InfoWars Interviews ex-Davos Globalist Ted Malloch, Part II

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The laws of economic life are subject to the eternal laws of spiritual capital.

~ Ted Malloch

“You were right, you had a compass, you had a rudder, you weren’t these modern manufactured sociopaths and psychopaths that don’t believe in good and that don’t believe in justice and who just think you get ahead by screwing everybody over. That whole Globalist, historical cycle is coming to an end.”

~ Alex Jones (28 Dec. 2017)


Part II continues our review of InfoWars interview of ex-Globalist, ex-Davos board member and Aspen Institute Founder, Ted Malloch.


InfoWars Interview of Ted Malloch

ALEX JONES: … So, Ted Malloch he’s an academic, business guy, best-selling author, but on the board of the Davos group been part of many of the top Globalist organizations, but over the years promoting Americana and resisting and it was one of the first people inside the organization wasn’t over a decade ago saying, hey they’re going down, its falling apart, it’s authoritarian, the EU is going go down, America is going to come back; so just briefly how were you able to predict it? What did you witness, and then tell us the next shoe to drop with Europe as people resist its unelected authoritarianism inside Europe doubles down with an EU army; says you will accept the Islamic invasion, becomes even more pushy repeating history even after they just witnessed the Brexit it seems to only make them more arrogant?

TED MALLOCH: Well the answer to the first question is I think that you do analysis, you look at the options, you do future scenarios, you look at the trend lines and I was an early caller in this game to say that this was going to happen and in conversations with all kinds of leaders both in the US and in Europe you know we’ve been able to make that prediction. So, I would say that in the Trump eight years of administration, (and I believe it will be eight years of administration), we will see the world shift even more radically in our direction. America is back that… is just a huge statement in and of itself and I think we have one person to thank for that [President Donald J. Trump].

ALEX JONES: And Globalism is all about losing your Nation-States, losing your individual cultures, they admit that and it’s such an ugly, horrible, final revolution, it is true tyranny. I mean it’s an attack on free will, and then here comes Trump, here comes Populism – why now?

TED MALLOCH: Well, we don’t eat European food, we don’t speak European language, we don’t homogenize everything so that there’s no distinctness. I mean the beauty of culture is its differentiation, its peculiarities. So, I think where we see this movement in Europe now it’s very strong in Eastern Europe, it’s obviously very strong in Britain, there are elements in every single European country. I think the European elections are proving this will prove it next year in Italy – all these countries are moving back to their own nationhood and there’s no reason they can’t all be great.

I mean greatness is infinitely wide, it doesn’t mean they have to be at war compare competing with each other and I think that America sets the bar sets the bar very high on that and a lot of people still everywhere in the world will follow what’s happening in America. So, the world is moving away from this New World Order back to an order that has more to do with States and has to do with national localities.

ALEX JONES: A lot of people say I don’t care about Europe, but they have to understand even the Globalists themselves say if Hillary loses we’re almost completely almost completely defeated and then the European Union will fall next. Why is that a good thing? Well it’s unelected its authoritarian it was snuck in under trade deals just like NAFTA and GATT and TPP and it’s about self-determination we’re being conquered by this global cabal and its main final command base is the European Union and the United Nations, and so I mean this is really the battle of the 21st century for freedom.

TED MALLOCH: This is the battle of these decades I think we’ve actually surprised them because we’re starting to take back territory in a sense. I mean way I put it is, with Trump were no longer on the defensive, we’re on the offensive and everything he does actually day in – day out that’s what’s so amazing about it it’s not just … occurring here and there willy-nilly once in a while, everyday something is happening on Trump’s watch—Israel this week you know, Jerusalem, Middle East, Russia—

ALEX JONES: …border secured, economy coming back and it’s the perfect timing it out he waited and did all this and then just right at the right time as the stars align historically boom, it’s biblical.

TED MALLOSH:  It is so I wrote over an article some months ago actually time of the election saying with Trump’s election it’ll be like the first seven days of Creation – and I meant that not literally, but metaphorically and the fact is almost everything that I laid out in that article has happened already and we’ve only witnessed the first year of Donald J Trump.

ALEX JONES: Let’s talk about the first seven days of Trump’s creation in fact I’ve got the article right there let’s go back over that, so he predicted it a year ago here we are first year –

TED MALLOCH: It’s a checklist, It’s quite amazing… what will we do? Immediately and all of Obama’s executive orders done he’ll try to stop Obamacare; he wanted to do it, it’s the damn US Senate that stopped them from doing it. And he’ll as I said here cut off the head of the snake called ISIS done. You go down this checklist of some third Russia’s declared two days ago they’re defeated, yeah they’re defeated, but this list, there are maybe two or three things he still has to do so it’s he hasn’t yet built the wall I said that the—

ALEX JONES: By the way CNN wrote articles … saying Trump’s keeping his promise keeper and showed how he’s done at least half or more of everything he said. And they were saying that was a bad thing.

TED MALLOCH: Oh yeah, they believe it’s a bad thing because they’re in the business of “media malpractice” – It’s a term I’ve coined, and I want you to use this so I’m glad you’re using it, but the fact is CNN and other networks but now it’s all those networks it’s all the Mainstream networks are basically just anti-Trump networks and people are turning it off. It’s just like the NFL games people have stopped going.

ALEX JONES: And that’s my next question – the NFL has lost like 35 percent just this last year and a half, 50% total, the last four years being political, and they don’t care, they can’t stop, it’s just things they’re killing themselves.

TED MALLOCH: Well they’re gonna go out of business sell if that’s what they intend to do then put the guy back in charge [Commissioner Roger Goodell] and they seem to have done that.

ALEX JONES: Don’t take it that even if they kill Trump that would make him a martyr that they’re going to lose?

TED MALLOCH: Well I don’t even like to have that thought and I pray that he has security every night, but the fact is Trump is doing all the stuff on this list. This was my wish list of everything could happen in the best biblical account and he’s done like 90% of the stuff. Now he’s got to put more good people I think into the administration—

ALEX JONES:  He’s been successful with executive action because the Globalist had put so much power in the executive to circumvent the people but he again they’re their strength he made it their weakness and now – TPP, NAFTA, GATT renegotiated go –

TED MALLOCH: One after the other these are things that people said it could not do. His advisors even said well maybe you should think about doing that twice or how could you defund this part of the United Nations? How could you allow … the Israelis to have a capital in Jerusalem? We’re just fulfilling these promises and it’s an incredible –

ALEX JONES: 30 years ago, they passed a law to do this and all the other presidents have agreed to it, and then Trump goes oh you’re gonna blow us up if they have a capital? You know we can’t live in fear.

TED MALLOCH: Well the next thing that happens; I’ll predicted right here, is he’ll solve the North Korean dilemma, which is really a Damocles sword hanging over our head. And the way he’ll do that and he’s already and then you hear his some of his advisors like Mattis and McMasters talking for him. The way he’ll do that is escalate the rhetoric which he’s done, he’s going to enforce a complete sanction, he’s actually going to I think put an embargo on North Korea. He will then use EMP weapons in order to change the entire scenario and we will see the end of that regime in North Korea—

ALEX JONES: Are you saying he’ll move EMP weapons in to make them sue for peace or he’ll you’ll hit him with EMP?

TED MALLOCH: I think you’ll hit them.

ALEX JONES: Well they’re moving the troops everybody in … our military sources say we’re going to hit North Korea.

TED MALLOCH: All you have to do is listen to the National Security Advisor he said it’s the chances of that are increasing he said the other day – day by day.

ALEX JONES: So, knowing all the establishment elite speak you you’re saying this is serious?

TED MALLOCH: It’s going to happen, and I’ll predict that’s going to happen in the next six months of the year 2018.

ALEX JONES: Kim Jong-Un better get his act together but I tell you this is crazy I pray for peace … by the way from the top hides to the Globalist operation and has been fighting for Americana ever since and it’s been heralding and then and basically portending, that is predicting with accuracy now the fall of the New World Order … We have some very exciting news that one of the main operatives of the Globalists that has been causing incredible problems, stacking the Trump operation with Globalists – I’m going to let you go ahead my friend and announce what just broke?

TED MALLOCH: Well, this is very good news to see this headline – “Dana Powell the Deputy National Security Adviser is to depart the Trump White House” –  this is one of the leading Globalists in the White House, she shouldn’t have been there in the first place, so it’s very good news to hear that she is leaving. I hope she takes with her a bunch of other people and some of the Deep State of course that’s the problem because you know in the US government, whether it’s the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the National Security Council you go down the list, these Deep State operatives are embedded – many of them go back decades and certainly many of them are very attached to the Obama ideology.

So that this is really, I mean this doesn’t surprise me, it’s very good news and I think Gary Cohen I’ll make a prediction will be the next one to go.

ALEX JONES: In fact, we were talking earlier I don’t know this could even be said yet, but little birdies have told you Gary Cohn formerly Goldman Sachs that’s been caught bad-mouthing the president quite a bit and undermining and you’ve heard him he’s gonna be gone?

TED MALLOCH: I think that’s I mean it’s an easy prediction to make. The other prediction of course that’s out is that the Secretary of State who’s really not operating as Secretary of State, he’s probably the weakest Secretary of State the country has ever had, will be gone in February once his stock situation clears so you can have his tax freeze, you know tax status as a result of serving in the US government for a year one of a new Secretary of State. These are big changes on the national security and on the international front and hopefully Trump will make the decision and I think there’s a clear indication to pick people this time that are more closely aligned with his worldview.

ALEX JONES: Wow, Dina Powell out this is huge breaking news, and again I don’t do this to toot my horn but I came on air today and I said exclusive email shows effort to give Trump campaign WikiLeaks documents and I said this was in September we had these a month and a half before with the key everybody had the keys the keys were giving out exclusive email shows ever to give Trump campaign WikiLeaks documents I said this morning this is pure poppycock now even the Washington Post has to admit –  “Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents that were already public.” So, somebody sent the campaign an email with public WikiLeaks a month and a half after they’re out and that’s the Russian collusion? I mean they haven’t even proven WikiLeaks is Russian, now getting public Wikileaks a month and a half later is the proof top story on CNN this morning.

TED MALLOCH: Well in the case of Russiagate we have a situation where Natalia Veselnitskaya … the Russian lawyer who was meeting in Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner was meeting the hour before with GPS Fusion, and meeting the hour after with GPS Fusion, which is all tied back into the original steel dossier.

ALEX JONES: And that’s all the fake made-up, perjury, false affidavit that’s instead of them making an original false affidavit as they had no witnesses they just made-up fiction, had that brought in by the FBI, certified and then given to the court.

TED MALLOCH: Absolutely and that this dossier is really the nub of the whole thing and I’ve been doing research on you know I live in London and I’ve been able to crack into MI-6 and it’s some other people who can tell me the real truth on how this document was created? Who created it? What his view is? How he is a Globalist himself actually a Fabian Socialist? And what is behind that dossier? That’s a very, very provocative story.

ALEX JONES: Ted Malloch folks – Davos group board, Aspen Institute. Didn’t you found some of these groups?

TED MALLOCH: Well I’ll probably tell you on Tuesday and Thursday.


Epilogue to America First Anti-Globalism

Alex Jones defined Globalism as “an authoritarian system based on a technocracy, an authoritarian system using computers and rigged systems to control people.” Alex Jones goes on to say that Gestapo “Globalism has been exposed, is being discredited and within a year is being reversed in more than 40 major countries…” He further states that “You were right, you had a compass, you had a rudder, you weren’t these modern manufactured sociopaths and psychopaths that don’t believe in good and that don’t believe in justice and who just think you get ahead by screwing everybody over. That whole Globalist, historical cycle is coming to an end.”

“It doesn’t mean there won’t still be corruption or problems, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be some utopia but clearly historians, analysts, futurists, people that really study trends myself included you can see tyranny, corrupt groups, manipulative groups, people that have dumbed down the population using – Hollywood and the media,” Alex Jones declared. “You can see after 100 years of electronic brainwashing in radio and then film and the rest of it that people are now flipping onto the fact that it is manipulating them, it is controlling them, and it is out to literally turn them into mindless consumers – not to just make money but to program them into and through the consumer system to basically give up their independence, give up the control in their own communities and become basically subservient bots in a corporate system that makes it impossible to be natural and independent – whether you be a high-tech transhumanist who is still a libertarian, or whether you be an Amish person that wants to be a farmer, this [Globalist] system is coming in to create one central, core of anti-free will complete and absolute cult-like enslavement, and that’s what we’re fighting.”

On this the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution led by the genocidal murder Vladimir Lenin created, financed, and launched by Socialists in America and England to de-Christianize Czarist Russia, Lenin put this internationalist, Globalist control, denoting Communism in these terms—“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself.” Thus, Socialism and Progressivism, Liberal fascism and Globalism are all antithetical to Natural Law, Natural Rights and the Original intent of our Constitutional Framers who venerated freedom and liberty for all people based on an inseparability of Law and Morality, Veritas and Reason, God and Humanity.




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