1917-2017: The Second Bolshevik Revolution (in America), Part II

| October 13, 2017
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Vladimir Lenin addresses the crowd in Red Square in 1919. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images


The first battlefield is to rewrite history.”

~ Karl Marx (1818-83), Father of Communism

If you look at the 1917 Revolution in Russia, American bankers funded Lenin going to Russia – the Finland Station, all of that. That was paid for by American bankers hoping to get in on the ground floor; they’re amoral – So what if they’re murdering Communists, who cares? We’re going to be in tight with them from the ground floor.”

~ Matt Bracken, former Navy Seal


Prologue to the Second Bolshevik Revolution in America

In Part II of my series of essays documenting the real, intellectual, geopolitical, economic, and historical background of the original Bolshevik Revolution (Oct. 25 – Nov. 4, 1917), as a predicate to what I consider in modern times the “Second Bolshevik Revolution in America”, I want to examine in greater historical detail the role of the political Left, especially the Democrat Socialist Party in America and the Socialist or Labour Party in England were in the creating and plotting, the funding, agitating and implementing the Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago this month.

Why would American and British Bankers, Communists, Progressives, and Socialists in New York and London engage in such Globalist treason writ large?—To utterly destroy a Christian country like Russia under the Czars and place it in the hands of Communist-Atheist genocidal maniacs like Lenin and later Stalin? Yes, to make money for the ‘Banksters’ (= Bankers that are essentially money laundering, amoral Gangsters that will fund both sides of any war or any revolution to make a dollar), that’s the short-term reason. But the long view is because the ‘Russia Experiment’ was to serve as a Globalist, Machiavellian paradigm to launch International Communism all over the world with Lenin’s murderous Bolsheviks leading the way.

The Bolshevik Revolution was in reality an anti-Christian Holocaust launched 20 years before Hitler and the Nazis Holocaust against the Jews, and was one of the most bloodthirsty and genocidal revolutions in the history of humanity, where the Bolsheviks under Lenin murdered between 20-66 million Russian citizens in their maniacal efforts to, in the words of President Barack Obama “fundamentally transform” Russia and turn Christian Russia into the Atheist Soviet Union – the world first Communist nation.


Democrat Socialist Party’s Love Affair with all things Bolshevik

“When FDR was elected president in 1932, three events were viewed as admirable experiments: the Bolshevik Revolution, the Fascist takeover in Italy, and the American ‘experiment’ in war socialism under Wilson,” wrote Jonah Goldberg in his 2007 classic of political history, Liberal Fascism. “By 1932 admiration for the Russian “social experiment” has become a definitive component of American liberalism—in much the same way that admiration for Prussian top-down socialism had been two decades earlier. Simply, the Soviet Union was the future, and ‘it worked.’”

“Intermingled in these encomiums to what Lincoln Steffens called the “Russian-Italian method”—signifying that, as far as he was concerned, Bolshevism and Fascism were not opposites but kindred movements—were lusty expressions of nostalgia for the short-lived American ‘experiment’ with war socialism under Woodrow Wilson,” Goldberg continued. ‘We planned in war!’ was the omnipresent refrain from Progressives eager to re-create the kind of economic and social control they had under Wilson.”

“John Reed led the charge with his Ten Days That Shook the World [published in 1919], Reed was an unreconstructed admirer of the Bolsheviks. He dismissed complaints about the Red Terror and the mass murder of non-Bolshevist socialist revolutionaries easily: “I don’t give a damn for their past. I’m concerned only with what this treacherous gang has been doing during the past three years. To the wall with them! I say I have learned one mighty expressive word: ‘raztrellyat’ [sic] (execute by shooting),” according to Goldberg. “The progressive public intellectual E.A. Ross—who will reappear in our story later—took a common tack and argued that the Bolsheviks had killed relatively few members of the opposition, so it really wasn’t a big deal. [*N.B.: The Bolsheviks murdered between 20-66 million Russians]. Reed and Ross at least acknowledged that the Bolsheviks were killing people. Many pro-Bolshevik liberals simply refused to concede that the Red Terror even transpired. This was the beginning of the nearly a century of deliberate lies and useful idiocy on the American left.”

Goldberg continues, “…One British journalist writing in the New Republic proclaimed the Bolsheviks “stand for rationalism, for an intelligent system of cultivation, for education, for an active ideal of cooperation and social service against superstition, waste, illiteracy, and passive obedience.” As the historian Eugene Lyons noted, these crusaders “wrote as inspired prophets of an embattled revolution . . . they were dazzled by a vision of things to come.”

“Nearly the entire liberal elite, including much of FDR’s Brain Trust, had made the pilgrimage to Moscow to take admiring notes on the Soviet experiment. Their language was both religiously prophetic and arrogantly scientific. Stuart Chase reported after visiting Russia in 1927 that unlike in America, where “hungry stockholders” were making the economic decisions, in the Soviet Union the all-caring state was in the saddle, “informed by battalions of statistics” and heroically aided by Communist Party officials who need “no further incentive than the burning zeal to create a new heaven and a new earth which flames in the breast of every good Communist.”

Alex Jones Interviews Navy Seal Matt Bracken on the Coming Societal Collapse

In an interview of former Navy Seal Matt Bracken by Alex Jones titled, Navy Seal Reveals How to Survive the Coming Collapse (beg. @28:34), Jones at about half way through the interview the conversation went from mounting natural disasters like the recent hurricanes in Houston, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico where they also discussed the paradox that illegal aliens in America are getting more money than social security recipients—to now transition to a larger Meta-view of history to understand the urgent necessity of existential evil in the world (now that Trump unexpectedly won the Presidency in Nov. 2016), thus in unison all of the Machiavellian, geopolitical forces have shifted for their final push to destroy America’s Judeo-Christian culture, traditions and institutions once and for all, or what I call in this essay, “The Second Bolshevik Revolution in America.”

ALEX JONES: “… But really, overall this is really a hatred of the West, of Americana, of free markets by the Elites, that’s why they are desperately trying to consolidate power. Matt… getting back to points you want to impart to folks.”

MATT BRACKEN: “People should look at history in a lot of respects in terms of Wave Theory. Look up what a Kondratiev wave is. It’s sort of a multi-generational economic cycle postulated by a Russian economist at the beginning of the twentieth century. People forget when you have three or four generations on Wall Street that never suffered a wipe out crash, like a 1929 type of crash, their normalcy bias says that could never happen— ‘It’s different this time’, that’s the famous saying.

“The French Revolution [1789-99] happened, social change came. It was an engineered event. There were no huge protests from French peasants at the time, but the conspirators that had come from Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt, the original Illuminists, they instigated the French Revolution as a way of engineering to be on top of that.

If you look at the 1917 Revolution in Russia, American bankers funded Lenin going to Russia – the Finland Station, all of that. That was paid for by American bankers hoping to get in on the ground floor; they’re amoral – So what if they’re murdering Communists, who cares? We’re going to be in tight with them from the ground floor.”

MATT BRACKEN: “So, you often see an evolution in economics that’s followed by an evolution in society. When the Industrial Revolution began [1760-1840s] it led to factory work, factory work led to factory workers living in mass huddled slums near the factories, which led to unions. Unions were then coopted by the Communists and Progressives, but behind them it’s one of the strangest things to see Communists in bed with billionaires who are like the original Adam Weishaupt. They believe the society is perfectible, in fact that was one of the original names that Weishaupt was going to give to his Illuminists group, it was going to be The Perfectibility Society. Another one was The Bee Society – We were all going to be like bees in a beehive and guess who was going to be the queen bee?”

“Human beings can be figured out and perfected with Progressive, super intelligent, super elites, so why shouldn’t they also be billionaires? It’s kind of perverse and strange but on the back side of the circle you know a lot of times billionaires meet the Black Bloc [e.g., Antifa-like fascist group in Germany, circa 1970s] – They both profit from revolution and rage and overturning. They all hope to emerge on top of the wreckage after the tsunami.”

Every Race on the Planet (including the Jews) have some Bad Actors to be Exposed in History

There are essentially two views of history: the first by the father of Communism, Karl Marx who said, “The first battlefield is to rewrite history.” I call that the Subjectivist view. The other view of history based not on Subjectivism, but on Realism was by JFK who famously said in his Inaugural Address Jan. 20th, 1961, “History, the final judge of our deeds.” He was right, but society deserves to hear from real historians to write real truth about humanity’s Angels and Demons down through the Ages (despite politics), not to whitewash or “rewrite” history to make all of the Communists and Socialists, Atheists and Progressives the Angels, and to make the Christians, Conservatives and Republicans the Demons or worse, to make them appear to have never existed at all which Stalin did to his political enemies by the thousands historians called, “The Disappeared”. History is not Progressive propaganda for useful idiots.

“In another InfoWars program Oct. 11, 2017 @38:36, Jones was responding to a Jewish conspiracy question regarding Sephardic vs. Ashkenazi Jews in Russia in the context of Arthur Koestler’s controversial book, The Thirteenth Tribe (1976), that theorized that “Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Kharzas, a Turkic people.”

Setting that genealogical point aside (for God will sort out who are the real Jews vs. Jew haters; God will divide the sheep from the goats on Judgment Day), Jones once again swerved into a brilliant and historical impromptu monologue about American, British, and Jewish complicity in plotting and planning, financing and launching the Socialist/Progressive Braintrust used to weaponize the Bolshevik Revolution specifically against Christian Russia launched from the world financial capitals of New York and London 100 years ago.

ALEX JONES: “It’s a complex issue but it is true about the Bolshevik Revolution, (and Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about this [see Two Hundred Years Together, 2 Vols., 2002], was financed by a lot of big New York banks, but also the British Empire had been wanting to get rid of their Russian cousins that were actually a German, that’s so the King of England and then his Russian cousin were almost identical in the way they looked – They were both from the same German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line, so it’s a huge historical subject.”

“They’ve been allied with England in World War I, but then they double-crossed them after World War I. Now if you wanted to get rid [of] England [because they] had a lot of wars with Russia so that was kind of that cousins feuding. But it is true that there had been a lot of Jews that had come to New York who had thought they had been persecuted by the Tsars when they got hired – About a hundred thousand mainly Jewish folks were put on ships shipped over and then hundreds of millions in gold (this is all mainline history) … to invade Russia. With Stalin’s train of gold . . . to then overthrow Moscow itself. So, there was that component but you don’t see that historically added that the British Empire was quarterbacking the operation but they did use Russian-speaking Jews from London and New York City to take down Russia.”


Lenin Regarded People as animals to be Controlled

 In a short but very compelling documentary on Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution published on the website HolodomorInfo.com, the case was made how Lenin thought of people (especially Europeans) as animals and thus sought as the leader of his new Communist nation scientific justifications and grand, comprehensive social engineering systems to treat people as animals. Why? As systemic methods of genocide, democide, politicide all ubiquitously referred to by American Socialists and Progressives as “population control”.

Sounds like Lenin was employing Darwin’s Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest and the father of eugenics Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton’s Racialist Eugenics – all pseudo-scientific and racist doctrines to push his Communist agenda on the Russian people and in the words of Barack Obama to “fundamentally transform” this once great Christian nation under the Tsars into the Communist-Atheist monster, the Soviet Union. Here is an excerpt from this documentary on Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution:

DOCUMENTARY: “The reason why Lenin and the other Bolsheviks were so utterly ruthless was the dialectical materialist philosophy they so believed in. Not only did Lenin regard human beings as a species of animal, he also employed animal methods to train them. In October 1919, he paid a personal visit to the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov [1849-1936] famous for his conditioned reflex experiments on animals. Lenin wanted to impose these conditioned-reflex methods on the whole of Russian society. ‘I want the masses of Russia to follow a communistic pattern of thinking and reacting,’ Lenin explained. Pavlov was astounded.

“It seemed that Lenin wanted him to do for humans what he had already done for dogs. ‘Do you mean that you would like to standardize the population of Russia – make them all behave in the same way’? he asked ‘Exactly,’ replied Lenin ‘Man can be corrected, man can be made what we want him to be.’ Lenin mercilessly slaughtered whole societies he regarded as herds of animals.’”

Lenin 2017: Bolshevik Democrats = Infecting Populations with HIV/AIDS tainted Blood

InfoWars founder, Alex Jones in a riveting opening monologue on his show, Oct. 11, 2017, exposed the following grotesque news item that the Fake News media are all too cowardly or arrogant to tell We the People, that Jerry Brown the Democrat Governor of California has just signed a law making it virtually legal (the equivalent of a parking ticket fine) to knowingly infect others with HIV/AIDS. Jones said, “…Governor Jerry Brown signed it and talked about equality, well it’s not evil to have a disease, whether it’s leprosy, HIV, hepatitis whatever, but it’s certainly evil to give it to someone, but they’re saying no, that’s okay. And I want to get into the psychology of the insane Democratic Party here because when HIV goes from lowered numbers like it is, to exploding in the next five years, and in a few years if we’re still here as a planet and we don’t have a nuclear war, I will go back to this show and say, ‘Here I am in 2017 saying within three to five years California will have a 200% increase in HIV.’”

ALEX JONES: “They will also complain and say we need single-payer, that we need Socialist healthcare. [That] the reason we have HIV is because we don’t have free healthcare. No, the reason we have HIV is because it is a culture now in the gay community (that I first read about 20 years ago in Rolling Stone), to give other people HIV; it’s truly nihilistic so here’s the LA Times [headline]—‘Progress’: Knowingly Exposing Others to HIV No Longer a Felony in California; it’s the same thing as a parking ticket. So, it’s essentially legalized and here’s the LA Times ‘Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Friday that lowers from a felony to misdemeanor for the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection.’ How about [legalizing infecting others with] hepatitis? How about everything else? ‘The measure also applies to those who get blood without telling the blood bank they’re HIV positive,’ according to the LA Times. {In a sarcastic tone} ‘Oh wow! Don’t tell the blood bank know I’m now HIV positive.’”

“This is a religion, this is Satanism folks because if they can get away with this, they can get away with anything; this is totally insane. Remember the Clintons for over a decade knew that all the blood coming out of their prisons was infected with HIV and hepatitis –all of it, because they would mix it together and they would sell it into Canada and say it was all clean. And then Bayer would buy it, turn it into Factor-8 and Bayer knew that it all had HIV in it and they still shipped it out as population reduction. It’s in the documents, so, this takes bug chasing to a whole new level . . .

What are you going to do to stop the Second Bolshevik Revolution in America?

Alex Jones, in another brilliant monologue rooted in neglected history due to Progressive “Historians” and Democrat Socialist Media for decades purposely hiding this real history from We the People, made the following prophetic declarations about the FBI/Fake Media lies regarding the Las Vegas terrorist shootings on Oct. 1st. On Friday, Sept. 29th Jones predicted a large-scale terrorist act somewhere in America: “They are preparing a violent overthrow sometime in November, October. Now, why do you think the Communists are suddenly uncloaking themselves? Because after growing under the floorboards, they want to look like a legitimate government, when they take over, and when they call for the racial war, when they call for the uprising,” Jones thundered.

“This is this is a playbook, and it’s from them, that they’re saying this is happening, and they’re being allowed to prepare and gear up and prepare for it. What will it be in just a few weeks? It snuck up on us, hasn’t it? It’s the October Revolution . . . it’s the 100-year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, we’re here, it’s happening now. This is real. It’s a big question you’ve got to ask yourself . . . What are you going to do about it? Because they mean business.”

Students for a Democrat Society (SDS) a 1960s radical anarchist group that tried to destroy America using terrorist tactics like assassinations of prominent people, bombings of Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, the Police Headquarters in New York, and other symbolic venues, and creating an existential atmosphere of perpetual anarchy using the Wilsonian tactics of War Socialism on a domestic level, had this popular fascist slogan— “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution.” Remember, SDS had a spin off group in the late 1960s called the “Weather Underground”. Who were two of its founding members? None other than the infamous husband/wife duo, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Question: Who was William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn’s most famous acolyte? That would be the Socialist, Manchurian Candidate that would go on to serve two terms as President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama (2009-17). A truly evil man that so hated America that once he decided to do something more than being a hack Alinsky “Community Organizer” in the Chicago ghettos, in 1995 Obama made a pilgrimage to the Chicago home of Ayers and Dohrn and from that point to election Day Nov. 2008, was meticulously groomed to be the first Black President of the United States—a weaponized human hellbent on nothing other than causing the utter perversion, deconstruction and destruction of all of America’s Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions (Natural Law and Natural Rights), or as Obama plainly said in his now infamous election speech of Oct. 30th, 2008—“We are five days from fundamentally transforming America.” What most people didn’t know at the time was the obvious question—Transforming America into what? Answer: Into a Bolshevik Socialist State that Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and every good card carrying American Communist, Socialist, and Progressive wanted 100 years ago for America. This is why I called this series of essays, The Second Bolshevik Revolution in America.

*N.B.: That New York Wall Street Bankers and London Financiers, Progressive intellectuals and Democrat Socialist Party politicians in America and the Socialist Labour Party in England, all plotted and planned, financed, launched and perpetuated the Holocaust against Russian Christians called, the Bolshevik Revolution of Oct. 1917 that murdered between 20-66 million people, is now thoroughly documented in real history. Look at the date of the New York Times article – March 16, 1917, fully seven months before the Bolshevik Revolution occurred!

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