosis of the Progressive Revolution leading to the deconstruction of America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions.

That’s all Bollinger and the Democrat Socialist Party’s Affirmative Action rhetoric ever was (or ever could be)—Vanity of Vanities, Modern Institutional Slavery. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and other “minorities” to President Bollinger have always been faceless pawns, cogs driving the Manic Machine of the Progressive Revolution—A Machiavellian Means/End paradigm and paradox designed to kill me (Black America) by championing how much you are helping me (Black America) while enriching your Progressive friends, family, allies inside the Academy, inside the Deep State Swamp government, inside Think Tanks, inside Soros-controlled Globalist Transnational entities and non-Profit organizations who make billions upon untold trillions harvesting my blood for yet another failed government program called Affirmative Action Slavery.

President Bollinger, didn’t you get the memo? The Trumphalism Revolution has destroyed your Globalist/Progressive Revolution. (See Letter to Dean John Manning, Part 2).


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Ellis Washington, since his intellectual apotheosis embracing a Conservative and ‘America First’ worldview (Christmas Day, 1982), has been a Blacklisted Black Intellectual in America—his promising academic career all but destroyed by the Marxist Academy and liberal hegemony through invidious discrimination, nevertheless his Credo—Lex iniusta non est lex—‘An unjust law is no law at all,’ and his Manifesto chronicles his existential struggles against Liberal Fascism that continues to this day for me, and against hundreds of thousands of other minority academics who reject Globalism, Progressivism, Liberal Fascism, and Socialism Slavery in all of its surreptitious guises. *N.B.: See biographical essays Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 1 and Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 2. Washington is a graduate of DePauw University (B.M., Education/History, 1983); University of Michigan (M.M., Music Performance [French horn], 1986; John Marshall Law School (J.D., 1994); Post-graduate studies at Harvard (Musicology, Law, 1988-89) and Michigan State University (History, 2004). Washington is a former Staff Editor at the Michigan Law Review (1989), Law Clerk at the Sixty-Plus Elder Law Clinic (1991), and Law Clerk at The Rutherford Institute (1992). Presently he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the National Paralegal College and the National Juris University, where he has taught courses in—Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, Contracts, Property, Administrative Law, American History, Advanced Legal Writing, and in many other subjects. A founding board member of Salt and Light Global, LLC (2014), a Christian-based legal/education organization dedicated to protecting First Amendment Religious Liberty, Washington was a co-host on Joshua's Trial, a radio show of Christian conservative thought (2010-16). A prolific writer on numerous disciplines, his latest law review articles include: Nigger Manifesto: Institutional, Intellectual and Ideological Racism inside the American Academy, “UnNatural Law of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes” (—forthcoming, Faulkner Law Review, Fall 2017) and Social Darwinism in Nazi Family and Inheritance Law." Washington has written 10 books where many of his writings have been accepted in the Chambers Library of the Supreme Court including his latest opus is a 5-Volume collection of over 1,200 essays, articles, monographs, law review manuscripts, and Socratic dialogues – THE PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION, Vols. I-V: 2009-16 Writings —History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages, (University Press of America, 2009-16). Visit his Law & History blog, EllisWashingtonReport.com), an essential repository of history, legal history, politics, philosophy, critical theory, and literary classics dedicated to educating future generations of ‘America First’ Nationalists, young Conservative intellectuals and Critical Thinkers of every ideological spectrum. Contact Ellis at his email: elliswash1@aol.com, at his Twitter @EllisWashington , and at his Facebook page.

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