Letter to Dean John Manning, Harvard Law School’s New Dean, Part 2

| July 5, 2017
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This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both

 ~Frederick Douglas


Debate Challenge to Dean John Manning

Dean Manning, I realize that you are very busy man with your new duties as Dean of Harvard Law School, but may I respectfully ask you to give my longsuffering battles against ideological and invidious discrimination inside the America Academy by the Democrat Socialist Party and their allies, serious and positive consideration? I started this existential battle against liberal hegemony inside the Academy on Christmas Day, 1982 at age 20. It is now 2017 and I’m age 55—I’m still staying alive, but my biological academic clock is ticking ever so loudly. Harvard Law School needs to hire me while I’m still in my intellectual and scholarly prime.

Finally, I challenge you, Dean John Manning to consider this question—Is Harvard Law School guilty of Invidious, Ideological Discrimination against Ellis Washington? Against thousands of Conservative Minority Academics in America? As you ponder this perhaps rhetorical inquiry I challenge you to name one faculty member at Harvard Law School that has done more than I have achieved this far with less help, that has done more with less encouragement, done more with less financial resources, done more with less academic institutional resources, done more with less personal mentoring than I have… and if you show me your evidence of such a Harvard faculty member existing there, I promise you Dean John Manning I shall give up my Quixotic battles against Liberal Fascism and Liberal Hegemony inside the Academy, take a vow of silence for my remaining years on this Earth, and you shall never hear from me again.


30 Years with my ‘Intellectual Fathers’ – Prof. LaBrew and Justice Clarence Thomas

Otherwise, I challenge you Dean John Manning to accept my offer to come to Harvard as a Visiting Professor of Law—To come to Harvard as an intellectual equal, a Black conservative intellectual, an ‘America First’ Nationalist, an American Originalist who loves America, venerates and mastered the study of all her Judeo-Christian institutions and traditions, most notably—the jurisprudence of my intellectual father, friend and mentor Justice Clarence Thomas and his singular jurisprudence based on Natural Law, Natural Rights and the Original Intent of the Constitutional Framers.

Clarence Thomas Senate Judiciary Hearings was for my late Baby Boomer Generation—Our ‘Road to Damascus’ Moment. ‘High-Tech Lynching Speech’ Oct. 11, 1991.

Dean John Manning, here is a partial sample of my oeuvre: 10 books, over 2 dozen law review articles published on 5 continents, over 2,500 published essays, articles, monographs, law review manuscripts. Also, in addition to my law scholarship for the past 30 years, I have been editor of over 30 musicological books, encyclopedias, monographs, manuscripts and articles by the legendary (plagiarized by Harvard faculty and ignored) Black Historian—Professor Arthur R. LaBrew (1930-2015).

American Dream? = American Myth = American Nightmare! – Picture of Professor Arthur LaBrew in his studio during his Kresge Literary Arts Fellow interview (Feb. 18, 2015). Sadly, Professor LaBrew died the next day before Part II of the Kresge Fellow interview could be completed later that morning. 65 years of pathbreaking history, magnificent scholarship, over 40 books including a 4-Volume encyclopedia of Black Representation in Classical Music (1750 B.C. – Modern Times) … All in obscurity, yet he never had a faculty position as a Historian in America!?

Nevertheless, if I still have to prove myself to you, Dean Manning, if I still have to prove myself to your Harvard Law School faculty and administrators, I will promise to debate anyone (or everyone) there at Harvard, at Harvard Law School (except my two mentors, Prof. Alan Dershowitz & Prof. Harvey Mansfield), on any subject(s) of their choosing before the Harvard University and Harvard Law School student body and faculty, and I guarantee to you I will win decisively. Why am I so sure of my intellectual and rhetorical abilities? Because as I said in the opening declaration of my Manifesto… I was born for War!

To further this last point, I am convinced that the reason why this debate challenge hasn’t already been extended to me by Harvard over the past 30 years is that the administration and faculty there are well acquainted with my scholarly works (because I sent them to the entire faculty and administration 4-6 times), my sophisticated, and pathbreaking forms of argumentation, logic, rhetoric, and Socratic dialectical reasoning techniques, and understand that I’m too dangerous of an independent ‘off-the-Plantation’ critical thinker to take the chance to challenge me on intellectual grounds in a public forum with cameras and iPhones everywhere.

Harvard’s de facto plan to deconstruct Ellis Washington (and thousands like me) therefore is to follow the Hegelian Dialectic of Veritas Perversion and Disinformation – Thesis + Antithesis = (New ‘Untruth’) Synthesis. This was the same UnNatural worldview propagandized in a 1926 letter by Progressive Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes to his friend, the British Socialist, Walter Laski (cited in Professor Richard Posner’s revelatory book, The Essential Holmes… (The University of Chicago Press, 1992) Edited by Professor Richard A. Posner, where Holmes in his usual terse manner declared his Game-changer, Machiavellian intentions of his Progressivism/Evolution Atheism/Positive Law to in modern times triumph over Christianity/Natural Rights/ Natural Law—“A new untruth is better than an old truth.” Thus, using Hegelian dialectical Veritas perversion, my Harvard debate challenge could be constructed as follows—

  • ThesisFor justice’s sake should Harvard give an intellectual platform and Visiting Law Faculty position to this Negro, Ellis Washington?


  • AntithesisWhy should we take the chance? Couldn’t Ellis Washington embarrass us and expose our 35+ years of marginalizing him, ignoring him, aborting his academic career (and the academic careers of untold hundreds of thousands of Conservatives) from the shadows, without a cause?


  • SynthesisLet us just leave this crazy Negro alone. In his place, let us promote a Negro we can control, pervert and weaponize against the Republican Party, weaponize against conservatives, weaponize against Christianity, weaponize against Natural Law, Natural Rights and the Original Intent of the Constitution. Maybe Ellis will eventually go away and die and leave us alone here at Harvard to continue to deconstruct and destroy America and Europe’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions from within through the propagation of Globalism and Evolution Atheism.

Dean John Manning, while I can’t make you give me a Visiting Law Faculty position at Harvard Law School, I promise you that I will never be silent nor silenced for Justice’s sake, for Natural Law’s sake!


Epilogue to Ideological Justice or Institutional Racism?

Once again congratulations Dean John Manning on your recent appointment as Dean of Harvard Law School. Will you now use your vaunted position to help end liberal hegemony and invidious, ideological racism inside the Academy? Will I have to use my contacts inside the administration of President Trump for justice and redress to fight ideological racism at Harvard? If so, I promise you the paradigm will shift from Harvard Law School having a much more ideological diverse faculty, to every college and university in America being forced by federal government mandate to have an ideological faculty reflective of the population proportions of society or instead lose billions in federal grants, loans and subsidies. Not even the exalted Harvard University can absorb such a Come to Jesus paradigm shift.

Dean Manning, all I’m asking is for JUSTICE. All I’m asking is to be given one chance to join the Harvard Law School as a Visiting Faculty member. Dean John Manning, will you work with me and the thousands of other discriminated against minority conservative faculty to make the Academy a proportional true representation of America and not perpetuate the invidious status quo—the current faculty representation of 95%-100% of the faculty possessing allegiance to the Democrat Socialist Party?

Elie Wiesel, my pen pal wrote for the ages that “Silence is consent.” Therefore, I leave you with the Natural Law aphorism of Saint Augustine (later adopted by Saint Thomas Aquinas & MLK). Translation: An unjust law is no law at all.

Bear True Witness & Lex iniusta non est Lex!


Ellis Washington, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Law, National Juris University

Director, Salt and Light Global, LLC


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Ellis Washington, since his intellectual apotheosis embracing a Conservative and ‘America First’ worldview (Christmas Day, 1982), has been a Blacklisted Black Intellectual in America—his promising academic career all but destroyed by the Marxist Academy and liberal hegemony through invidious discrimination, nevertheless his Credo—Lex iniusta non est lex—‘An unjust law is no law at all,’ and his Manifesto chronicles his existential struggles against Liberal Fascism that continues to this day for me, and against hundreds of thousands of other minority academics who reject Globalism, Progressivism, Liberal Fascism, and Socialism Slavery in all of its surreptitious guises. *N.B.: See biographical essays Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 1 and Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 2. Washington is a graduate of DePauw University (B.M., Education/History, 1983); University of Michigan (M.M., Music Performance [French horn], 1986; John Marshall Law School (J.D., 1994); Post-graduate studies at Harvard (Musicology, Law, 1988-89) and Michigan State University (History, 2004). Washington is a former Staff Editor at the Michigan Law Review (1989), Law Clerk at the Sixty-Plus Elder Law Clinic (1991), and Law Clerk at The Rutherford Institute (1992). Presently he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the National Paralegal College and the National Juris University, where he has taught courses in—Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, Contracts, Property, Administrative Law, American History, Advanced Legal Writing, and in many other subjects. A founding board member of Salt and Light Global, LLC (2014), a Christian-based legal/education organization dedicated to protecting First Amendment Religious Liberty, Washington was a co-host on Joshua's Trial, a radio show of Christian conservative thought (2010-16). A prolific writer on numerous disciplines, his latest law review articles include: Nigger Manifesto: Institutional, Intellectual and Ideological Racism inside the American Academy, “UnNatural Law of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes” (—forthcoming, Faulkner Law Review, Fall 2017) and Social Darwinism in Nazi Family and Inheritance Law." Washington has written 10 books where many of his writings have been accepted in the Chambers Library of the Supreme Court including his latest opus is a 5-Volume collection of over 1,200 essays, articles, monographs, law review manuscripts, and Socratic dialogues – THE PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION, Vols. I-V: 2009-16 Writings —History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages, (University Press of America, 2009-16). Visit his Law & History blog, EllisWashingtonReport.com), an essential repository of history, legal history, politics, philosophy, critical theory, and literary classics dedicated to educating future generations of ‘America First’ Nationalists, young Conservative intellectuals and Critical Thinkers of every ideological spectrum. Contact Ellis at his email: elliswash1@aol.com, at his Twitter @EllisWashington , and at his Facebook page.

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