And it came to pass…!

| July 18, 2017
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{Blessed Independence Day: Letter below sent on July 4th to President Donald J. Trump and to the entire Faculty, Fellows, Emeritus & Staff at Harvard University… and eventually to every College in America & the world}.

*N.B.: As a Blacklisted Black conservative intellectual who loves America and venerates all of her institutions and traditions, you may ask—What keeps me Joyful, fighting inside the Arena of Ideas during my personal, existential struggles, my 35 years of Sisyphus Hell trying in vain to obtain an earned faculty position inside the American Academy… as a Conservative Scholar?

I would answer with these 5 words – “And it came to pass” – will break the evil chains of Socialism Slavery and Liberal Fascism. These 5 words – And it came to pass – will now end Institutional and Invidious Discrimination propagated by the Democrat Socialist Party and their legions of Progressive Allies inside the Academy and beyond. These 5 words – And it came to pass – will stop Intellectual and Ideological Racism inside the American Academy and inside all of America’s institutions. And these 5 words – And it came to pass –  will restore Natural Law, Natural Rights  which is the Original Intent, the historical, foundational, and controlling political philosophy of America’s Constitutional Framers, and the Original Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the United States and all inferior courts…  AND IT CAME TO PASS…!


Movie—Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003): The Fall of Sauron. The Progressives “Long March through the Institutions” including their slave dominance inside the American AcademyPolitics, and the Supreme Court has come to an END! Otherwise, as the great Holocaust Survivor and my pen pal, Elie Wiesel said, “Silence is consent.”

Dear President Drew Faust:

STOP Ideological Racism inside the American Academy. Read my important essay letters and circulate to your students and colleagues:

Bear True Witness to Veritas pro Christo et Ecclesia! (My Translation of Harvard’s original 1692 Motto: There is no Truth without Christ and the Church).

~ Professor Ellis Washington, J.D.

Adjunct Professor of Law, National Juris University

Director, Salt and Light Global, LLC

Law, Literature, & History Blog,

Lex iniusta non est lex.

~ Saint Augustine

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Ellis Washington, since his intellectual apotheosis embracing a Conservative and ‘America First’ worldview (Christmas Day, 1982), has been a Blacklisted Black Intellectual in America—his promising academic career all but destroyed by the Marxist Academy and liberal hegemony through invidious discrimination, nevertheless his Credo—Lex iniusta non est lex—‘An unjust law is no law at all,’ and his Manifesto chronicles his existential struggles against Liberal Fascism that continues to this day for me, and against hundreds of thousands of other minority academics who reject Globalism, Progressivism, Liberal Fascism, and Socialism Slavery in all of its surreptitious guises. *N.B.: See biographical essays Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 1 and Birth of a Conservative Intellectual, Part 2. Washington is a graduate of DePauw University (B.M., Education/History, 1983); University of Michigan (M.M., Music Performance [French horn], 1986; John Marshall Law School (J.D., 1994); Post-graduate studies at Harvard (Musicology, Law, 1988-89) and Michigan State University (History, 2004). Washington is a former Staff Editor at the Michigan Law Review (1989), Law Clerk at the Sixty-Plus Elder Law Clinic (1991), and Law Clerk at The Rutherford Institute (1992). Presently he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the National Paralegal College and the National Juris University, where he has taught courses in—Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, Contracts, Property, Administrative Law, American History, Advanced Legal Writing, and in many other subjects. A founding board member of Salt and Light Global, LLC (2014), a Christian-based legal/education organization dedicated to protecting First Amendment Religious Liberty, Washington was a co-host on Joshua's Trial, a radio show of Christian conservative thought (2010-16). A prolific writer on numerous disciplines, his latest law review articles include: Nigger Manifesto: Institutional, Intellectual and Ideological Racism inside the American Academy, “UnNatural Law of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes” (—forthcoming, Faulkner Law Review, Fall 2017) and Social Darwinism in Nazi Family and Inheritance Law." Washington has written 10 books where many of his writings have been accepted in the Chambers Library of the Supreme Court including his latest opus is a 5-Volume collection of over 1,200 essays, articles, monographs, law review manuscripts, and Socratic dialogues – THE PROGRESSIVE REVOLUTION, Vols. I-V: 2009-16 Writings —History of Liberal Fascism through the Ages, (University Press of America, 2009-16). Visit his Law & History blog,, an essential repository of history, legal history, politics, philosophy, critical theory, and literary classics dedicated to educating future generations of ‘America First’ Nationalists, young Conservative intellectuals and Critical Thinkers of every ideological spectrum. Contact Ellis at his email:, at his Twitter @EllisWashington , and at his Facebook page.

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