1917-2017: The Second Bolshevik Revolution (in America), Part III

| October 20, 2017
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1917-2017: Treason then, and now. The New York Times, a Communist propaganda rag of the lowest ilk, has always been the vanguard publication for the Left including – Socialists, Progressives, Communists, Atheists, Democrats, ‘Intellectuals’, Academics, and those people who hate President Trump, Reason, Liberty, and love treachery, deceit, death, anarchy nihilism and disinformation.

New York bankers believed bankers in London must have known about the [Bolshevik] Revolution 24 hours before they did, due to an increase in Russian exchange transactions, “and found satisfaction in it.”

~ New York Times, March 16, 1917

War against a foreign power only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.

~ George Orwell, author of the dystopian novel, 1984


1917: New York-London Collusion to fund, finance and champion the Bolshevik Revolution, or the ‘Bolshevik Anti-Christian Holocaust’

In Part II of my essay series on The Second Bolshevik Revolution, I ended my historical survey citing an incredible New York Times front page news story amounting to an admission of domestic economic racketeering and international financial treason. Concluding Part II I wrote regarding the New York Times article above: “*N.B.: That New York Wall Street Bankers and London Financiers, Progressive intellectuals and Democrat Socialist Party politicians in America and the Socialist Labour Party in England, all plotted and planned, financed, launched and perpetuated the Holocaust against Russian Christians called, the Bolshevik Revolution of Oct. 1917 that murdered between 20-66 million people, is now thoroughly documented in actual history. Look at the date of the New York Times article – March 16, 1917, fully seven months before the Bolshevik Revolution occurred!”

It gets worse. As you examine the details of the New York Times article above, written 100 years ago, right from the opening sentences it is impossible for any patriotic American not to be repulsed. The writer not only alerts you to whom the culprits are who funded and bankrolled Lenin’s genocidal Bolsheviks, who murdered between 20-66 million Christian Russians, the NYT ‘s article with ghoulish glee seemingly brags about the imminent coup in Russia that will get rid of the Czars and establish Lenin’s ‘Duma’ as the ruling vote of the people. “Many prominent leaders in the business of the financial district (Wall Street) interpreted yesterday’s news of the Revolution in Russia as a development of distinct advantage to the Entente Allies,” read the opening lines. Meaning? The Wall Street bankers and London Financiers will make huge profits by funding Lenin’s genocide against Christian Russia and we at the New York Times and millions of Leftists all over America cheered the impending genocide, democide and politicide of Christian Russia and the rise of Communist-Atheist Soviet Union which I also called, the “Bolshevik Anti-Christian Holocaust” against Christian Czarist Russia.

The treasonous collusion between the wealthy financial capitals in New York and London to finance Lenin and his Bolsheviks in 1917 is rooted in History and is beyond all rational argument, “observers of market developments were convinced that London knew of the uprising at least twenty-four hours before word came to New York, and found satisfaction in it,” wrote the New York Times. Of course, the New York and London ‘Banksters’ couched their bloodmoney complicity in lofty, self-serving rhetoric rooted in staid economic language, “It was predicated that the Russian finances would be handled more efficiently under the sole direction of the Duma than before.” Yet history has revealed their evil financial motives to be pure propaganda, lies of obfuscation, and lust for mammon: “Bankers who had been in Russia within the last year [1916] asserted that the general economic conditions in the kingdom should improve the new regime,” the article read. “The Duma had been gradually gaining a lead over the imperial leaders.”

Harkening back to one of Karl Marx’s communist aphorisms, “The first battlefield is to rewrite history,” thus the Machiavellian Bolshevik bankers sealed the deal with Lenin by setting up the ubiquitous strawman to establish the political pretexts to fund war in Russia, [Strawman No.#1 – Foreign Influences advising Russia] “It was said, until a number of reactionaries became influential advisors of the Czar when recent changes were made to the Ministry. Friction developed at once which was finally culminated in the revolutionary measures taken by the Duma.”

Who were these so-called “reactionaries”? They were Russia’s imperial cousins in the German monarchy. One international banker in this article lamented that, “It has been well known in official circles in England and France that a strong pro-German party existed among the higher officials of the Czar’s Government . . .” In other words, the greedy, amoral New York-London bankers (and France) weren’t happy about the German monarchy giving political support to their Russian cousins, Czar Nicolas II, “and while this adverse faction was in position to influence Russian affairs, the other Governments could not be sure that the integrity of the [U.S.-British-France] alliance would remain intact.”

[Strawman No.#2 – People Power, over Czar Power] Another ‘prominent banker’ in the New York Times article put a finer historical point on the False Flag justification behind the Progressive/Socialist alliance to destroy Christian Russia financed by bloodmoney financial forces in New York and London: “The danger of intrigue between corrupt Russian official and the German Government has been vastly reduced by the passing of the ruling power into the hands of the people.” So now using the Marxist dialectical materialism to “rewrite history”, the amoral Wall Street bankers would have us believe (then [1917] and now [2017]) that it’s not about money, it’s about “the People”? Hitler and his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels would call this the ‘Big Lie’.

[Strawman No.#3 – Czar Nicolas II didn’t fight WW I efficiently] “Evidences have reached this country [U.S.] … that the [Russian] people were chafing under what they considered as incomplete prosecution of the war,” said an unnamed banker in the NYT article. The plot thickens: The greedy, amoral international bankers have duplicitously funded both sides of every war and revolution in the world since the Rothschilds funded both Napoleon’s European campaign and England counter-campaign where General Wellington finally stopped Napoleon’s drive to be Emperor of Europe at the Battle of Waterloo (1815). Either way the War Profiteering, Bloodmoney Rothschilds would win. And the Rothschild’s heirs, these modern moneychangers in New York and London that bankrolled Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution could care less about these Russian people (the majority Christians) who they knew in advance would be slaughtered by the tens of millions. . . and they were.

[Strawman No.#4 – Czar Corruption] “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution,” according to a SDS mantra circa early 1960s. Cui bono? Who benefits? This banker quoted here in the New York Times article thought that We the People were stupid enough to believe that “The Duma [Lenin’s Bolsheviks] will take up the reins of Government . . . to eliminate war and corruption.”

Oh, so now in 1917 we are not only to believe that the New York/British Banksters are funding Lenin and his gang of genocidal Bolsheviks to stop German “reactionaries”, to “passing of the ruling power into the hands of the Russian People”, to the Russian people being angry at ineptitude of the Russian Czar in fighting World War I, to getting rid of Czarist corruption. All lies! This type of Marxist rewriting of history makes the Overton Window the size of the Atlantic Ocean . . . It’s Machiavelli’s “End justifies the means” writ large and 100 years later people of the world’s hope and dreams of the First Bolshevik Revolution are being murdered en masse by the grandchildren of the Second Bolshevik Revolution because their forefathers didn’t learn the lessons of the first Bolshevik Revolution and it’s precursor revolution – the French Revolution that ended the 18th century whose motivation for democide was summarized by one of it’s most fanatical adherents, the infamous Robespierre who declared— “There are no crimes, only criminals.”

Now we come to the end of the justifications and pretexts for Christian Russia to die at the hands of New York/London bankers gleefully financing Lenin’s Bolshevik’s Revolution – what President Eisenhower in 1960 would warn against derisively as the “Military Industrial Complex”. “Since the war (World War I [the Russian Government has floated two loans . . . $75,000,000, $50,000,000 for three years on a 6 ½ percent . . . $25,000,000 . . . on a 6 ¾ percent basis.” The banker continued, “. . . enormous amounts of Russian Treasury notes have been accepted in payment by America manufacturers of munitions and explosives, as well as by dealers in foodstuffs and other supplies.” To assuage any indication that the above loans are the only ones, this unnamed banker says, “American banking interest have also made heavy private loans to Russian banks . . . larger than that represent by the two loans to the Russian Government.” *N.B.: That these Bloodmoney, Faustian loans were for every aspect in the planning and execution of the Civil War to kill Christian Russia . . . even “America manufacturers of munitions and explosives, as well as by dealers in foodstuffs and other supplies.”

So, how much did New York and London bankers give to fund Lenin’s Bolsheviks to destroy Christian Russia. Doubtlessly hundreds of millions of dollars or between $500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 to fund the Bolshevik Anti-Christian Holocaust against Christian Russia (in 1917 dollars) resulting in between 20-66 million Russian deaths. As it was in 1917, so it is 2017, the Progressive Revolution and their foot soldiers, the Globalist Gestapo will stop at nothing, even to destroy the entire world in order to establish International Communism.

Major General Smedley Butler Exposes Bloodmoney Wars, Profiteers

World War II Major General Smedley Butler dedicated his life and celebrated military career fighting wars to defend the Republic, but stepped back from the chaos for a philosophical inquiry – to ask himself this question of what Theologian Paul Tillich called “the question of ultimate concern” – Cui bono? Who benefits? Who profits from war? The conclusions of Major General Smedley Butler were profound and rooted in both History and Realism – “War is never fought for freedom, it is always fought for the rich.” Then General Butler offers proof of his assertion citing World War I which midway through concurrently launched the Bolshevik Revolution, “In World War I a mere handful garnered profits from the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns.”

As incredible and grotesque as that number of bloodmoney traitors in the U.S. that became “millionaires and billionaires” by profiting from World War I, that number must surely be 10, 20, 100 times as big for bloodmoney traitors in the U.S. (but also in England, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, etc…) who profited from World War II where Hitler killed over 20 million people alone and nearly 420,000 American soldiers and civilians lost their lives. These numbers of war profiteers from the U.S. and other countries are for now lost to history, for General Butler admitted, “How many war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.”

If Robespierre, the super villain archetype of all Leftist genocidal wars since the French Revolution (1789-99) boasted that, “There are no crimes, only criminals,” then the corollary of that statement must surely be General Butler’s aphorism rooted in history who rightly deduced the demonic, duplicitous intent of the international Banksters in funding all modern including the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, “The truth is that there are no enemies, only business opportunities.” And since We the People in America (and throughout the world) obviously didn’t learn from history during the first Bolshevik Revolution 100 years ago, therefore as Spanish American philosopher George Santayana prophesied, “we are doomed to repeat history” as America lives through the existential Wilsonian War Socialism genocide of the Second Bolshevik Revolution, right here, right now in 2017.

How the Second Bolshevik Revolution is revealed in 2017?

2017 is the new 1917: Treasonous bankers in financial capitals in New York and London gave hundreds of millions of dollars in gold, cash, open lines of bank credit, and hundreds of thousands of human assets, to Vladimir Lenin and his genocidal Bolshevik Revolutionaries. Why hasn’t this international treason been punished even 100 later after the Bolshevik Revolution? The same reason why the Nuremberg Trials spectacularly failed to punish Hitler and the Nazi’s Holocaust against the Jews and genocide against the world, the thesis of my 2008 book, The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust. The same reason why in 2009 the Obama administration, including FBI Director George Mueller, Deputy Directors James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all colluded, receiving bribes and kickbacks in the millions by secretly giving Russia advance military weaponry including 20-25% of U.S Uranium reserves – a key component in making nuclear weapons that can be used by Russia to destroy America.

In other words, the answer why this treason at the highest levels of American’s political apparatchiks of the Democrat Socialist Party were allowed to continue their naked bribery, collusion and treason unpunished for 100 years is because Deep State apparatchiks have since the creation of the FBI (created in 1908), CIA (created in 1947) and NSA (created in 1952), together with over a dozen other U.S. intelligence agencies have been running a “Shadow Government” using black ops, black budgets, black money that is off the books, virtually untraceable amounting to over $40 TRILLION dollars “lost”, “missing” or “unaccounted for” over the past 100 years to turn the U.S. Constitution of limited government created by “We the People”, what Justice Robert Jackson warned to be a “suicide pact” being controlled by invisible, malevolent Deep State forces of the Shadow Government where U.S citizens treated like human laboratory rats in the movie The Matrix. In other words, We the People are slaves to be manipulated, culled, and pitted against each other by gender, by race, by economics, by the unseen hand of Deep State sociopaths and psychopaths populating all 17 intelligence agencies, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Department of Defense, the IRS, Department of Education, and within every aspect of our government from top to bottom. It is Voluntary Slavery writ large . . . Yet, Christ said, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” This secret, Globalist Gestapo and Socialist Slavery treason against U.S. is beginning to crack.

Alex Jones Monologue explains how 2017 is the new 1917 (InfoWars 18 Oct. 2017, Hour 1)

InfoWars founder and host, Alex Jones in a classic opening monologue 18 Oct. 2017, (beginning @ 14:34), was on fire and adroitly codified the history of the Bolshevik Revolution – then and now in terms that no other news host could do essentially affirming my understanding of modern geopolitical history – that 2017 is the new 1917 . . . In other words, since we didn’t learn from, nor punish the American/British Bloodmoney traitors and War Profiteers that launched the first Bolshevik Revolution, 100 years later the Second Bolshevik Revolution in America is here, including the latest breaking news by The Hill – FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow.

ALEX JONES: “The house of cards is falling in a spectacular way of Robert Mueller covering up the activities of the Clintons the Democratic Party in a giant orgy being paid off by the Communist Chinese, the Russians, and others. And we have Attorney General Sessions in the Judiciary Committee today reporting that he is looking into a criminal investigation of Hillary for basic espionage against this Republic. Now, we have Mueller transferring uranium illegally in a bag for the Russians. We have the Democratic Party most of them getting $15 to $20 million dollars apiece.”

“I mean the high-level Democrats were all getting paid off [from] the Russians; that’s what governments do and we’re wide open to espionage in this country via the Democratic Party. They’ve always been the ones that have been working with the Russians. They helped put the Bolsheviks [power] in 1917 and visited that social engineering hell on the Russians they now want here. People keep going, ‘this is like what they did in Russia.’ Why is it so similar and why is Russia fighting it? Because they already got the face sucker (after 100+ years) off their face, partially. Yes, the New York liberals funded the Bolshevik Revolution that’s public [knowledge], that’s in the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

“The left doesn’t play games they’ll butcher you and your family if they get a chance long as you’re Christian they want to get you in that FEMA camp and stomp your guts out. I’m not saying that rhetorically. The average Leftist wants to literally murder you and your family and we now all see it – they hate America, they hate God, they hate working. They’re just a bunch of litigious, devil-worshiping scum that hate you because you’re strong, you’re honorable, you’re good-looking, and you got what they don’t have – a conscience and a connection to God. And they’re not gonna stop until they’ve sexualized every one of your children, and until they’ve wrecked your whole society, and until they’ve broken down everything and until they’ve bankrupted the country – just remember that.”

Decision Time? . . . “Live Free or Die!”

If We the People don’t wake up to the Machiavellian evil intent of the Progressives, Liberals, Communists, Socialists under the treasonous banner of the Democrat Socialist Party in America and under the banner of International Globalism under the United Nations, European Union, World Bank and evil financiers like Nazi collaborator, George Soros, then just as under Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 where between 20-66 million Russian Christians were slaughtered mercilessly under what I call “The Bolshevik Anti-Christian Holocaust” aka The Bolshevik Revolution, all plotted and planned, financed, launched and propagated by Bloodmoney bankers in New York and London, to profit from world-wide genocide, democide and politicide.

Remember 2017 is the new 1917. Alex Jones spent 20 years of the prime of his life and jeopardized not only his life, but the lives of his family and employees and guests on the InfoWars News Network, to report to you what the Democrat Media are too cowardly or compromised to give to U.S. . . . the TRUTH. Concluding with the end of Jones monologue cited above – ALEX JONES: “They want to shoot you up with as much lead and mercury as they can. They want to brain damage your family. They want to see you sterile and dying of cancer so they can suck all the money out of you, and they’re never gonna quit because they’re the enemy. They will not coexist with us. They want to just absolutely rape everything. And they hate my guts because I know who they are and now I realize even their low-level supporters are in on it. They were never ‘liberals’, they were always fake. They always had a plan, they don’t coexist, they will absorb you and destroy you because they have envy. If you’re a good person, they spiritually hate you . . .”

2017 is the new 1917 – That means that 100 years ago the Bolshevik Anti-Christian Revolution never ended, it never died. This evil Leviathan monster has been fed by every Democrat and Progressive president since Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09) – Barack Obama (2009-2017), and perhaps unwittingly by most Republican Presidents over the past 100 years to such an extent that the grandchildren, the great-grandchildren of these same Bolshevik apparatchiks from 100 years ago, in modern times under that same Democrat Socialist Party and their legions of International Globalist apparatchiks funded by Nazi collaborator, George Soros, will likewise utterly slaughter the American people (including what Lenin called “useful idiots” on the political Right and the Left) and place them en masse into government-built FEMA Concentration Camps to be slaughtered in the name of The Progressive Revolution . . . or in the name of the Second Bolshevik Revolution in America.

The Second American Bolshevik Revolution is Megalomania writ large to commit democide, genocide, and politicide against the world so that the mega-rich ruling Elite Globalists and their Communist, Socialist, and Islamic allies worldwide can rule over the few slaves who they allow to survive the Progressive Holocaust against the Christian world, against Western Civilization, to serve them.

This is War! The choice is yours – Liberty or Slavery? Live Free or Die.

Silence to Bolshevik Democrat genocide is consent. Democrat Leaders (left to right) 2016 President Candidates: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and President Barak Obama.





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  1. Edward Lewis says:

    Ellis is brilliant and exactly on point. The Deep State, Left wing fascists are now visible and must be dealt with now. They call themselves humanist but the intent is inhumane

    • Thank you, Edward for your kind remarks regarding my latest essay on the Bolshevik Revolution. Since I very rarely get any comments, your words of encouragement are especially meaningful to me… Thank you!


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