InfoWars Interviews ex-Davos Globalist Ted Malloch, Part I

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TED MALLOCH: “Germany which is a very wealthy country as only the engine of growth in Europe is paying less than 2 percent of its annual GDP for defense 1.32 percent… we’re paying for German’s welfare state, as a result of our subsidy of NATO.”

ALEX JONES: “That’s really it – Globalists have used control of the US government to parlay our wealth into all their own little adventures in the world and propping us up and so as soon as Trump took the government’s foot off our neck suddenly things came roaring back and all these entitled little Globalists are now completely panicking.”


On 8 Dec. 2017, InfoWars founder Alex Jones conducted a revelatory interview of ex-Davos board member, Ted Malloch on Trump’s firing of Deep State implant Dina Habib Powell put in that high profile sensitive position at the recommendation of rabid Trump-hater MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski, as well as the last gasp of what I call “Gestapo Globalism” which President Trump is gradually purging from US domestic and foreign policy.

CEOs who actively campaigned against Trump and belittled his Nationalist supporters, at many of America’s biggest, blue-chip companies are fleeing the ship like a pack of rats and forced into resignation in order to prevent taking the shares of their stockholders even deeper into the financial abyss. Hollywood perverts, prominent writers, journalists, tech figures, TV chefs and a rogues gallery of Democrat sycophants, Globalists, fascists and traitors likewise are fleeing the ship like rats and are even turning on their own in an entertaining circular firing squad to prove to the public that Leftists and the Democrat Socialist Party are not hypocrites… Liberal fascists are much more than hypocrites, they are America’s eternal traitors who can trace their political treasonous lineage over 240 years ago to the Loyalists—Americans who sided with the British in the Revolutionary War (1775-83); who after they lost the war either fled north to Canada or laid low in society and formed what became known as the Democrat Socialist Party USA.

And speaking of politics, let’s not forget perhaps the biggest traitors in modern times—US Politicians and how at both the federal and state levels these traitorous rats are fleeing the ship as it lifts and flounders in the turbulent oceans of We the People. Here is just a short list of mostly Democrat dirtbags forced to resign in 2017 due to sexual harassment charges, fraud and an assorted list of crimes. This list is too long to publish here, but a helpful link can be found at

InfoWars Interview Ted Malloch

ALEX JONES: Talking about insane news – the good things happening, the bad things happening, the ugly things happening, the fantastic things happening – it is just a quickening; it is insane. BOMBSHELL: “Roy Moore accused, Beverly Nelson admits she forged the yearbook,” that’s huge. “Top DOJ Official Demoted Amid Probe of Contacts with Trump and the dossier firm,” “More FBI agents being taken off the case for being Democratic Operatives.” We have got the FBI director [James Comey, Andrew McCabe] now you know caught working for the Clintons as well, the Obama appointed judge mysteriously recuses himself from Michael Flynn case turns out they were the one involved in the FISA Court. This is a rigged deal and the house of cards is coming down. They tried to impeach Trump, couldn’t hardly get any votes on the House floor yesterday, we’re going to play that clip coming up as well that’s just some of the news. Meanwhile, jobs report crushes expectations as hurricane impact fades, meanwhile they’re just panicking though the economy is coming back

But I’ve got the big EU news here and remember as goes the EU so goes the world, it’s the Globalists last stand – the unelected private corporate system that is anti-free market, crony capitalism, they said if Hillary loses we’re gonna fall apart. And they said now if the Euro collapses (which they predicted it would), it’s over. There’ll be a new chance for real global free trade, real global freedom and Americana worldwide. Not kind of a new Soviet Union meets EU bureaucrats.

I’ve got a stack of articles here some of them written by Ted Malloch here they are—”Pathetic – Appeaser Teresa May Makes Heavy Concessions on Money Regulatory Alignment to the EU,” so basically a backroom deal to screw Brexit; “7 Days of creation: Trump’s 1st week as president” – that’s Theodore Roosevelt Malloch’s article on RT – “United States of Europe? Germany Schultz Wants to Consolidate EU, Kick Out Those Who Disagree.” They’ve got a new EU army; they’re threatening the different Eastern European countries with 100,000 Euro fines, (who don’t want to let illegals in), they’re talking about forcibly bringing them in…

And again, Ted Malloch’s the best-selling author but listen – studying Davos, studying Bilderberg’s, setting up the Aspen Institute; a lot of groups that he helped found and was involved in. I remember reading about Ted Malloch 25 years ago studying key people in Globalist organizations. That doesn’t mean everybody in them is bad, but about a decade ago I started seeing him really critical of it saying the EU is gonna fall apart, it’s going to go down, it’s authoritarian – that he got involved in all this to promote freedom worldwide. And now you’ve seen Peter Thiel do the same thing, more and more people,

Sean Parker, former head of Facebook come out and say – yeah this is authoritarian, we got to stop it (so kind of the conscience of people that have been inside). I would say you were one of them because since I got to read more your stuff a decade ago … how did you get in there then? Talk about yourself, explain how a fellow Iike you from Canada ends up at the very highest levels on the board of directors of some of the top organizations like Davos, (kind a Bilderberg public), what got you to the highest levels of it and then what made you one of the early people to say it’s going down?  – I mean a real trailblazer predicting what we’re now in the middle phases of.

TED MALLOCH: Well I’m from Philadelphia, not from Canada … I did my PhD in Canada … I’ve got enough of those [academic credentials] for … 10 people … so when you had those and at an early age you start doing things – I was in the State Department when I was 28. I was running the UN in Europe when I was 35… People keep giving you other opportunities. They like your resume, they like the way you act, the way you think, and you know it opens up a lot of opportunity …

ALEX JONES: I already read your book Davos Aspen and Yale by the way … you’re good-looking gather on the cover [MALLOCH] Well that’s a few years ago I think that picture was taken in 1992 so some of us aged better than others. [ALEX] But so you grew up in Philadelphia, but you go to school in Canada come back to us you Yale you name it I mean breakdown in that process.

TED MALLOCH: So, actually it’s a statement about career not ambition by an ambition but something students can learn from if you’re a good student, if you work hard, if you’re thoughtful, and I had some great mentors along the way who are very conservative you know in both in political philosophy and in economics. You have opportunities you take them you work in … different places even in the private sector. In America we go in and out of the private sector, so I’ve done that numerous times and it builds up what we used to call a rolodex was really a network and people keep calling on you to do things because you can deliver.

ALEX JONES: I was about to say because you’re not just big in academia you’ve been really successful in business and also coaching corporations I mean I just had a lot of stuff.

TED MALLOCH: I know I’ve worked with 150 companies I’ve worked on I think I’ve been on 36 boards above both think tanks, universities—

ALEX JONES: What made you get into the power structure and then once you’re there when did you start becoming that force against Globalism in the middle of it?

TED MALLOCH: Well, I think even at the beginning I had an acumen which largely grew out of my reading of the Great Books which my father brought me up to read and my Sunday school teachers who taught me about the history of Christianity and I always had this kind of ethical dimension so that when I saw something I could actually describe it as good, bad, or indifferent.

ALEX JONES: You’re not Canadian but you are a theologian?

TED MALLOCH: Well I have some degrees in theology, yes and I have certainly studied theology and I am a practicing Christian and that makes some other people certainly in the Secular and in the Globalist world very nervous besides—

ALEX JONES: We talked about it at dinner last night I mean there’s a lot of Luciferianism in Globalism?

TED MALLOCH:  Oh yeah, so anyway you’re in the inside of this … you see a lot of things, you meet a lot of people – some of them are fine actors and I’ve had you know the ability to be around some very fine political corporate actors. I’ve worked for some really fine companies, but you also see a lot of really bad stuff and I’ve not been afraid to name names … in this memoir, which I wrote largely for my kids because they asked me – what is it that you do dad? They didn’t really know I’ve been on a lot of  airplanes and I told them the story and that’s the story and it’s an insider’s story of you know how you can be salt and light.

ALEX JONES: It’s a powerful book, I learned a lot from it but, you’re inside the situation from the beginning they knew you were pro America, for pro free market and I guess they kind of sold Globalism early on as kind of Americana worldwide, but at what point did you really start to criticize it and why do they leave you right in the middle of it, given you were so critical it?

TED MALLOCH: Well, I think this is a gradual process you know in the 1992-95 period Globalization and Americanization were somewhat synonymous as you suggest, and became more and more apparent that these Globalists had a very, very different agenda had nothing to do with America. They would use America, use America funding, use American political prowess but they really had their own agenda and that’s very evident of what I call the EU-SSR because it is really just as I described it a kind of new Soviet Union, if you will, that has very, very strong Globalist agenda. And it’s apparent that this transatlantic relationship which we have largely paid for since World War II is built on the wrong premise.

They’ve taken advantage of us as Trump said, you know, we were really a goat – They took our money, they took our defense, we paid 80% of the costs of NATO and we’ve looked the other way. Germany which is a very wealthy country as only the engine of growth in Europe is paying less than 2 percent of its annual GDP for defense 1.32 percent… we’re paying for German’s welfare state as a result of our subsidy of NATO.

ALEX JONES: That’s really it – Globalists have used control of the US government to parlay our wealth into all their own little adventures in the world and propping us up and so as soon as Trump took the government’s foot off our neck suddenly things came roaring back and all these entitled little Globalists are now completely panicking. I want to talk to you about you predicted what’s happened over a decade ago, then give us the bird’s eye view from an insider who wasn’t an insider on what’s gonna happen next …


America, Trump beating all odds, more enemies than faced by any other US President in history, defeating our corrupt political duopoly, the Deep State and Shadow Government traitors to become president on 8 Nov. 2016 and sworn in on 20 January 2017, is nothing short of a God ordained miracle. The prophecy goes back to the early 1950s when Donald Trump’s father (Fred Trump) was one of the early financial contributors, philanthropist, and supporters of the conservative John Birch Society. Fast forward to a White House event in the early 1980s where after President Reagan meet Trump in 1984 for the first and only time and shook Trump’s hand, Reagan said shortly thereafter, “I felt like I was shaking the hand of the President” – You were shaking the hand of a president Ronald Reagan, just 35 years before God’s divine providence delivered US from Liberal Fascism, Socialism Slavery and the international menace of Gestapo Globalism … And it came to pass.

Present President meets Future President: Reagan meets Trump at a White House party (1984).

When President Trump passionately declares to the American people that “We will no longer surrender America or its people to the false song of Globalism,” he is resurrecting the original political philosophy that birthed the world’s greatest nation –Natural Rights and Natural Law which according to legal philosopher David Adams in his book, Philosophical Problems in the Law, consists of “principles and standards not simply made up by humans but rather part of an objective moral order, present in the universe and accessible by human reason.”

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