Happy Birthday Roger Stone

| September 2, 2017
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All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.

~ Havelock Ellis

In 1935 Germany, if the Nazis said your business was shut down, it happened. Literally they’re calling U.S. Nazis – this is Nazi tactics.

~ Alex Jones

 I think that he is being undermined by the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, (who was really not happy with the job), essentially detached and therefore letting Condoleezza Rice and her many handpicked hires there run the U.S. State Department.

~ Roger Stone, InfoWars interview on his birthday, 27 Aug. 2017


Prologue to Roger Stone, President Donald Trump’s Friend for 40+ Years

*N.B.: America: Remember Trump’s FIRST Campaign Manager, Senior Advisor (16 June – 11 Aug. 2015) and friend for 40+ years was Roger Stone—not Corey Lewandowski, not Paul Manafort, not Kellyanne Conway, not Steven Bannon, not Stephen Miller, not Jared Kushner—Roger Stone, the man who set the political foundations for Trump’s ‘America First’ Revolution and the Make America Great Again [MAGA] campaign that ushered in the Age of Trumphalism.

All of those other advisors and Johnny-come-lately, all of the political opportunists, careerists and Deep State, duplicitous, apparatchiks may have carried or pushed Trump over the finish line, but the apotheosis of Donald J. Trump could never have come to pass without the political brains, tactics and strategies of that fearless, iconic D.C. political hand that was and is Roger Stone.

The ‘Stone Cold Truth’ on the Major Issues Plaguing America

ALEX JONES: “Well it’s crazy that Roger Stone will be popping in with us for one segment… It is his birthday today which is LBJ’s birthday if you go to his Twitter @RogerStone you can see an image of that were both of them are having their birthday right now. Of course, StoneColdTruth.com is his website… But I just wanted to get his take right now—Is Trump selling U.S. out like Gorka deserting U.S. [“Given recent events, it is clear to me that forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote],[or] like Bannon is saying? [“Now I’m free… I’ve got my hands back on my weapons… ‘it’s Bannon the Barbarian.’”] And he basically this morning concurred what I was told this morning, he’s still Americana, he’s still trying to turn the economy on, but he is still listening to the generals so it’s still more of a Neocon-bent war wise.

He did defeat ISIS pretty much with our military so some good things are happening, it’s just that overall … the president’s not perfect, but as Rand Paul said, ‘I thank God, every morning Hillary Clinton’s not president’ – so let’s burrow down deep into this—Where are we currently with them? And then some of the good news lawsuits against the SPLC (Southern Poverty Leadership Conference), one of the most disreputable groups out there now running Google, running Facebook, running Twitter, running banking systems… In 1935 Germany, if the Nazis said your business was shut down it happened. Literally they’re calling U.S. Nazis – this is Nazi tactics. So, Roger Stone, on your birthday it’s good to have you here with U.S”.

ROGER STONE: “You know my New York Times bestselling book, The Man who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, I think finally sets the record straight on the 36th president who was a serial murder and a lunatic, and therefore it is somewhat ironic that he and I share a birthday, August 27th, great to be with you.

On the President, I think what is happening here in all honesty based on my conversations we did with the Administration is on domestic policy, particularly on immigration, still on trade, on a growing war party to go to war for his tax reform package which I think is the key to his Presidency, the President remains solid. Where I do see some erosion and this is his decision not to send 150,000 troops to Syria notwithstanding, and this minor but troubling incursion into Afghanistan, we assume 4,000 troops although that’s not really clear.

The president has told U.S. little about their plan not wanting to help to telegraph to the enemy exactly what we’re doing; something that he’s been consistent about, Alex for 40 years. I do see the generals trying to move him toward a Neocon bent. I think that he is being undermined by the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson (who was not happy with the job), essentially detached and therefore letting Condoleezza Rice and her many hand-picked hires there run the U.S. State Department… (Alex, speechless at this point says, “Wow!”)

I want to be very clear here, I’m with the President to the [bitter] end on the major issues—Glass-Steagall, immigration, the wall… [Alex cuts in] ‘TPP, the market, carbon taxes, the stock market, bringing jobs back to America, renegotiating NAFTA…’ [Roger interjects] Climate change, I mean on the big picture issues he’s been very strong despite a complete…”

ALEX JONES: “But there is a real infatuation with these generals, Kelly [Mattis, McMaster]…Trump ordered new policy, the Border Patrol did it. He’s promoted Kelly because he’s delivered on 69% reduction in [U.S./Mexico border crossings] and massive deportation of criminals that have committed crimes, but that is Trump’s policies. Trump needs to take a victory lap. I get the fact that Kelly is over Homeland Security executed it, but can’t Trump pat himself on the back?

ROGER STONE: “Well in fact you’re right – all we started to do was to enforce the law. Now we learned today if you apply to the United States that you’re going to have a personal eye-to-eye interview with some American that looks at you and tries to figure out why you want to come here based on everything you’ve submitted. That’s the way it should be or as the President said, we would freeze immigration until such time we set up a system that allowed us to find out ‘What the hell is going on’? Completely reasonable.”

ALEX JONES: “Where is the American Republic? because I see them as going helter-skelter—they’re trying to kill the president, they’re promoting they’re going to kill him on CNN, the former director of the CIA, they’re trying to say that everybody in opposition to them is a Nazi, they’re banning us off the Internet. It’s an incredible time to be alive, Roger and with the backdrop then of the President just sitting there taking it, I mean how long…what does he do? What do we do because it’s so historical, it’s so perilous what’s happing right now?”

ROGER STONE: “I have now independently confirmed a story by Paul Joseph Watson here at InfoWars that Gen. McMaster is bedeviled by our stories and our broadcasts and stories on InfoWars, and that he is going out of his way of not only trying to bring an ‘Iron Curtain’ down around the president in terms of communications, but specifically to cut InfoWars off. Why? Because we are the tip of the spear. Because we are hitting him with the ‘Stone Cold Truth’ as it were about McMaster, about Kelly and what he is up to, about Dina Habib Powell who is a fellow traveler of the Neocons, a former Bush aide, a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Also, we have exposed Fiona Hill, McMaster’s top deputy and actual Soros agent who worked at the Global Society Initiative, Harvard, Council on Foreign Relations, and a dozen other lefty connections. Why are these people in the Trump White House? That’s why I say the danger is not in domestic policy, the danger is here, and there is a fight to be fought, but the President to his credit while he went for the Afghanistan bait, he did not go for their Syria charade.”

ALEX JONES: “Other points, where is Trump 7 months in? They’re fully unplugged now trying to push his overthrow and just wildly running around trying to censor everybody into a complete hysteria, where does this go?”

ROGER STONE: “You’ve got two things going on here at once, Alex—You have the Left now ratcheting up racial tensions because the Russian gambit has failed and this is kind of a proven trick for them—the networks and CNN certainly jump on to forward their narrative that the biggest problem in the country today are Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists and Klansmen, who while I admit there may be a handful of these nuts, it is not the great danger in the country.

“The great danger are those on the Left who are assaulting people, beating people, tearing down statutes and monuments, defaming public property, looting, burning and that is the danger.” And while the mainstream media give it some coverage, they give a disproportionate amount of coverage to a White Supremacist [Jason Kessler] in Charlottesville who turns out (after you peel back the onion), to have worked for Obama just several years ago. At the same time, you have Gen. Kelly who really understands (as I have said a million times on this program), when Donald Trump has all the information, he is a gut anti-interventionist, he is a gut stand up for America …”

ALEX JONES: “And so, they want to hijack the country in an informational coup… what do we do to continue to make sure we get real information to Trump because that shows how real he is that they are trying to block that off?”

ROGER STONE:  “There’s a very key thing, Alex, I can tell you that despite the very best efforts of Gen. Kelly that the President is seeing not all, but some seminal and important InfoWars reports. “You see they don’t understand that the President is his own man and he doesn’t want to be treated like a mushroom, in other words, kept in the dark and fed [a bunch of] sh—.” He wants to know the facts and he’s naturally inquisitive. And there are channels and there will always be channels that are perfectly legal (but are perhaps unknown to Gen. Kelly), to get him information. So, the good news is that the President is getting some, but not all good information…”

ALEX JONES: “And they’re showing their hand how desperate they are to keep him in the dark and to stop us from getting leaks and information. So, they are admitting we are real, they’re admitting we have access. This is a big victory [for Freedom, Veritas, InfoWars] and they are admitting that he stands for what he believes in and that he listens to information, not special interests and lobbyists… Happy Birthday Roger Stone!”

I Remember Roger Stone

I remember 4 years ago seeing Roger Stone’s 2013 book on Who Killed Kennedy at my local bookstore and after reading a couple of pages, I realized it was truly a tour de force, a masterpiece, so I started reading it at the bookstore every week at our ‘Family Fun Friday’ until I completed it, then bought the book. After I read Roger’s book, I gave it to my son, Stone (whose first name is the same as Roger’s last name), to read which he did with much vigor and excitement for it delineated an important part of American history he had never been exposed to in his public school education—that throughout American history there have been many episodes where evil, surreptitious, Machiavellian forces deep inside the government (e.g., the ‘Deep State’) were weaponized to directly murder en masse its own citizens for control and power, for monetary, political and treasonous ends. JFK wasn’t the first U.S. President killed by our own intelligence agencies—CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. and by our fascist U.S government and JFK won’t be the last U.S. President murdered by Deep State apparatchiks and traitors. Remember, 9/11 was an inside mass democide by our U.S. government that killed almost 3,000 American citizens on the False Flag attack to drive U.S. into the Iraq War.

After discussing the book with my son Stone over the weeks I then came up with the idea to contact Roger personally and to support his valiant efforts to chronicle American history by sending him an email telling Roger how much his book meant to my young son (then age 16) and I as a historian. And that I thought Roger to be very brave and iconoclastic to write such a book exposing the crimes of LBJ when for over 50  years the conventional wisdom by the legions of Democrat Party “historians” led by his mistress/biographer, Doris Kearns Goodwin, (but also including Robert Caro, Robert Dallek, Michael Beschloss, Mark Updegrove), was Fake History.

These books by Progressive “historians” on LBJ were in essence perfunctory, propaganda and servile hagiography extolling that LBJ was one of the great Presidents of the twentieth century, while ignoring his serial murder sprees that they knew about but hid from the public because they are not real historians, they are fake historians. They are Sophists—government-paid wordsmiths of the Democrat Socialist Party who are skillful in propagating lies in rhetoric and argumentation. On the other hand, Roger Stone’s book definitively and in painstaking detail declares LBJ was not a great President, but a wanton serial murder and a inveterate psychopath. *N.B.: For more information about this and the political worldview of Roger Stone I suggest you listen to his award-winning 2017 documentary, Get Me Roger Stone.

Shortly after I had written Roger Stone about his book, I was surprised and pleased to hear back personally from Roger by phone from his home in Florida and we had a wonderful conversation on a variety of subjects (He is truly a brilliant man). Although I didn’t communicate with Roger since that time, recently (30 Aug.) I received a correspondence from him via Facebook messenger replying to another essay I sent to him based on his inveterate journalism had inspired in me. I was elated. I told Roger that it was his numerous and outstanding interviews on InfoWars that led me to rediscover InfoWars, this iconoclastic, truth-loving news source around the time Trump announced his candidacy for president (16 June 2015). Now, thanks to Roger Stone’s association with InfoWars, I’m now a big InfoWars fan. Finally, I told Roger, while on his birthday/vacation, to expect a pleasant surprise from me by Friday (1 Sept., my mother’s birthday and the date Hitler started World War II) and here it is…

Happy Birthday My Friend, Roger Stone!

Friends to the Death—America: Remember Trump’s FIRST Campaign Manager, Senior Advisor (16 June – 11 Aug. 2015) and friend for 40+ years was Roger Stone—not Corey Lewandowski, not Paul Manafort, not Kellyanne Conway, not Steven Bannon, not Stephen Miller, not Jared Kushner—Roger Stone, the man who set the political foundations for Trump’s ‘America First’ Revolution and the Make America Great Again [MAGA] campaign that ushered in the Age of Trumphalism.



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