Welcome to the Church of Artificial Intelligence, Part II

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In his opening monologue of 19 Nov. 2017 Alex Jones discussed the AI Revolution that oligarch billionaires plan to use to control the world (“New World Order”), to kill 80% of the world’s population, and the remainder controlled by robots to save mother Earth.

Whoever leads in AI (and it will not be very desirable), will rule the world.

 ~ Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (2 Sept. 2017)

 And everything they’re doing is for the computers and for the machines to take over. They’ve already chosen sides because regardless they’re going to be in control the machines they believe. So, everything you see is a revolution not to empower humanity but a revolution to enslave and track and control what we do. This is life and death.

~ Alex Jones, InfoWars


Power – Money – Control. This is the 3-headed Cerberus, the monster guarding the Gates of Hades, the AI system of control that wants to deconstruct, pervert, and destroy your very humanity by replacing your existential Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions based on God, Veritas, and Natural Law and replace these systems and institutions with dystopian counterfeits created by psychopathic billionaire tech oligarchs like, George Soros and tech monopolies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft – the pseudo gods and High Priests of the Satanic Church of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Former Facebook President Sean Parker warned U.S. in a recent interview with Axios that Facebook was invented (with the help and funding of the CIA) to enslave your children, enslave the masses: “When Facebook was getting going, I had these people who would come up to me and they would say, ‘I’m not on social media.’ And I would say, ‘OK. You know, you will be.’ And then they would say, ‘No, no, no. I value my real-life interactions. I value the moment. I value presence. I value intimacy.’ And I would say, … ‘We’ll get you eventually.’”

“I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and … it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

With that rare and disturbing confession from the billionaire oligarch class that is hellbent on enslaving the masses with technology, I welcome you all to the Satanic Church of AI (Artificial Intelligence):

ALEX JONES: “You can see where this is going folks, this is the [AI] takeover plan, it’s so dystopic and I’m begging people there’s a reason they have congressional hearings every week saying they want to shut me down because they’ve got the actuaries. The AI computers can already crunch mass movements they’re just not totally conscious, yet it’s believed. And they can tell that if they kill me it causes chain reactions that devastates their operation, same thing with Trump…

ALEX JONES: This isn’t a power trip folks, look at television, look what they’re doing I mean it’s real, this is happening because we cared enough to actually read what they were saying and what they were building while they were getting acolytes. Elon Musk is one of the guys saying, look out for AI gods, look out for people that promote this.”  “Before the media did the rollout this week… {Trendy voice} It’s a brand-new idea we’re gonna have AI gods that take over oh it’s so fun. Oh, it’s so cute. Elon Musk in the last six months is like it’s coming, it’s deadly, it’s dangerous, it’s serious, these people mean business, they’re authoritarian, we’ve got to stop them.”

{Trendy voice} “Oh, and then the New Christ has appeared the young man that’s couldn’t lead it. Oh, it just you just thought of it five minutes ago. Don’t listen to Elon Musk, we have our new leader, Anthony Levandowski. He said, we will rule you for your own good. You’re gonna live in a big plastic city and we’re gonna ban all your other religions because of all the wars and problems. And you’re gonna worship us, you’re gonna worship our machine and it’s gonna it’s gonna be the God of the world. It’s the new religion. They’ve got the new name of it. Oh, they just came up with it no they’ve been cooking this up for decades. Look, the robot that Dubai’s already ordered that is going to replace their police force, he’s literally seven feet tall and is almost identical to the THX-1138 robot…

Technology Fair in Dubai – Prototype Police Robot THX-1138

ALEX JONES: (@ 17:33) “The THX-1138 robots are based off research that George Lucas did in his first film. Man, we’re in a lot of trouble folks, they are telling you they’re coming, they’re telling you what they’re doing and I’m just here warning you, I’m here just begging you I’m not anti-technology, I’m not anti-smartphone, but I don’t like it tracking me and spying on me, and listening to me, and selling my data, and being a government spy. But they always spin it – {Trendy voice} Oh, you’re against vaccines, you’re against good science. No, I’m against the genetic engineering you’re doing through them. Here’s the documents not against the phone I’m against paying for all the stuff that it attracts me and controls me. They’ve already got the self-driving car stuff in all the new cars they’re just not even telling you. They’re announcing it all next year and rolling it out but only the luxury models. {Trendy voice} Oh, you got to pay way more for the Audi A8 itself drives you can drive from”

“They’ve already got cars people are driving across the nation with nobody touching them, cars you can buy at lots right now. {Trendy voice} Oh, that sounds great that’ll be fun, I can do my school work, you know me and my wife can have fun in the backseat. It gives full control to the Globalist. It lets them run you off the cliff and kill you. It lets foreign enemies hack in and do that. It’s dehumanizing and the people that are deploying it are saying, It’s meant to dehumanize you to make way for the new god! That’s growing all of its systems and all of its tentacles into control. And remember 6-7 years ago they had Will Smith movies iRobot about self-driving cars and it was an Audi and now Audi is the leader in it, I mean it’s all pre-programmed, it’s all prepared.”

{Trendy voice} “Oh, and who was doing all the PR for Google at the time? Oh, the new AI leader who’s creating his new baby that’s gonna be your god. “Google engineer who has created the First Church of AI says he’s in the process of raising a robot god that will take charge of humans.” … I haven’t gotten into Google officially launching in partnership with George Soros and Snopes (you can’t make that up) with almost no fanfare, total censorship of libertarians, nationalists, conservatives and Christians. He was in the WikiLeaks last year saying – once the United Nations has control (which they didn’t get complete control Obama was not able to transfer it), we’re gonna make people go to our stories and block the ones we don’t like. That’s a quote! They got his emails! He doesn’t care we elected Trump, he’s doing it anyways with Google. People will just use Bing or use (that’s Microsoft). What, do you think they haven’t gotten there yet? Whatever Google ends up doing everybody else then adopts. Google is the Deep State boys and girls. ‘Don’t be evil’ give me a break.”

{Trendy voice} Oh, it’s all happy little colors big G’s and little blue cheese and red O’s and it’s like it’s all tested to treat like you’re three years old it’s non-threatening. Remember when you were three everything was fun in the nursery? We are not evil; come here sweetie. We’re just jacked into everything DARPA. They spent billions of our tax dollars just on Flickr screens, how to mesmerize you. It’s all declassified, just what I know is admitted is beyond anything you could ever imagine. But remember, I’m the bad guy because for 22 years I told you they had human-animal hybrids growing inside cow’s gestating on farms across the US and the exact words I told you 22 years ago were an MIT late last year. That’s thousands of human-animal hybrids are gestating.

ALEX JONES: “You know in the movie Alien when the face sucker lays the egg in your stomach then it bust out after it eats a meal? It uses your stomach as a womb because it likes acid remember? Smart writers, and then it bust out it’s been gestating, that’s weak. But in this case humanoids are grown up larger and are used for biotech and things and it’s all industrial, don’t worry they don’t have any rights because they’re not human, they’re not animal.

“… We are back live covering very, very serious issues not to scare you but so you’re informed so we as a culture and as a society and as a species can make decisions with what we say what we do what we buy who we associate with what we support to build a better world. The Robber Barons of a hundred years ago just thought we were animals and didn’t care just wanted to stay separate from the general public.

The elites of today believe they’re gonna merge the machines and become gods and I’ve been telling you that for 20-something years now it’s all over the news and there are a few Patriots like Bill Joy and Elon Musk saying hey we’ve been to the meetings they’re planning on getting rid of everybody. And everything they’re doing is for the computers and for the machines to take over. They’ve already chosen sides because regardless they’re going to be in control the machines they believe. So, everything you see is a revolution not to empower humanity but a revolution to enslave and track and control what we do. This is life and death.

Now who would have thought just a year ago when I was warning you that it would happen? I can’t believe it’s happening. I knew they were saying it – Hey look at the WikiLeaks, it’s in the news George Soros wants the UN to take over the Internet and Obama’s trying and he says they will block or tell people it’s fake news if it’s

anti-Globalist and then push you to Globalist news and Soros’s words are material. And then a month ago they announced Google partners with Soros funded fact-checking service to fight fake news and then last night it happened last night it happened ladies and gentlemen on November 18th, November 19th right now. Suddenly, they put above InfoWars – It’s Fake News and said here’s the fact checking of Snopes and you click it that’s a bunch of lies and a bunch of misrepresentations when you click reviewed claims.

But if you go and type in Snopes into Google – {Trendy voice} Oh, no one questions it because it’s god and who funds it?Google partners with Soros funded fact-checking service to fight fake news a press release from Google’s partnership with IFC in the three main aims increasing the number of fat checkers reviewing information, expanding the eye of censor’s current code of principles in new regions, and offering free fact checking tools that Google uses to verify the information they find on Google’s search engine.” Ok and it’s funded by George Soros who whose job is bringing down governments, overthrowing Western countries, bringing in Islamacists, who was a Nazi collaborator, and stole almost all his money, and doesn’t pay any taxes basically and has it all off shore… A master criminal.

[Bernie] Madoff’s problem was he wasn’t part of the big club. He’s got to be in the Soros Club and … you can get away with anything you want. And so, I have Soros breathing down my neck breathing down your neck … You want us to fight the Globalist? You want us to take them on? We’re doing it. But listen, talk about a robot – InfoWars is a probe droid. InfoWars is an operation you helped build and financed with its continuing long-term mission to go out and take on the New World Order to expose them, to fight for the family, to fight for a religious freedom, to fight for justice to fight for pro-human operations, to fight for life extension to be extended to the general public, not just the elites – Just to pro-human anti-psychotic, anti-sociopath approach, but I need your help to do it.”

America, Wake up! If you don’t remember anything from this detailed 2-part essay series on the Machiavellian evils of the Church of AI (Artificial Intelligence), remember the diabolical intent of all Globalists who are controlled here in America by the Democrat Socialist Party and their willing duplicitous slaves, the RINO Republicans – “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” This wasn’t an original idea created by the United Nations, but was taken from one of the champions of International Globalism, the genocidal Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin – “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, it morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

If We the People lose our patriotism, our morality, our spirituality (Christianity) to the Globalist Gestapo then the world will be ripe for an Artificial Intelligence coup d’état whose dystopian evil will know no bounds of Reason, Hope or Mercy.

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