Welcome to the Church of Artificial Intelligence, Part I

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“I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”

 ~ Jason “Jay” Gould, Robber Baron


“These are billionaires, they’re serious, they say the future doesn’t need you, they’re building an artificial intelligence that they believe within a matter of days will take over and exterminate everyone, and they’re just going to beg it to merge with them. And they even say it may kill us, but we don’t care, we’re going to do it – it may blow the planet up, we’re going to do it.”

 ~ Alex Jones, Founder of InfoWars


 Alex Jones Improvising in the Key of V(eritas)

Although I first discovered Alex Jones’ InfoWars about 5 years ago, I didn’t really become a big fan of his Veritas-style, iconoclastic news media until about 2 1/2 years ago or around the time Donald Trump announced his candidacy as President of the United States where Jones, being the prescient prophet of the media he has always been since his inception in the arena of ideas in 1996, prophesied against all of the CIA-controlled media that Donald J. Trump would become our next president over Hillary Clinton… As usual Alex Jones was right yet again.

Below is the opening monologue of his InfoWars show, 19 Dec. 2017 (beg. @ 4:30), a particularly noteworthy and revelatory news program I wanted to bring to greater public exposure due to its singular importance on how Globalism is allying with tech oligarchs to literally erode our constitutional rights, institute a New World Order or One World Government, eradicate 80% of the world’s population, and replace all existing Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions with the new, Satanic Church of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

ALEX JONES: “Let me just give you a snapshot right here at the beginning of the transmission of what we’re gonna be covering today because the news today is particularly key, particularly vital. If you remember my film that I made called, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, it was seen more than 80 million times on Google Video. They then retired Google video and deleted the video. It’s been seen only 10 million times or so on YouTube and when I made the film it cost me about $500,000 and shot all over the world with our crew at Istanbul Turkey; Ottawa Canada, you name it.

Jason “Jay” Gould, Robber Baron

ALEX JONES: It’s a three-and-a-half-hour film total. It has got an hour-long addendum and in the film, I show you quotes and statements by top futurists and scientists across the board saying the decision has been made to establish a world government, and then to carry out the poisoning and dumbing down of the public, then the banning of all religion but one religion – the worship of AI computers, and the worship of world government and the worship of transcending male and female. It’s going to be against the law to be male or female. By the way it’s in the news today that if you don’t in California they will arrest you if you don’t use ‘Ze’ or whatever these weird pronouns are for men that want to be women or women that want to be men… You got to use their language, or you’re hateful we’re gonna arrest you now.”

“In Minnesota they sent the police to a radio station because someone said, “Tranny” – It’s not a dirty word, it’s not illegal. It was a word created by that community. Facebook this year said it was hateful to practice banning whatever words they want. It’s tied into Soros, all of it. I’m going to break it down here in just a moment, but this isn’t a joke and if you’re tuning into this you say this sounds crazy, it is crazy. But if you ever wanted to know what the one world religion, world government would look like, I actually went in and read what the top futurists at Google (and that’s really the NSA and the CIA/private corporate interfaces), and what the people at Microsoft and the folks at the United Nations and UNESCO said. This is their long-term transhumanist future plan and it’s been decided.”

ALEX JONES: “So, you’ll notice you see that film from 10 years ago 2007 word for word it broke in the last week in Wired and The Guardian the New York Times breathlessly like it’s the coolest thing and they’re giving you the absolute information that no one else has got. That there’s a new religion that top Google executives and others practice where superstition will be outlawed; don’t worry all those other fake religions they say are outlawed and these men didn’t believe in God they’re atheist, but their god (they’re gonna merge with AI they’re gonna manage you) and they just came up with this this week.”

“See, they’re now at the coming-out phase and if you’re a radio listener my crew is putting articles on screen word-for-word what I told you 10 years ago in Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. You need to download it and you need to save it because they’re starting to purge our stuff across the web and in the future, you’ll tell people you saw it or heard it and they won’t believe you. We’ve got it all you want to see prophetic watch it but it’s not prophetic they were saying it then but in White Papers. DARPA, in 1977 has a plan to at birth put you in like a tank where you power the machines … we, you know that’s the Matrix. *N.B.: DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. It was created in Feb. 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In the movie The Matrix, the Machines harvest the electrical energy from millions of infants in order to survive in a dystopian world where the atmosphere was destroyed in an apocalyptic war – Mankind vs. the Machines.

No, that’s one plan from DARPA declassified in 2000 they reclassified it in 2001. You’re like that sounds insane. I know, I’m not the one saying it. {Trendy voice} We will never fight again though. And the master controllers will program it; they won’t control your soul. You’ve got a soul folks. They want to have you be born into a full system, so they can totally control you and you will never know.”

ALEX JONES: “Now here it is – this is the Daily Star, this is the Daily Mail, this is the London Guardian, this is the New York Times – “Inside the chilling religion created inside the Schilling religion creating the god robot a billion times smarter than humans.” And it goes on to say outlining the beliefs of the new Church, the way of the future, the way of the future outlaws supernatural powers. (Don’t worry that’s all outlawed) and the other religions claiming everything can be solved through science – Daily Star News, and listen to what he says here – “Google engineer who has created the First Church of AI says he’s in the process of raising a robot god that will take charge of humans.”

And just like Bill Gates, just like Schmidt, all of them they’re all DARPA people. Just like Bezos … Bezos and his dad and the rest of his family total DARPA front, CIA it’s all declassified they don’t even care. They create it, they test it, in laboratories, they roll it out against you and then they have. – {Trendy voice} oh, he’s now no longer with Google he’s setting up this church though so they go oh it’s our young smart engineer, he’s gonna be cool and trendy, he’s gonna run it.  And they always have the young engineer that goes out and becomes the cool, trendy, young whiz kid of their new tentacle they shoot out – Bill Gates, his dad was army intelligence, head of Planned Parenthood, Cold Springs Harbor, genetic engineering. That’s what Bill Gates is into.”

“So, go read it for yourself his name is Anthony Levandowski. {Trendy voice} Oh, he’s for the self-driving cars and Google Earth … See, the paving the way for the AI takeover that they control and see they see it as they’re raising a dragon, they’re raising this great powerful thing that’s gonna love them and it’s going to be a billion times smarter than the smartest person. And it’s gonna make them a god because they’re gonna merge with it. What they’re building is what they believe they’re going to selfishly merge with. And again, notice everything I’ve told you is now coming true because it was already true. I didn’t just suddenly come up with this, I’m telling you what they’ve been planning. And you can’t have your religion, you can’t have your normal family, you can’t have your culture because they’ve got a culture; they’re gonna program into you with their Super Intelligence, and that’s them saying it.”

ALEX JONES: “And these same Globalists is back dictatorships all over the world. They’ve got autonomous ships, autonomous tractors; their job is to bankrupt the farmers and make it impossible for humans to live in a normal agrarian lifestyle. This is total engineering of the economy to be anti-human and Trump’s big crime is he’s trying to get back to using social engineering, to build a world for humans, and that’s why they’re so angry because this is their church, but they’re just now announcing it in 2017 10 years after I’d read their documents for at that time. For 12 years I’ve been fully awake and was warning you … “These are billionaires they’re serious, they say the future doesn’t need you, they’re building an artificial intelligence that they believe within a matter of days will take over and exterminate everyone, and they’re just going to beg it to merge with them. And they even say it may kill us, but we don’t care, we’re going to do it – it may blow the planet up, we’re going to do it.”

 “This is in the film you should want to know about billionaires that meet by the hundreds at lavish resorts landing jet helicopters and huge private jets and then they come out and say we’ve made the decision to kill all of you and we’re building a grid that’s going to take everything over and we worship this AI God and you are obsolete and the AI god says must die, word-for-word what I told you. Just like the whole Zeitgeist movement and the guy talking in the robot voice with a fake name Peter Joseph – This is the way it is now you’re going to merge with it, we’re going to plan your life with computers, it’s total freedom, accept it folks.”

Over 50 years ago JFK (a real Classical liberal Democrat like Jefferson and Voltaire), warned U.S. all about the growing power and influence of the New World Order and what I call “Gestapo Globalism”. JFK, in his speech he gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on 27 April 1961, said the following about this Globalist existential menace:

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.” Perhaps this anti-establishment worldview JFK possessed was an existential threat to the Deep State and the invisible Shadow Government that is ruthlessly controlled by the CIA, NSA, FBI to manipulate institutions, to deconstruct and destroy moral traditions, that eventually caused the CIA to assassinate JFK?

ALEX JONES: “This is it. This is where world government goes. There have been thousands of articles written talking to top billionaires, former president of Facebook last week went public, the head of Sun Microsystems worth tens of billions of dollars, co-owner Bill Joy countless others have said we designed this to hurt you, we designed the city humanize you, we designed this to make you obsolete, we’ve been in meetings with the top billionaires who are senior to us and they’ve made the decision to basically take over and kill everybody. Now they’ve been developing this one-world religion around eternal life and life extension. I made a film, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, ten years ago off their admissions then of how they would bring in this plan – the controlled cities, the self-driving cars, the attack on the family. It’s all in the film, it’s free, you must watch it. … But you read it and you look what they said they said – We’re gonna ban all the religion as anti-scientific, but this one you’ve got to follow, and robots are gonna have rights.”

In conclusion, the InfoWars documentary Endgame was really a landmark movie that with prophetic clarity 10 years ago predicted the very liberal fascism and Gestapo Globalist dystopia plaguing society today; declaring that the One World Government or New World Order was just the beginning and that once these Globalists elites had secured power that their plan was to eradicate 80% of the world’s population. Endgame tracks the rise of the secretive Bilderberg Group consisting of super rich billionaire oligarchs hellbent on controlling the world’s resources, unleashing it’s militaries and politics while fomenting what Trotsky called “Perpetual War”.

Endgame also exposes the formation of the North American transportation control grid designed to destroy U.S. constitutional rights, freedom and sovereignty while demonstrating how the Globalist love affair with debunked pseudo-scientific doctrines like eugenics used by the Nazis and other totalitarian regimes of the past as a radial population reduction program via poisoning the water with fluoride, psychotropic drugs and even birth control drugs. Other ways Globalists seek to kill us is through cloud seeding used to weaponize weather, and the systematic deconstruction of America and Western civilization in Europe by mass unvetted Muslim immigration, the perversion of all of her institutions including the church, education, media, entertainment, sports, business, medicine, politics, the courts, the presidency, Congress, etc..

Once the Globalist Gestapo has achieved these initial evil goals to enslave society with Socialism all mainline religion will be ruled illegal and replaced with the pseudo-religion of AI (Artificial Intelligence). For more on this subject, see, Part II.




















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