Alex Jones Interviews Joel Skousen, Part II (Foreign Policy)

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Merry Christmas America! Since it was on this day 35 years ago that as a senior in college at DePauw University that I made the intellectual epiphany to conservatism after reading Leon Skousen’s 1958 classic The Naked Communist during my Christmas break. Nevertheless, I must state unequivocally that my greatest Christmas (until this one when Trump gave America an early Christmas gift in passing the largest tax cut in American history) was 35 years ago when God’s Holy Ghost lead me to get a New Mind, New Thinking – Old Mind Out, New Mind In… New Mind. New Mind. Would to God that the Holy Ghost would give U.S. all a New Mind and get behind President Donald Trump to proclaim a New World with Jerusalem as the capital of not only Israel, but the world… Even come now Jesus Christ.


Alex Jones Interview of Joel Skousen, Part II – Foreign Policy

JOEL SKOUSEN:  Yes, now let me go back to the overall geopolitical thing that they desperately need to get away from Trump because I mean he has slowed down their agenda, except in foreign policy. I mean he’s done the Neocon will in in Syria, he’s bought into the chemical weapons by Assad which is absolute stupidity.

ALEX JONES: Yes, he’s a Nationalist and a Capitalist but he still buys into their line when it comes to national security.

JOEL SKOUSEN: And that’s because his gut instincts are good, but he doesn’t have the experience or the [intelligence] background to counter these very high intelligence [agencies] –

ALEX JONES: When you mean mental intelligence, you mean have the real Intel?

JOEL SKOUSEN: That’s right, he doesn’t have the real Intel he doesn’t have the background. I mean as a military person I can see through all the holes of these military briefers who come up and tell him what’s going on in Syria. He doesn’t have the wherewithal to counter those, and so he gets taken down by that.

ALEX JONES: Exactly, you were a Marine Corps officer in combat. I’ve got folks that worked with Special Operations not just regular Special Forces – they all see right through it; they all know what’s really going on in Syria, but they say yeah, the president just isn’t being given all the real Intel. He doesn’t know McMaster is keeping troops there and trying to form a new ISIS group.

JOEL SKOUSEN: Yeah, and he basically doesn’t have anybody in the White House now to advise him. There’s nobody on our side who is countering the establishment briefings that he gets every day, although I will say that I’ll tell you these steps were beepers I’m not allowed to talk about Russian interference and they’re like he just shuts him down he just says don’t go there, I’m not buying that – So he is countering the things that he does have good information on he just lacks the information to be able to counter the full range.

Now on North Korea, Donald Trump has decided to take military action against North Korea and he is forcing McMaster and all of the other Pentagon [high command] [General] Mattis to come up with three or four major preemptive strikes.

ALEX JONES: This is key because I agree with your analysis they don’t want it, he sees that as a threat so it’s Trump is the one that wants it [war with North Korea].

JOEL SKOUSEN: That’s right, now here’s the key thing they’ve been telling Trump – You don’t want to do this during the Winter Olympics, to do this has very international significance, so it’s either gonna be in January … where they can convince [Trump] if we can’t do this and get out before that, or it’s gonna be after the Olympics but not during the Olympics or just before the Olympics. I personally – my gut feeling is he’s gonna postpone [war] until after the Olympics that’s 9 through 25 February. Now, with that said China and Russia know that Donald Trump is serious, and that the U.S. is making military preparations for a preemptive strike on North Korea. They are trying to do a blockade of North Korea to induce him [Kim Jung Un] to strike one of the naval vessels this would then justify the strike on North Korea.

ALEX JONES: They’re looking for a Gulf of Tonkin event?

JOEL SKOUSEN:  That’s right, they’re looking for a real Gulf of Tonkin not a fake one like the Gulf of Tonkin really was and I think that’s very plausible that they could get that because you North Korea is saying that a blockade is an act of war. However, I think it’s a high probability that China is gonna twist North Korea’s arm because this trigger ban is going off too soon before Russia and China are ready for the Third World War that they want with the U.S. And so, I think they’re gonna twist his arm and have him agree since [Secretary of State] Tillerson is desperate for a diplomatic settlement here to agree to something that will postpone this military engagement. I think there’s maybe a 30 to 40 percent chance that Kim may agree –

ALEX JONES: I know you’ve got great Intel and that’s what the preparations are and the military’s being told is that strikes are gonna happen, but you can’t just barely strike them … [because North Korea will] attack Seoul [South Korea] and other things and I guess that’s why we’re hearing now that you know … as you’ve heard from the top generals they’re gonna have to nuke them and take out the whole DMZ [demilitarized zone] which I don’t like North Korea, but I don’t want this to happen.

Now we’ve got Commissioner there in Chicago in Cook County is in talks with bringing in UN troops – it’s all about just getting us ready for that further conditioning when they said we were crazy; that would never happen, but that’s always been their plans that the UN does around the world… We’ve got massive US troops building up at the biggest level we’ve ever seen since the Armistice in July of 1953. We see the blockade, the big naval strike groups there, the Carrier Strike groups and we saw Defense Secretary [Mattis] there about a month and a half ago touring it and the South Korean Defense head goes you know if you hit North Korea (in front of cameras for propaganda purposes there’s a warning to the North missiles) you’re gonna have to take out the DMZ because they’re gonna attack Seoul? He goes yes, yes, we’re ready for that.

You can’t take that out conventionally except with nuclear weapons… The only way to knock it out … there you must nuke all of that or use energy weapons directed-energy weapons to fry the people in those bunkers with the artillery, or it just turns into a giant war they all pour across. I mean if you’re going to do it you’ve got to exterminate everybody on the DMZ on the north side … they’re planning limited strike but now we see them kind of getting everybody ready for that and the president talking about Fire and Fury.

JOEL SKOUSEN: Well actually I agree with you from a tactical military standpoint Alex … you’ve got 15,000 artillery troops aimed at Seoul and then military bases along the DMZ from the northern side and that’s a lot of firepower… You’re not going to destroy Seoul and in two hours like some propagandists have said but it’s going to do some damage and so the U.S. does have to do carpet bombing of that area and I think there are some very large area weapons that can make it … unusable at that time for a short period of time.

But you’ve got it you’ve got to defang the three legs of his military offensive and you don’t have to kill civilians to do that. You can neuter the DMZ with massive carpet bombings and of course you could do it with tactical nuclear weapons as well. We have tactical artillery shells that could do that although those were removed from Korea several years ago we have tactical weapons that can be delivered by bombers that can make it radioactive enough. We’ve got Neutron weapons which the US says they didn’t develop we know that they did which can neuter those. I doubt very much if they want to go nuclear just because that would give Russia and China an excuse to start a nuclear war with the U.S.

ALEX JONES: Well that’s what I’m saying so the U.S. won’t be up against our allies a lot more if we just go conventional against those crazy communists.

JOEL SKOUSEN: But we could go conventional actually with a lot of cruise missiles it would take almost 500 cruise missiles to take out all of the air bases, the air assets as well as the missile launch sites, but it’s that artillery forces – you’re not going to get the second level of artillery which is the long-range artillery that’s behind a range of mountains on the behind the DMZ and they are embedded into tunnels but you could once you eliminate an air control of the air there that you could set up combat air patrols and every time they come out I mean you can blast the tunnel entrances (we know where they are) with cruise missiles to make it so that they can’t roll out of those tunnels. You can take down that artillery; it’s not going to be easy and they’re gonna get off some shots to Seoul, but I think if they do this right they can neuter North Korea’s military capacity within three days.

ALEX JONES: … I want to ask you about how we get peace, how that could be done and hopefully, but if a war happens again the time frame and what you expect the North to do? And again, they know Trump is serious, I hope Russia and China happens stand down because as much as I like Trump and what he’s doing against the Globalists I know they’re even upset about what’s in North Korea. It’s almost like careful what you ask for then he’s his own man and wants to take out North Korea. … Just recapping other key points then about preparations for war at the timetable and hopefully how can there be peace?

JOEL SKOUSEN: Well, the only way that you’re gonna have peace with North Korea in the mix is to take out their military capacity Trump is determined to do that. There was no doubt in his speech yesterday he says I’m going to handle the North Korean problem. Now, that said all the Globalists advisers around here were trying to stop this military strike they know that Russia and China aren’t ready and, so they basically want to defer this until the next decade when Russia and China are already in the middle to the early part of the decade is when their weapon systems will be coming online, and they’ll be able to really threaten the United States.

But Trump knows that Kim is a real threat, even McMaster knows – I watched his NPR interview with Judy Woodruff she was point blank with him and she said look what’s changed now? … North Korea is an existential threat to the United States, why are you waiting to strike, and he would not commit to say we’re gonna strike. And the reason he wasn’t gonna commit is he didn’t want to telegraph to North Korea the imminence of what they’re planning militarily, but he kept dancing around the question when she said well why are you talking diplomacy?… Kim Jung Un said he’s not gonna negotiate his nuclear weapons or his missiles and so what’s stopping you from striking? and he wouldn’t answer that, and I think that’s from a military standpoint – he doesn’t want to say that it is imminent.

Now that said the timetable for this strike in North Korea is most likely after the Winter Olympics because if you strike North Korea before from right now through and I don’t think it’s gonna be in Christmas time but even in January there’s no way this war is going to before two or three months even if you devastate their military I mean there’s going to be a lot of mopping up to do. I don’t think the US wants to send actual troops into North Korea, but you may have to do something in terms of stabilizing and gutting the DMZ to make sure that all those tunnels are collapsed and that type of thing, so that would interfere with the Winter Olympics. So, I think this is a time table for diplomacy for Tillerson and the Globalists to get China to twist Kim Jung Un’s arm to a degree is something.

Now if he does agree to something and Trump puts off the strike Trump is gonna be watching like a hawk and he’s gonna say you know I would give you 2 or 3 months but if he starts to back out of these things we’re not gonna go that far and the military strike will be back on in the springtime.

ALEX JONES: By the way I’m here well researched I’ve been accurate on 95% of what you predicted and talked about, but you normally were against both Iraq Wars you’ve been against basically everything we’ve seen the globalists do but it sounds like you’re an agreement with Trump’s thinking on this A, is that true? and B who do you think is then giving him this different advice to get away from the strategic patience that we’ve seen for 30 years?

JOEL SKOUSEN: Well it’s not strategic patience – the globalists have been really pacifying the West … I am for taking out North Korea militarily. We’re past the point we can take out China and Russia militarily or you’re gonna must wait until they make the first move a preemptive strike on America before you retaliate because we the Globalists have given them all the military technology. We gave Russia the first uranium [weapons] –

ALEX JONES: You’re saying take out the trigger that the Globalists are planning to use as a really big one – get strong now in the face of it stop the nuclear war?

JOEL SKOUSEN: That’s right and get your new missiles online and stop this rigmarole about de-arming and denuclearizing your military forces – we’ve taken our three Minuteman warheads off those missiles and replaced it with a single warhead – that’s a you know that’s a 300 percent reduction in nuclear capacity or three times the capacity in our throw away by our missiles, but I think it’s important to realize that even if he goes to war with North Korea if he doesn’t do it right there’s gonna be a lot of damage to South Korea, there will be another South Korean war but I’m predicting the Russian China aren’t ready yet to take it to a full nuclear war against the United States and so what we’re going to do is see another Korean war.

What I think the Globalists will do if that happens is they’ll try to stop Trump from actually winning the war – they’ll try to go for another ceasefire like we had in 1953 so that you preserve this trigger to once again come off in the next decade when it’s supposed to that’s what I think –

ALEX JONES: In the meantime, but couldn’t a targeted decapitation kill Kim Jung Un and then make a deal with the generals to phase out what they’ve done like East Germany – West Germany?

JOEL SKOUSEN: I don’t think so, and the reason I don’t is because Kim Jung Un is a puppet. China is controlling North Korea. The generals listen to China. They make sure they have to play up to Kim Jung Un but believe me China runs North Korea and they would install someone else because the remember it’s the perfect trigger event – you have some other nation start the war so that Russia and China don’t have to do it and get the blame directly.

ALEX JONES: Just like Trump’s got the ships all going back and forth in front … that’s got to send a message to China and everybody else – you see Putin’s trying to say hey let’s not have a war everybody stops, everybody stops it, you can really see the concern.

JOEL SKOUSEN: That’s right they are concerned so that’s why I’m saying I wouldn’t put a past Russia and China to twist North Korea’s arm and say you know make any kind of promise (you can break it later), but make a promise to make this military attack go away until the Globalist who have assured us they want to get rid of Trump can make Trump go away and that’s a very real possibility. If that doesn’t happen – if Trump doesn’t buy into this phony diplomacy, then we’re gonna see military action before the spring is over.

ALEX JONES: … This is why we should pray on this North Korea thing because I just it’s so out of control the global is setting North Korea up with China and the whole thing is just unraveling— and you want a real president you got one. It doesn’t mean I even totally agree with Trump – I understand why Trump’s doing it, it’s just I just hope those idiots in North Korea and the Communist Chinese back off because I can feel it and I can see it. The United States he’s got a new sheriff in town and they’re getting ready to hit him – and I’d like to keep living. But wish the Rothschilds hadn’t created Communism which they had an over throne Russia I wish they hadn’t done any of this, but that’s why we’re in this position; globalists…. they gotta run everything don’t they till they blow it all up Soros has been caught in the WikiLeaks wanting to blow up Israel, it’s just crazy people, crazy people.



An example of billionaire Globalist George Soros and how his plans to deconstruct Christian nations, especially in Europe by forced Muslim invasion would be instructive here. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban accuses George Soros of paying migrants to flood Europe in an attempt to destabilize independent nations and therefore was compelled to expel all Soros-related NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) from Hungary including a article of April 2017 declaring open war against George Soros (whose birth country is Hungary) and against all of his organizations seeking to destabilize Hungary and democracy – “Hungary’s crackdown on the Central European University (CEU), founded by billionaire American-Hungarian financier George Soros, has spilled into a civil war in European Parliament,” the writer stated. “Responding to criticism of a law that targets the university passed by the Hungarian government Tuesday, which opponents have described as an attack on academic independence, the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party (EPP) group in European Parliament compared the actions of the CEU to George Orwell’s dystopian Animal Farm.”

Leon Skousen’s classic conservative text, The Naked Communist which I cited in Part I as one of the important books that modeled and shaped my conservative worldview during my senior year in college, included a section of the book titled: “45 Communist Goals.” Number 11 reads as follows:


  1. Promote the United Nations as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. [Note: There are still American intellectuals, and elected members of Congress, who dream of an eventual one world government and who view the U.N., founded by communists such as Alger Hiss, the first secretary-general, as the instrument to bring this about. World government was also the dream of Adolf Hitler and J.V. Stalin. World government was the dream of Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers.]

Globalism vs. Nationalism – this is the gargantuan battle of 2017 and under President’s Trump national and international leadership will doubtlessly take U.S. into 2018 and beyond. Either Nationalism, Sovereignty and Liberty wins, or Globalism, Fascism and Tyranny will prevail throughout the world unleashing a new Dark Age of dystopia over all humanity… May God forbid!


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