How the U.S., IBM, and Hitler Created the World’s First Technocracy, Part I

| September 22, 2017
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The Information Age that you talk about and that everyone talks about was not born in Silicon Valley. The Information Age was born in Berlin in 1933. And what is the Information Age? The Information Age is the individualization of statistics.

IBM engineered a strategic business alliance…extending right through the war that endowed the Hitler regime with the technology and the tools it needed to expedite…all six phases of Hitler’s war against the JewsIdentification, Expulsion, Confiscation, Ghettoization, Deportation, Extermination.”

~ Edwin Black, Historian—IBM and the Holocaust (Expanded Edition, 2016)

*N.B.: Blessed Rosh Hashanah! I wish to all the Jewish people in America, in Israel and throughout the diaspora, to have a Blessed and Safe Rosh Hashanah, which starts Wed. evening Sept. 20th – Friday evening of Sept. 22nd (which ironically is on my birthday). Perhaps the end of Rosh Hashanah and the date of my birth explains my undying love for the Jewish people and support of the Nation of Israel which I have chronicled and dedicated to the Jews in all my academic writings for 35 years… Happy New Year! — SHALOM ISRAEL!

America’s Faustian Duplicity with Hitler to Birth the Modern Age of Technocracy

On 7 Sept. 2017 Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, had a truly revelatory interview with historian and Holocaust writer, Edwin Black titled, Historian: IBM and Hitler Created the First Technocracy. “Technocracy is a system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of technological knowledge,” according to Wikipedia. “Scientists,

engineers, technologists, or experts in any field, would compose the governing body, instead of elected representatives.” Tragically, historically, Technocracy is government tyranny by technology (computers) controlled by a fascist alliance between government and a small, sociopath oligarchy of billionaire corporate elites—Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… who are hellbent to use technology to enslave the masses Elysium style.

*N.B.: Elysium (movie 2013), [Wikipedia] “The science fiction, action film takes place on both a ravaged Earth, and a luxurious space habitat (Stanford torus design) called Elysium. The film itself offers deliberate social commentary which explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, overpopulation, health care, worker exploitation, the justice system, and social class issues.” Technology oligarchs created this utopia technocracy as a “planet” floating just outside of Earth’s atmosphere while 99% of the population are forced to scrounge around on a hellish, dystopian earth, fighting with each other like dogs for primal existence animals would find untenable.



[Wikipedia] The Stanford torus is a proposed NASA design for a space habitat capable of housing 10,000 to 140,000 permanent residents. Exterior view of a Stanford torus. Picture (right) is the non-rotating primary solar mirror, which reflects sunlight onto the angled ring of secondary mirrors around the hub. Painting by Donald E. Davis.

A synopsis of the interview reveals how Black will “discuss his book IBM And The Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s most Powerful Corporation, and expose how Nazi Germany worked with IBM to target and catalog Jewish people” explicitly to be worked, starved, tortured and gassed to death by Hitler’s Nazis and a network (according to a March 1st 2013 article in the New York Times by Eric Lichtblau) of over 42,500 death camps ubiquitously referred to as “Concentration Camps.” The only technology available in the 1930s-40s able to handle that kind of human complexity and organization exploited by the Nazis could come only from one company in the world… IBM.


~ Edwin Black

Thus, after this interview the listener will come to this most disturbing and grotesque new understanding of the Nazi Period (1933-45)—No IBM technical help = No quantum leap in computer technology and war machinery = No Holocaust = No Nazi Party = No Adolph Hitler. In other words, without the technical innovations of IBM, America’s most dominate and prestigious corporation; IBM, the gold standard to new, cutting edge technical innovation, then Hitler and the Nazis would have lacked the technical knowledge and comprehensive efficiency not only to wage a World War in multiple theatres, but the U.S./IBM/Hitler alliance which allowed the Nazis to create the almost 45,000 death camps that efficiently helped murder 6 million Jews and over 20 million others through the ravages of war within the span of just 12 years. And most of the world did not even know about this democide-genocide until after the fact… Most people in America, in Germany, and throughout the world were too willingly ignorant about the American-Nazi Axis treachery with Hitler to this day.

Where are the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunals for IBM and for the many other U.S. companies who profited greatly by selling technology and people, war materials and innovations to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis? That was a main reason why the title to my 2008 Nuremberg Trials book had the subtitle, “Last Tragedy of the Holocaust”, because what was propagated by the United Nations Globalists apparatchiks as the “Final Judgement” of the Nazis was in historical reality the beginning of a New World Order—a New Age of Globalist Tyranny, Democide, Politicide, and Genocide that exists to this day, unjudged and unavenged.

Interview of Edwin Black by Alex Jones


ALEX JONES: It’s probably been ten years since Edwin Black has been on with us at He wrote, “IBM and the Holocaust”, that won so many awards it makes my head spin, on how the barcodes or the numbers you see on Jews and others in death camps were put into the Hollerith Code Machine that he has on the [book’s] cover to decide how long to work you, or what to do – He’s got a new book out, Nazi Nexus: America’s Corporate Connections to Hitler’s Holocaust by Edwin Black. It ties into the Bushes – you know all of them

Look, I don’t want to get political, I want to talk about real Nazis because we’re hearing all about Nazis constantly in the media, let’s talk about real Nazis. We’ve got folks here that the media calls “Right-wing extremists” and then they lump us in with White Supremacists – we have no connection to… Meanwhile, a lot of the culture, a lot of the systems—the whole Ratline, 30,000+ Nazis brought here after World War II to be put in charge of intelligence operations, NASA [Operation Paperclip], you name it…


What is a Nazi?

EDWIN BLACK: Thank you for having me. At least I know that I’m not going to be called a Nazi by anyone… Let me explain why people who study the Holocaust, like I do, and who are committed to human rights do not like the arbitrary and false use of the word, “Nazi”. Let me explain what a Nazi is, which of course is the “National Socialist Workers Party” [in German — Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or NSDAP]. A Nazi is a person who tried to organize the identification of the Jews and other enemies, the expulsion from society, of the confiscation of their assets, their ghettoization, their deportation, their extermination. So, before you are a Nazi you’ve got to be committed to the types of things that German Nazis did and their affiliates across Europe which would be concentration camps, extermination camps, labor camps, confiscation, things of that nature.

So, people like me want a proper reference to Nazis and of course their allies because the Nazis had many allies throughout Europe. They had allies through the Arab world through the Mufti of Jerusalem, but amongst their key allies were American businesses. Now there were five major American corporations that made all the difference between the level of success of the Hitler regime. Now there were hundreds of companies that were trading with the enemy but even when Standard Oil sold petroleum to Nazi Germany, Germany still had access to the oil fields of Romania. Even when there were stores in London selling uniforms to the Hitler regime, of course the Nazis knew about needle and thread. But what the five companies that were indispensable to the outcome, to the level of destruction to the reach of the Nazis did was bestowed upon the Hitler regime, something they never had before.

Now, the first one of these [U.S. companies] was the Ford Motor Co. When I say the Ford Motor Co. I don’t just mean Henry Ford I mean the Ford Motor Co. which distributed the most anti-American screed in the history of the U.S.—The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Dearborn Independent and they did this from their dealerships.

Edwin Black, Op-Ed: American  Corporate Complicity Created Undeniable Nazi Nexus (12 March 2009).

And Henry Ford idolized Hitler and Hitler idolized Henry Ford, he [Ford] had a picture of him [Hitler] on his piano. And it was Henry Ford who had this fictitious idea that Jews control all the money and the media and the military, who made Hitler believe that it wasn’t just enough to be anti-Semitic—which of course Germany was anti-Semitic and Hitler were a key anti-Semite. Now when he went into other territory he had to root out the Jews, not just conquer the territory, but root out the Jews for the “international Jewish conspiracy”.

*N.B.: Regarding Black’s historical analysis on Henry Ford and Adolph Hitler’s mutual admiration and respect for one another, see this interesting article citing the little-known business relationships between U.S. companies to Hitler and his Third Reich. *N.B.: See, Paul Solman, What Henry Ford’s Deep Hatred of Jews Can Teach Us About Anti-Islamism Today?

The International Jew: The World’s Problem in The Dearborn Independent, May 22, 1920. The Dearborn Independent, also known as The Ford International Weekly, was a weekly newspaper established in 1901, and published by Henry Ford from 1919 through 1927. [Wikipedia]

ALEX JONES: And your book walks through his own admissions where he was almost like a Super Fuhrer, Hitler’s brain…?

EDWIN BLACK: I wouldn’t go that far because the guy we blame for the Holocaust, the guy we blame for World War II is Hitler. But Hitler had help… he had material support so it gets us to this idea of the “International Jewish Conspiracy” which just fortifies his [Henry Ford’s] anti-Semitism. The second corporation which had a vast impact on the Hitler regime was the Carnegie Institution. It was the Carnegie Institution, I think that you and I had a conversation about 10 or 15 years ago when I brought up my book, War Against the Weak; Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race (2003), which was on eugenics. While Germany believed in racial superiority for generations before the Twentieth century, it was the Carnegie Institution that invented the medical and scientific racism that allowed the Hitler regime to medicalize his racial superiority and to seek the “Master Race”.

ALEX JONES: The Carnegie [Institution] was critical in the weaponization of medicine and I noticed simultaneously, and the Rockefellers were involved heavily at the same time… in what we see in some of our modern medicine as well.

EDWIN BLACK: Rockefeller was financing the program that sent Mengele into Auschwitz, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. It was General Motors that took the Nazis from horseback and put them into motorization.

ALEX JONES: That’s right as when the [Nazis] first invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland they were still mainly on horses, but suddenly they had all these big Ford trucks.

EDWIN BLACK: No, it wasn’t Ford it was General Motors. These were Opel trucks because General Motors secretly operated Opel through a façade where Opel had a fake Board of Directors, a fake management and it all reported to Sloan and Kettering in the U.S. And of course [after World War II] they ultimately burned all their papers and invented all the Sloan-Kettering charities and foundations, it’s crazy… Now IBM, when did they come in because that’s the technocracy, that’s the coding, that’s the science end of the extermination.

EDWIN BLACK: IBM comes in the first minutes of the Third Reich in 1933. IBM said, “We are the solutions company” and we will give you any solution that you want including the “Final Solution”. So, we are talking about Watson of course. [Thomas] Watson was the president of IBM and he is the one they’ve named this artificial intelligence system after and this game show computer…

ALEX JONES: That’s what I was about to say, for you are a best-selling New York Times seller, historian, researcher that has all the documents, just one of the biggest brains out there; what is it like to see the computer that decides which of our veterans get healthcare-wise, that runs the bioethics boards, systems that were developed in Germany to see some[one] called Thomas Watson, to see computers named after this guy orchestrating and running these high-powered supercomputers today?

EDWIN BLACK:  Well let me say that Thomas Watson was a convicted criminal and extortionist before he ever got to IBM and once he joined IBM he became a war criminal, a conscious war criminal. So, here’s what happened – IBM, directly from New York and through its overseas subsidiary did six things for the Third Reich that made all the difference between the level of death and destruction that would be heaped upon the Jews, Europeans, and of course the American military that fought to overcome [the Third Reich] …

ALEX JONES: … We’re covering this just to give people an idea of what real “Nazis” are, not CNN saying that if you want lower taxes you’re a ‘rapist’, you’re a ‘Nazi’. This is what real Nazis do and the real Nazis in this country got away with, and I’m going to ask him his view on why that happened?… So, number one you were saying it was Ford, then Carnegie, then General Motors, what then IBM?

EDWIN BLACK:  Well Rockefeller, so [the top U.S. companies working directly to further Hitler and his Third Reich] – it’s Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, General Motors, and then you say, where did Hitler get the names? So, that is IBM, so first, the identification of the Jews. Prior to IBM, there was no way to tell how many Jews lived in Germany and the Nazis did not define a Jew by a person that went to a synagogue, they believed in the Carnegie Institution of a Jew that is a racial Jew, a eugenic Jew and they took that back generations and so this was all ancestral tracing.

Donald Clark— “In 1939, the CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson, flew across the Atlantic to meet Hitler. The meeting resulted in the Nazis leasing the mechanical equivalent of a Learning Management System (LMS). Data was stored as holes in punch cards to record details of people including their skills, race and sexual inclination and used daily throughout the 12-year Reich.”

What IBM did is that they invented the racial census, in one column they would put your race. They went door-to-door and hired hundreds of thousands… [of people to do this].

ALEX JONES: Didn’t they test [IBM’s racial census] first on the Jamaicans?

EDWIN BLACK: That’s right. The Jamaica Race Crossing Project in the 1920s was the first pilot program and IBM was working on a walk through how…

ALEX JONES: So, walk us through how they did it.

EDWIN BLACK: They would go door-to-door. They hired all these census takers, they brought all the census documents into one warehouse in Berlin on Alexander Platz and in one column they would put your religion—are you a Jew? Are you a Catholic? Are you a Muslim? Are you a Protestant? And a second column they would put your nationality—you’re German, you’re Ukrainian, you’re French. Then in a third column they would put your mother tongue—to you speak Polish, do you speak German? … Then in the fourth column they would put your profession—you’re a teacher, you’re a banker, you’re a journalist, then in another column, your city. Then at a rate of 24,000 [IBM hole punch] cards per hour they suddenly know where all the Jews are of Polish extraction who are engaged in the fur business in Berlin live.

ALEX JONES: And there is big money in that not just killing a group you want to blame and go after you get to rob them. And the Nazis were obsessed with gold, with furs, with paintings. They wanted everything.

EDWIN BLACK: That was the second step as soon as they identified the Jews there wasn’t just one census, it was continual censuses and registrations ongoing to perfect this process. They even went to the Mormon genealogy archives, they went to the baptismal books of churches going back one and two and three generations to code all this stuff in. Once they had all the Jews identified, the next step was exclusion. They would cross tabulate all the names of the Jews against the Bar Association, the Medical Association, the faculty rolls, the health insurance—all those people would be exposed.

ALEX JONES: So, your book reveals that the first real computers that really did work, the Hollerith Machine of IBM was being used to literally drill down and track who you’re connected to, where you came from, where you work, how important you are so that they could decide in wave who to go after and how to take control of the economy?

EDWIN BLACK: Right, because what Hitler needed when he came to power to destroy the Jews was a computer, but no computer existed. What existed was the IBM punch card… it stored information in holes and rows that were read and out came something new called – Information. So, we have to understand that the Information Age that you talk about and that everyone talks about was not born in Silicon Valley. The Information Age was born in Berlin in 1933. And what is the Information Age? The Information Age is the individualization of statistics. In other words, first they could count and just yield a number, but once they had the IBM punch cards they could count not how many people were in a room, but how many were men and how many were women.

ALEX JONES: And Sir Francis Galton in the 1850s, a eugenicist and racist [cousin to Charles Darwin, the father of Evolution] he first envisioned that they needed machines to be able to tabulate and figure all this out so it goes back even before people like Hitler or people like Thomas Watson, is that accurate?

EDWIN BLACK: But it was Watson and IBM who figured out a way to take the eugenic crusade and apply it [to information technology] …

ALEX JONES: Exactly, so Galton and others envisioned it, but IBM was actually able to deliver it and Hitler executed it.

EDWIN BLACK: That’s right, that’s why the American Eugenics program failed ultimately because they couldn’t afford to systematize all these index cards, but Hitler spent the money and was able to systematize the entire [destructive operation] …

*N.B.: Part II of this essay can be found at







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