How the U.S., IBM and Hitler Created the World’s First Technocracy, Part II

| September 30, 2017
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Donald Clark— “In 1939, the CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson, flew across the Atlantic to meet Hitler. The meeting resulted in the Nazis leasing the mechanical equivalent of a Learning Management System (LMS). Data was stored as holes in punch cards to record details of people including their skills, race and sexual inclination and used daily throughout the 12-year Reich [1933-45].”

“The entire IBM-Nazi alliance which began in the first days of the Hitler regime in 1933 and went all the way to the last minutes of the fall of Berlin in 1945, was micro-managed directly by Thomas Watson because he was getting a commission on every aspect of, on every dollar of the Nazi relationship.”

 “If Hitler had the IBM tools of today it would not have taken him 12 years [1933-45] to wage the Holocaust, and he probably would have won.”

~ Edwin Black, Historian

“Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


Prologue to the Deep Blue, Deep State—Listening, Watching, Recording

every move you make

Continuing from Part I of our essay series, How U.S., IBM created World’s First Technocracy for Hitler and the Nazis, in Part II Alex Jones presents to guest author, Edwin Black what Theologian Paul Tillich called a question of “ultimate concern” when he speculates how much further could Hitler have gotten in his egomaniacal efforts to take over the world through exploiting the miraculous computer technology of the early twenty-first century? Remember, World War II wasn’t too long ago, just 2 generations back – In fact ironically, my mother (Joan neé Cowser] had just turned 5-years-old at the beginning of World War II when Hitler’s unstoppable Blitzkrieg (e.g., “lightning war”, a bold, strategic move to defend Germany’s eastern flank) was unleashed against Poland on 1 Sept. 1939.

What was not as well-known were the strategic ground work meticulously laid out by the Nazis that prepared the Nazi propaganda onslaught against Poland’s supposed abuse of their German minority populations—propaganda and veiled threats against England and France not to intervene, thus appeasing, emboldening and ultimately enabling Hitler to launch a multitude of False Flag preemptive events months before that paved the way for World War II with Hitler’s Blitzkrieg attack which the Nazis called, “Operation Himmler” or the “Gleiwitz Incident”.

An anti-Semitic poster published in Poland in March 1941. The caption reads, “Jews are lice; They cause typhus.” This German-published poster was intended to instill fear of Jews among Christian Poles.

— Muzeum Krajowa w Rzeszowie / Historical Museum of Rzeszow

It is imperative to understand that before Hitler’s Blitzkrieg could be launched against Poland in 1939, that 6 years before Hitler had to bring his military out of the Dark Ages of horse-drawn Gatling guns and single-engine biplanes derivative of World War 1 to a fully automated, mechanized, and modern army. This begs the question—How did Hitler make such a quantum leap in technology and military efficiency in only 6 years—counting from 30 Jan. 1933 (when Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany) – 1 Sept. 1939?  (the Nazi Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland). I can answer that question in 3 letters—IBM. “IBM engineered a strategic business alliance… extending right through the war that endowed the Hitler regime with the technology and the tools it needed to expedite…all six phases of Hitler’s war against the world and total war against his perceived chief enemies, the Jews—Identification, Expulsion, Confiscation, Ghettoization, Deportation, Extermination.”


Part II of InfoWars interview of Nazi Historian Edwin Black

ALEX JONES: …What if Hitler had the power of IBM and Deep-Blue and their Watson computer named after the guy that quarterbacked this? …

EDWIN BLACK: Let me lay this out so you understand the threat that could resurrect today—It’s the IDENTIFICATION of the Jews, their EXPULSION from society and once they get their names and they’ve archived them now they control all the banking systems. They just run those names against the bank accounts and they can automatically identify all the property, or the savings accounts and the assets that need to be seized. The third step was CONFISCATION, the fourth step was GHETTOIZATION [where] one day everybody that was targeted moved across town into a slum…

ALEX JONES: And you’ve been incrementally submitting each time but still surviving, so finally the next thing is going to a death camp and to be killed?

EDWIN BLACK: The fourth step is GHETTOIZATION. The fifth step is DEPORTATION. All the trains in Europe were running on IBM punch cards and finally even EXTERMINATION. Jews were only tattooed in Auschwitz, but the Auschwitz tattoo began as an IBM number.

ALEX JONES: The [Jews] also got shaken down and extorted; you didn’t get deported unless you could pay to get deported?

EDWIN BLACK: No, that’s not the case. It was the people that avoided deportation, for a day, a week, a month, a year, whoever it was being shaken down, but more than being shaken down, with the IBM technology these people could be robbed, they could be robbed juridically, they could be robbed with decrees…

ALEX JONES: Sure, so this gave the science tyranny bigger teeth?

EDWIN BLACK: Yes, it’s automated teeth, not bigger teeth. And so what Hitler had that other murders didn’t have information technology. In fact, the difference between the Blitz and other Kriegs (or other Wars) was the information [technology]…

ALEX JONES: … Sitting here as a Libertarian or Conservative [in 2017] they have new databases they put us in them, I’m kicked off Amazon, I’m kicked off AdRoll, I’m kicked off Google, they put me in databases with extremists, none of what they say is true. [InfoWars co-host Mike] Cernovich says this is happening to him and it’s happening to millions of people now in this political situation.

Conservative filmmakers like Dinesh D’Souza are being locked up. Soros is in documents saying overthrow Israel, arrests everyone that disagrees with him, control all information. I look at what’s already happening and the class action lawsuits being filed by these Christian groups that have been put into these databases alongside dirtbag Nazis and I see a similar thing of “Ghettoization” like Matt Drudge said against conservatives happening.

EDWIN BLACK: That’s contemporary and I’ll leave that for another segment, but what I will tell you is this—If Hitler had the IBM tools of today it would not have taken him 12 years [1933-45] to wage the Holocaust, and he probably would have won. And today we have what could be done in a matter of hours, in a matter of seconds; and we really need to think if we are not controlling forces that are not controlling corporate forces, [then] who are controlling our information, information technology?

ALEX JONES: Elon Musk says that the race for AI (Artificial Intelligence) may trigger World War III. This is so important because the roots of this stretches into everything today…

MIKE CERNOVICH: You said earlier, (and this is a very compelling statement I believe is true, but I would love to hear you elaborate), that if Hitler had the technology available today he probably would have won World War II and he would have had the Holocaust done so much more effectively and differently, so would you elaborate on that please?

EDWIN BLACK: It was an IBM manager that sent the memo saying that it was our company, (he sent this directly to [IBM CEO THOMAS] Watson), that “IBM put the Blitz in the Blitzkrieg.” It’s important to understand that this wasn’t five guys in a basement in New York operating this as a rogue operation. The entire IBM-Nazi alliance which began in the first days of the Hitler regime in 1933 and went all the way to the last minutes of the fall of Berlin in 1945 was micro-managed directly by Thomas Watson because he was getting a commission on every aspect of, on every dollar of the Nazi relationship.

So, what is now taking big facilities and 2,000 machines and bunkers, you see a picture in a book of the Dachau [Concentration Camp] there was an IBM customer site in every concentration camp. The name of that customer site was the Hollerith of Thailand which Hollerith was the trade name of IBM. It was located to, attached to the Arbeitsdienst which was Labor Assignment Bureau. In cases like Dachau, it was across the street from the main gate. In Mauthausen, it was across the street from the parade – a plaza, so there were different locations.

But all of that would be unnecessary today because all the information would come to a tablet. It would come to a phone and on top of that people would be marked not with a tattoo (which I remind you only occurred in Auschwitz and a little bit in Mauthausen later where they marked with a tattoo). Today they would receive an RFID chip and there would be drones capable of sniffing out these RFID [“radio frequency identification”] signals, and they can draw their battery from the broadcast signals. So, we are faced with today whether or not we are going to control our information so that it benefits society, or allow our information to control us?

I’d like to say that it’s not like they’re all one big giant conspiracy – that’s not the fact. They each have a business-as-usual conspiracy and they are competing – Ford was competing with General Motors, and IBM was competing with Remington-Rand and other companies. IBM actually filed a lawsuit in the Third Reich for patent infringement claiming that they were the true Nazi company that was entitled to bear the Nazi indicia and the Nazi endorsement.

ALEX JONES: Why didn’t IBM get in trouble after World War II? This [alliance with the Nazis] was all admitted in the McCormack-Dickstein Committee Hearings. Hell, the Nazis even tried to overthrow the U.S. with collaborators, this is all admitted. Why didn’t they clean them out? Why did they bring so many over to the U.S.?

EDWIN BLACK: IBM, nobody could wage war without IBM – not the Allies and not the Nazis…

ALEX JONES: So, they didn’t want to get rid of an asset at the [beginning] of a new Cold War?

EDWIN BLACK: Look, IBM was doing the weather reports for the Normandy invasion and supplying them to the Allies to Eisenhower, and supplying the same reports to the Nazis so they could figure it out. And remember even when the Americans were occupying Berlin and Germany after the Third Reich fell in May of 1945, there was a group called the “IBM Soldiers” and the “Machine Record Units” … They were figuring out how many people would die from radiation poising when they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima a couple of months later.

ALEX JONES: So, as soon as we took over the Nazis we started using them immediately because they already had the technocracy, the best primitive AI (artificial intelligence) ready to carry it out?


NASA = ‘Nazi’ Aeronautics and Space Association = “Operation Paperclip”

EDWIN BLACK: Well, you actually spoke about the Nazis coming over, this of course is a famous program called, “Operation Paperclip”, and our space program was in large measure run by Werner von Braun, who is the same rocket genius the Nazis employed to develop the V1, V2 and other V-Rockets to do the Blitz over London, to target lower Manhattan, and of course operated a murderous death camp operation called “Dora-[Mittelbau]” – these were caves where they were developing this technology.

It’s important to understand… when Watson and IBM organized the rape of Poland – Christians and Jews, it wasn’t because he hated Poles. When he arranged for advanced units and materials to be in the Netherlands just before the Nazis invaded, it wasn’t because he hated the Dutch. When their technology was being developed to bomb New York, it wasn’t because he hated the people of Manhattan. It was never about the National Socialism, it was never about the anti-Semitism, it was always about the MONEY because Thomas Watson was a sociopath…

ALEX JONES: Was Thomas Watson a Nazi, was it ideology, or was it pure greed?

EDWIN BLACK: He was not a Nazi, he was a criminal sociopath, that means that like a tone-deaf person cannot tell between a high tone and a low tone and a color-blind person cannot tell between green and red, a sociopath cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. And Thomas Watson was a convicted extortionist for National Cash Register.

ALEX JONES: Sure, but after he died he put the money into a trust and it seems like after he died IBM continued this global domination situation…

EDWIN BLACK: I don’t understand why there is still an IBM – the other conspirators with the Third Reich were dismantled, were taken over, were liquidated, were penalized. It’s actually not even a “new” company. IBM Germany today is the same company with a different name than it was during the Hitler regime. During the Hitler regime it was called, Die Hammad Deutsche Hollerith Machinery Gesellschaft – The German Punch Card Company. They just changed the name after World War II…


 Epilogue to an Existential Oblivion

In conclusion, as a compliment to Edwin Black’s pioneering, historical work regarding the duplicity and treachery of many leading U.S. companies who actively formed business relationships that furthered Hitler’s worldwide power structure (which ironically at his height Nazis were only 7-10% of the German population) and facilitated his genocide upon the Jews and millions of other “undesirables”—Christians, Catholics, Communists, Gypsies, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, the elderly, the disabled, the infirm, the lunatic, promiscuous women, etc… etc…, writer Donald Clark in a revealing 2013 article, When Big Data goes Bad: 6 Epic Fails, had as fail #6 this interesting item below:

# 6. Dirty data deeds

 “One example of data gathering in education stands out as truly evil. In 1939, the CEO of IBM, Thomas Watson, flew across the Atlantic to meet Hitler. The meeting resulted in the Nazis leasing the mechanical equivalent of a Learning Management System (LMS),” wrote Donald Clark chronicling IBM’s purposeful and systematic treason against the U.S. by giving Hitler and the Nazi technology quantum leap forward—from horse-drawn carts (used in the invasion of Poland) to a fully mechanized, automated, modern twentieth century military, much more advanced and more powerful than the combined forces of the Allied Powers—the U.S., England, France and Russia. “Data was stored as holes in punch cards to record details of people including their skills, race and sexual inclination and used daily throughout the 12-year Reich … It was a vital piece of apparatus used in the Final Solution, to execute the very categories stored on the apparently innocent cards – Jews, Gypsies, the disabled and homosexuals, as documented in the book, IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black.”

World War II Begins: German soldiers stand among a vast assembly of horse-drawn wagons during the invasion of Poland. (Sept. 1939)

Nazi False Flag Attack: The cover of a Hitler Youth magazine from 1939,

exploiting the myth of the “Polish Calvary charge against Tanks.”

Donald Clark continued, “They [IBM punch cards] were also used to organize slave labour and trains to the concentration camps. This is not the first time the state has recoded educational details to keep tabs on potential dissent. It was common in the Stasi infused East Germany. I shared a room at University with someone who became a Stasi spy in the UK and have taken some interest in their methods. Perhaps the most meticulous storing of data ever taken by a state, right down to smells in jars, from clothing and towels placed under interviewees during interrogation. The idea was that dissenters could be found by dogs, when necessary.”


Does Treason and Profits Supersede Morality and Justice?

Where are the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunals for the legions of U.S. companies that treacherously served Hitler and the Nazis? – IBM, Ford, General Motors, the Carnegie Institution, Alcoa, Texaco, Woolworth, Brown Brothers Harriman, Dow Chemical, Chase Manhattan Bank, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (e.g., Hollywood), Coca-Cola, Sloan-Kettering, and hundreds, perhaps thousands of many other U.S. companies who either directly (or through their subsidiaries [most of whom are now defunct]), profited greatly by selling technology and people, oil, fuel, war materials and innovation to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis against their own country, the United States of America?

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