1917-2017: The Second Bolshevik Revolution (in America), Part I

| October 8, 2017
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2017 is the new 1917: The quote above was taken from a December 1975 interview of Reagan conducted by Mike Wallace for the 60 Minutes news magazine television program.

“[In 1917] a wave of crusading journalists went to Moscow to chronicle the revolution and convince American liberals that history was on the march in Russia.”

~ Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism (2007), p. 101

“The State does now whatever experience permits or the times demand.”

~ President Woodrow Wilson (1913-21)

“Why,” in his 1932 book, A New Deal, “should Russians have all the fun of remaking a world.”

~ Stuart Chase, FDR’s Braintrust


Prologue to the Second Bolshevik Revolution in America

All this year I have been thinking about doing a series of essays documenting the real intellectual, geopolitical and historical background of the original Bolshevik Revolution a century ago (Oct. 25 – Nov. 4, 1917) as a predicate to what I consider the “Second Bolshevik Revolution” occurring right here, right now in America that has been an existential revolution since 1917 by whom would essentially be the grandparents of the political Left and their legions of Machiavellian allies today collectively called, the “Democrat Socialist Party.”

Despite numerous wars, revolutions, famines, pestilences, genocides, democides and politicides over the previous century, this existential “Progressive Revolution” has had a number of fits and starts—the most recent resurrection of the Bolshevik Revolution occurred with the election of President Barack Obama (2009-17) and his immediate, rhetorical and continual geopolitical attacks against Russia and specifically against its new, bold Christian leader, Vladimir Putin, who the Democrat Socialist Party here in America and their geopolitical allies at the United Nations and European Union hates with a venal and irrational obsession.

This 100 Years World War to spread what Goldberg  called “War Socialism” by the Communists and Socialists, the Progressives and Globalists seeks since the rise of Obama to use Putin as the scapegoat, the boogeyman for everything the Left hates and as a deceitful, treacherous pretext, seek to destroy their one-time ally, the former Soviet Union (who before the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall the Left held as a model Socialist State that was the envy of the world), by demonizing all things Putin, a hatred of all things Russia and to link that collective contempt to the Left’s newest object of derision—the American Populist-Nationalist, President Donald J. Trump.

Why does the Left hate Putin and demonize Russia with such an irrational obsession after 100 years of fawning, rose-colored admiration and scholarly hagiography? For those of us old enough to remember the era of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and even further back to the heroic exploits of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusades in the 1950s, during those eras you couldn’t pay a Leftist or a Democrat any sum of money to say something bad about “Mother Russia”. Indeed, just after Obama’s second term (2013-17) the Left since the Bolshevik Revolution was overtly, actively, and politically allied with Communist Russia right up to the fall of the Berlin Wall (Nov. 1989) and the fall of the Soviet Union (26 Dec. 1991) where they, seeing the shift in political winds, jumped off the sinking ship of Communism and cheered duplicitous cheers of “Democracy for Russia, Down with Communism!” … or did they?

It was all a colossal sham by the political Left in America that is self-evident in their constant demonization of Russia’s present Christian leader, Vladimir Putin and his valiant efforts to turn his country away from Communism, Socialism, Bolshevism over the past 100 years this month, while against all nations is courageously charting a new, righteous direction for Russia; a moral path that ironically mirrors in many respects the original intent of America’s constitutional Framers—strong Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions, Russian Nationalism, a robust Capitalism, throwing the demon seed George Soros and his New World Order apparatchiks and institutions out of Russia, promoting Russians to have more babies while eschewing homosexuality, to aggressively war against his Muslim populations that love jihad—namely the Chechens, who frequently launch domestic terrorists campaigns inside Russia.

The embrace of America’s Judeo-Christian traditions in Russia, particularly in the Age of Putin, is so remarkable you could rightly call Putin, George Washington, II… and therein is the crux of the matter. The Left has always had a venal hatred of Liberty, Natural Law, true equality and a pathological love of Tyranny, Fascism, Egalitarianism and thus this explains why the Democrat Socialist Party and all of their allies both here in America and their globalist comrades in the United Nations and European Union are hellbent on bringing down Putin, Russia, Trump, and the United States at all costs…even if they have to collectively plunge the world into Hell –”I quite agree that a law should be called good if it reflects the will of the dominant forces of the community,” Progressive icon, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, wrote in a letter to his colleague Felix Frankfurter, ”even if it will take us to hell.” Know that when Justice Holmes writes “us” he means “U.S.” and that’s why I’m calling this series of essays, “1917-2017: The Second Bolshevik Revolution [in America].”

Alex Jones InfoWars interview (Hour 3, 28 Sept. 2017)

On 28 Sept. 2017 during the third hour of InfoWars (beg. @ 36:40) host Alex Jones was having an interesting discussion with a military man stationed over in Europe (but for secrecy reasons couldn’t state exactly were) and made these following prescient statements that swerved into the dialogue on the Bolshevik Revolution:

CALLER: “The first talking point I’d like to discuss is the teleprompter talking point by Morgan Freeman that Paul Joseph Watson and the InfoWars crew destroyed about a week ago that we are at war with Russia. This is apparently big news to me. I’m living in the U.S. military community overseas and have done so for about 15 years… It has not been uncommon at all to see and talk to Russian military soldiers; they use our facilities… they’re our colleagues in many respects… we’re not at war with these people.”

ALEX JONES: “No, they [Russia] are Christians and [under Putin’s leadership] have pulled out of the New World Order. They’re fighting the Globalists, the Communists and that’s why they’re the enemy now. The Liberals wanted to merge with Russia when they were the Soviets. They were the ones always giving [Russia] our [classified] plans; they were the ones that helped [foment the original Bolshevik Revolution of 1917] because it was a godless, satanic, Communist government over the Russian Christians and they wanted the same thing here. That’s all it is.

That’s why they say there’s Russian collusion because there is—there is spiritual collusion between American Christians and Russian Christians—that’s what the pedophile, Hollywood Satanists can’t stand.”

CALLER: “Exactly, and over the course of the past decade with the Islamification of Europe we have actually seen increases in the attacks of Americans overseas…”

ALEX JONES: “Sure, just like the attack this weekend at the church with this Sudanese Muslim immigrant, invader shooting nine people, killing one. And he said he killed them because they were White and they were Christian and so this is the invasions, so what do you think this massive invasion of Europe and the U.S. by military men is about? The Left admits this is their strong arm. I think the Left doesn’t know when to stop because we’re going to end up going after all these people.”

CALLER: “Well Ronald Reagan once said that, ‘If Fascism ever came to America (Western Civilization) it would come under the banner of Liberalism.’ This is probably from what I can tell an attack on Western Civilization.”

ALEX JONES: “That’s it. You always want to know what the Communist George Soros attack would look like, this is it and he runs it. It’s not like it’s our opinion; we’re seeing the full attack—the NFL thing … the flag’s evil, America’s evil, let’s burn stuff down, let’s ‘kill Whitey’ and all these White coaches and all these weird White doctors saying Whites are evil, Whites are bad, they’re virtue signaling in what they are trying to start [implying] don’t kill us.”

“Well guess what, the minorities are the majority. They want free markets, they want a prosperous America, they’re not stupid. They’re running a big dry run [Progressive/ Communist Revolution] that is a failure. This [Progressive Revolution] is dead on arrival. They were supposed to have Hillary in while they executed all this, they’re following the whole plan—it’s a misfire, it’s a derailment, it’s a jackknife, it’s a caddywhompus, it’s over!”

False Flags, Nov. 4th? Heads-Up!

In a monologue by Alex Jones titled, False Flags, Nov. 4th? Heads-Up! @ 10:16 Jones set up his theory for what in essence will be the Second Bolshevik Revolution, but this time instead of the psycho Progressive Leftist from New York, D.C., from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Chicago, and Socialist Leftist intellectuals in London exporting their Communists ideas to their Petri dish nation the communists renamed as the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Jones theorizes that what I call the “Second Bolshevik Revolution” will be right here in America driven by the political Left, the Democrat Socialist Party who have been spoiling for a real and sustained revolution in America for 100 years. The ultimate goal of the Left?—to completely deconstruct and destroy all of America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions and upon it’s ashes replace it with Socialism and Communism ruled by an oligarchy of elites called the New World Order.

Vladimir Lenin addresses a crowd in Red Square in 1919. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images


ALEX JONES: “But we have to be prepared and know they’re coming over the line and we’ve got to be on target and ready and everybody’s got to start packing [firearms] because when they strike, it will be like fire ants communicate by pheromones and it’s the same thing—they get all over you, they get in place and it’s going to be BOOM, you’ll wake up one morning and 300 cops are dead, you wake up and talkshow hosts and members of Congress are wiped out. Trump Towers, from New York to Chicago, are on fire so the police don’t think they can respond, but there’ll be something that happens right before that—a mass shooting at a school, a bombing of a federal building, maybe more, pinned on a Right-wing patsy who’s a listener of this show.”

“That’s why they’re putting us all over the news, putting us on Comedy Central with all their drooling viewers to go— ‘Here’s the bad guy, here’s the terrorist’. Get ready for this when it all happens it’s his [InfoWars and Alex Jones’] fault; he made his followers do it. So, they’ll false flag and they’ll blame Alex Jones and Donald Trump and Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh. And even a lot of the other conservative talkshow hosts will kind of halfway go along with it because they’ll think— ‘Oh, my competition is about to get shut down’? No, idiot, you’re about to get shut down Bolshevik style.

ALEX JONES: That’s how it worked, the Bolshevik’s said [to the Russian people] we’ve just seized Moscow, but if you turn in your guns and work with us as some of the other political parties [have already done] we’ll let you rule with us. And just help us get the White Russians, just help us get the Christian Russians, just help us get the pro-Czarists, just help us get that one group, and then you’re going to be fine. Then they just killed people with each new group of moron traitors that lowered the drawbridge.

Jonah Goldberg exposes Democrat Party Duplicity in encouraging the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

In his celebrated 2007 opus, Liberal Fascism, Goldberg’s trenchant historical analysis exposing the American Democrat Party roots of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution was like a prophet rediscovering or “finding” the Bible that had been lost for generations due to the ignorance, apathy and cowardice of previous generations (see 2 Kings 22:8). It also reminds me of that famous encounter at the Constitutional Convention, 17 Sept. 1787. A woman approach Benjamin Franklin and asked, “What have you done for us today, Doctor Franklin?” Franklin, no doubt exhausted from his ordeal writing the laws of this new government, turned toward the woman and in his patently sardonic manner declared, “Madam, we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.” In 2017, have We the People followed the words of Benjamin Franklin to “keep” our sacred founding documents and institutions bequeathed to U.S. in blood since July 4th, 1776, the birth of our “Republic”? Obviously and tragically, not.

Goldberg wrote about the treacherous, malignant worldview of American Socialists and Progressives 100 years ago just after the Bolshevik Revolution, while it was still in its infancy and the world was wondering would Russia become the first fully Communist nation? Goldberg wrote:

“To better understand the spirit of the of this Fascist moment, we need to examine how Progressives looked to two other great “experiments” of the age, Italian Fascism and Russian Bolshevism… liberals often saw Mussolini’s project and Lenin’s as linked efforts. Lincoln Steffens referred to the “Russian-Italian” method as if the two things constituted a single enterprise,” wrote Goldberg. “This is far from the frozen dictatorship of the Russian Tsardom; it is more like the American check and balance system; and it may work out in a new democratic direction…” wrote Charles Beard of Mussolini’s fascist “experiments” in Italy.

“Such enthusiasm paled in comparison to the way progressives greeted the ‘experiment’ in the Soviet Union,” wrote Goldberg. “Indeed, many of the remaining left-wing footdraggers on the war became enthusiastic supporters when they learned of the Bolshevik Revolution. Suddenly Wilson’s revolutionary rhetoric seemed to be confirmed by the forces of history (indeed, Wilson himself saw the earlier fall of the tsar to the Kerensky government as the last obstacle to U.S. entry into the war, since he would no longer tolerate a despotic regime as an ally). “A wave of crusading journalists went to Moscow to chronicle the revolution and convince American liberals that history was on the march in Russia.”

What “revolutionary rhetoric” was Goldberg referring to of President Woodrow Wilson? Was it his warmongering ‘War Socialism’ crusade to get America into World War II by any means necessary, despite his repeated campaign promises of the 1912 presidential campaign to keep America out of all “foreign wars.” Actions speak louder than words for in one famous War Socialism phrase Wilson wrote was in his 1898 book, The State: Elements of Historical and Practical Politics, as cited by Goldberg— “[President Woodrow] Wilson’s view of politics could be summarized by the word ‘statolatry,’ or state worship … Wilson wrote approvingly in The State “does now whatever experience permits or the times demand.” Our first President, George Washington, in his Farewell Address warned against men like Wilson, writing, “Avoid foreign entanglements,” thus, like many geopolitical misadventures abroad what appears initially to be wise and prudent, is not always what appears to be. To wit, “When the Bolsheviks overthrew the Kerensky government, Wilson’s refusal to recognize them—and his subsequent intervention in Siberia and Murmansk—were denounced as “Wilson’s stab in Russia’s back” because most liberals saw the Bolsheviks as a popular and progressive movement,” according to Goldberg.

Why is 2017 the new 1917? President Woodrow Wilson’s Socialist declaration in, “The State does now whatever experience permits or the times demand,” is one of the most definitive and Fascist statements by any of the many Progressives that witnessed the Age of the Bolshevik Revolution and looked to Russia as the model of utopian Communism We the People needed to export to America. The entire Progressive movement was in agreement—from the politicians, judges, lawyers, to the Academy, Progressive intellectuals, the Darwin-Dewey public schools, scientists and the ruling elites from New York to D.C., from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, that the U.S.A. must of necessity become the U.S.S.A. (= United Socialist States of America). Has the treasonous Bolshevik “experiment” been successful in the world? In America? Demographers and historians now blame Communism for over 100 million deaths in the twentieth century alone.

Vladimir Lenin’s genocidal Bolsheviks murdered 25 million alone in addition to all the grotesqueries of Communism under the maniac Joseph Stalin, Lenin’s successor. Therefore, the Communist experiment has not been successful unless one deems “success” in terms of sheer genocide, democide and politicide that eclipsed Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust a mere 20 years after the Bolshevik Revolution. Perhaps that’s how the Leftists and Globalists quantify success, by the grotesque body count produced by Liberal and Progressives which historically always leads to Socialism and Communism.

Another way to consider if the Bolshevik Revolution in America is a success reminds me of the words of Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev— “We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism until they wake up one day to find out they have Communism.”


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