Bolshevik Bezos, Part II

| July 11, 2017
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Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos (caricature?)

[Jeff Bezos has] been allowed to have multinational deals with European countries, Socialist countries, Communist countries that no one else is allowed to have because he works on centralizing control and propping up corrupt regimes. He’s partnered with the CIA with $600 million last year that Obama gave him to try to defeat Trump and to funnel that money through Amazon.

~ Alex Jones, InfoWars

Continuing our essay series on Bolshevik Bezos—Part I, we now press our apologetic and analysis of Titan, Alex Jones regarding the Democrat Socialist Party Prince and self-avowed Globalist Oligarch, “Jeff Bezos” who Jones contends “is totally anti-gun, an absolute globalist elitist.” Outraged at how these ‘Silicon Valley’ tyrants—Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Tim Cook (Apple), Larry Page, (Alphabet), Sundar Pichai (Google), and other Tech Titans have been allowed through government collusion to make untold billions with their corporate monopolies, unchecked, unregulated cash to the Democrat Socialist Party whose traitorous connections they shamefully use to crush all competition and to give less choices to the consumer (while arrogantly and disingenuously promising them more choices).

The Fake News Media’s obsession over the alleged Trump/Russia collusion that ‘stole the election from Hillary’ has been a liberal myth since July 2016 which of course turned into a cause célèbre for ‘resistance’ after Trump beat all the odds and political prognosticators who guaranteed his defeat by soundly defeating Hillary to become the 45th president of the United States. Alex continues, “He’s been allowed to have multinational deals with European countries, Socialist countries, Communist countries that no one else is allowed to have because he works on centralizing control and propping up corrupt regimes. He’s partnered with the CIA with $600 million last year that Obama gave him to try to defeat Trump and to funnel that money through Amazon. The CIA now runs their main servers through… a Leftist, Globalist utility of the Leftist Deep State in government…” Thus, the real story is not the myth of Trump/Russia collusion, but the existential reality of CIA/Democrat Party collusion—a Faustian deal with the devil which has existed in American politics since its founding under President Truman, Sept. 18, 1947, and its twin demonic intelligence agency, the NSA founded, Nov. 4, 1952.

“[Bezos] finally went to the White House in the last few days and looked completely freaked out being up there with Trump, but at least he’s being forced to now go and claim he’s not going to try to destroy Trump or butcher our economy. The problem is now if you dig through the news, even mainline analysts are saying the real estate market commercially is plunging because of Amazon,” Jones said. “And so, if you expand on that, you look at all these other parts of the economy, it’s going down even that much faster and accelerating our journey to being a Third World country so we have to ask ourselves—What should Trump do?”

“Well under the 1906 Sherman Antitrust Act, Amazon shouldn’t be able to control the market for retail to a point that evens kills Walmart—Walmart killed Main Street. Amazon is killing competitiveness, the economy, the upwardly mobile wage, real estate, diversity… everything!” Jones declared. “It’s absolutely crazy, but notice so many of the Leftist real estate owners, they’ve all been for Globalism, they’ve all been for Socialism, they’ve all been for NAFTA and GATT, they’ve bought into we won’t be an industrial economy; we won’t be an agrarian economy, we won’t be a localized economy we will be a global economy and will have a service economy and so Main Street went ‘Whooo’ and the retails stores went ‘Whooo, wow we really want this Globalism this is going to be so good for us. And now the service economy is the fastest part of the economy imploding.”

“And Trump’s running in trying to rebuild the industrial, trying to rebuild the infrastructure, trying to rebuild the agrarian, the farming, trying to kick-start it all because there are thousands of regulations designed where it’s impossible to have different types of smelting facilities or it’s impossible to have all these different types of operations and they are the Globalists the Jeff Bezos and everybody else that knows that they are creating an economy that’s meant to implode,” Jones argues. “Controlled austerity, where they are the only corporations left standing exploiting what’s left of the West using Third World and Communist Chinese slave labor—a total global financial takeover.”

“But this is what the Left wanted—nice fake trendy guys with their shaved heads and little chicken necks (*See first picture), talking with effeminate voices like they are non-threatening, using class warfare, funding Black Lives Matter, funding open borders, funding the smashing of the Nation-State, funding the total takeover of the culture and then it’s your very destruction; you’re very disenfranchisement, Jones stated, but he doesn’t want Amazon destroyed, only their monopoly which harms the consume and kills opposition among smaller competitors. “So, Amazon should be allowed to operate all day but they shouldn’t be able to have monopolistic practices which they are famous for, and they shouldn’t be able to come in and buy Whole Foods,” Jones continues. “And they shouldn’t be selectively left alone by regulators at the Food and Drug Administration like they are to be able to just do whatever they want and then give huge financial contributions to politicians and then those very politicians then sick the regulators on tens of thousands of other smaller high-quality companies—that’s what this is really all about.”

“President Trump needs to know that when Google and when Facebook and when Amazon the Big Three go and meet with him they’re absolutely lying to his face because everything he represents—the average person being self-sufficient, the average person being successful is the antithesis of what these Globalists are actually wanting; they are cold-blooded consolidators of power, they’re sociopathic, psychopathic control-freak openly at war with the President. And the President needs to understand that Bezos is the man heading up the Washington Post and its project to lie about him, to slander him and to destroy him.” Here, Jones takes his audience to the precipice, to peer into the deep dark heart of this power-hungry oligarchs, these—sociopathic modern-day Robber Barons—It is a ghoulishly demonic picture modern Machiavellians who live by the Democrat Socialist Party credo— “The end justifies the means.”

Jones contrasts Bezos with Trump by stating, “Say what you want to about Trump, but he’s got the eye of the New World Order against him; he’s trying desperately to turn the economy back on and if people don’t get behind him and push hard and realize the problem is the Republican Congress it’s a bunch of cowards: they’re the enemy, Trump’s not the enemy—the Democrats and the Republican leadership they’re the enemy. They stand in the way of our prosperity and our future and they want to enslave U.S.”

It is the eternal death struggle of American history… of world history—Liberty and Veritas vs. the chains of Socialism Slavery. “So, Jeff Bezos, the head of Amazon, the biggest company in the world, he’s the richest man in the world,” Jones states. “He’s a big liberal for class warfare and he funds Black Lives Matter and all the anti-police violence with George Soros and he works with these dictatorships around the world getting slave goods brought in. And if Walmart killed Main Street well Amazon’s killing real estate communities basically totaled deindustrialization and he’s been waging war against Trump who wanted to give us the same power price that China has and simply wanted to turn our power plants back on. He was forced to be part of this summit yesterday because Trump is defeating him, we’re defeating him so…”

Writer Adam Townsend of Medium synthesized the societal impact the idol that is Bezos into three bullet points—

  • Amazon has managed to avoid its share of taxes and tax collection. They had a pre-tax income of $3,512 million but paid only $152 million in taxes for an effective tax rate of 4.33%, The IRS is currently suing for 1.5 billion in unpaid taxes and in the EU, regulators are challenging the legalistics [sic] of certain tax structures in Luxembourg and elsewhere
  • Since 2005 Amazon has received approximately $900 million worth of subsidies to construct and operate its facilities, with $241 million awarded since the start of 2015, taxpayer money that greases the track for a corporation that has to build these facilities, regardless of any potential subsidies, secured a $600 million contract from the CIA for building a ‘private cloud’ for the CIA to use for its data needs
  • No company can grow to the size of Amazon without the active intervention of the State and all its mechanisms. The government is intimately involved in all aspects of its markets and economics, it is inherent. The ‘economy’ is a tally of all transactions and policymakers make hundreds of choices about the transactions in our society, whether those transactions tilt towards justice, the benefits of the consumers, fairness, preservation of rights or tilt away.”

 [Monday, 19 June 2017] White House Tech Summit hosted by President Trump. Notice the dead expression of Apple’s Tim Cook and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.


Millennial Dreams, America CIA Nightmare

“Bezos and other Globalists are snakes because they want to suppress our economy, they want to dominate and totally control our civilization and our society and Trump is trying to turn our economy back on, that’s why they are so upset… They have an economic consolidation plan just like they do in the Third World to have 99% of the people poor, and a tiny 1% at the top…,” Jones contends. This argument reminds me of my long-held observation that Millennials are in many respects ahistorical—the only ‘history’ they deem important is that which has occurred during their short 20-35-year life span. For example, did you know at the dawn of the Progressive Revolution here in America in the early 1900s that these Democrats, Socialists and Communist intellectuals were key figures not only in fostering Socialism here in America by undermining America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions, but these ‘enemies within’ (as Dr. Michael Savage calls them), exported their Socialism Slavery all over the world and was successful in starting the first Communist Nation-State with Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution and the bloody establishment of the Soviet ‘White Revolution’. Here are some quotes from the time 100 years ago—1917-early 1930s, from an interesting article titled—Progressives support for Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution

  • Progressives generally greeted the 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia with great enthusiasm, embracing it as a worthy effort to create a socialist utopia. In the 1920s and 1930s, a host of credulous progressive journalists traveled to Russia to chronicle the revolution’s afterglow, to inform Americans about the historic significance of what was transpiring there. According to author Jonah Goldberg: “Most liberals saw the Bolsheviks as a popular and progressive movement…. Nearly the entire liberal elite, including much of FDR’s Brain Trust, made the pilgrimage to Moscow to take admiring notes on the Soviet experiment.”
  • One key contributor to this pro-Bolshevik genre was the communist journalist John Reed, author of Ten Days that Shook the World. Reed dismissed concerns about the Red Terror and the mass murder of non-Bolshevists by praising the killers of “this treacherous gang.” Said Reed: “To the wall with them! I say I have learned one mighty expressive word: ‘raztrellyat’ [sic] (execute by shooting).”
  • Similarly, the intellectual E.A. Ross excused the Bolsheviks’ violent campaign of terror on the theory that they did not kill all that many people. (Estimates of the number of deaths by execution range from 50,000 to 200,000.)
  • Some journalists, like Pulitzer Prize winner Walter Duranty of The New York Times, engaged in deliberate lies to conceal the harsh realities of post-revolution Soviet life. In 1933, for instance, at the height of the Ukrainian famine (engineered by Stalin) during which millions starved to death, Duranty wrote that “village markets [were] flowing with eggs, fruit, poultry, vegetables, milk and butter…. A child can see this is not famine but abundance.”
  • “It’s a fact that Soviet North Korea is a hellhole, it’s a fact Russia was a hellhole, it’s a fact that Eastern Europe got wrecked by Communism, it’s a fact that Latin American countries that adopted it [Communism/Socialism] went from wealthy to poor almost overnight, it’s a fact that it creates a top-down bullying nightmare bullying situation,” Jones continued with his geopolitical analysis that places the blame of Communism cursing the world—then and now, and how Bezos and his Bolshevik Oligarch friends are trying to institute a neo-Bolshevisms in America and throughout the world today using technology as the primary driver of Socialism Slavery.

“But you’ve got lots of lazy children of children of children who grew up in the lap of luxury and don’t want to work and who just know how to bitch and complain all day who want to pull down what’s left of our sputtering, faltering free market… that is operating at perhaps ten percent of its capacity. And even at ten percent of its capacity conservatively, they’re complaining and hating it with their Smart Phones, with their designer shirts, with their designer shoes in their cars, in their apartments even the poorest of the Trendies is wealthier than people in most parts of the world,” Jones declares. “But they hate it because they lust for conquest, they never really been in a fight, they never really run a business, they never been in the military but they imagine the great social structures coming down and them ruling things and them being bosses and executives. And people like Bezos know their psychology, they know their mindset, they know who they are… and it’s totally disgusting to watch them being played…”

On this 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917-2017), as it was then, so it is now. 100 years ago, you had an elitist, rich, arrogant ruling class in New York and other big cities all over America who had communist dreams for America, but they needed a Petri dish so to speak for their Socialist enterprise and found one with Lenin and his Bolshevik Revolution that overturned the Monarchy of Czar Nicolas II. Then, all the leading “Progressive” intellectuals and Democrat Party apparatchiks heralded the praises of Lenin’s Communist Revolution and worked diligent to enact that evil system of government in Russia and eventually here in America.

100 years later, just like in Soviet Russia, the traitors within called the Democrat Socialist Party have enacted their “Long March through the Institutions” in their diabolical plans to take over all of America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions and replace it with Socialism Slavery. Bezos, Gates, Tim Cook, Larry Page and Sundar Pichai are merely the modern-day Robber Baron successors of their 1917 archetypes—Conrad Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan.

The main difference between then and now is we have a criminal enterprise deep inside the bowels of the Leviathan Deep State government called the CIA, FBI and NSA who are using millions, billions to collude with these Tech Titans to control We the People using political Machiavellian tactics, psychological warfare, Controlled Chaos and the anti-economics of Socialism Slavery.

“Unfortunately, however, this report says, before President Kennedy could totally destroy the CIA-led “Deep State”, they publicly assassinated him as a warning to anyone else daring to come against them and make peace with Russia—and in the cruelest action of all, the CIA-led “Deep State” then appointed the President Kennedy fired CIA director Dulles to “investigate” this young presidents public execution.”


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