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I am not a conspiracist; however, during my 25 years of studying the Constitution, I’ve often wondered if there is an unseen hand, a shadow justice that controls how all justices on the Supreme Court reach their legal conclusions. Does an invisible justice exist that is neither appointed by the president nor approved by the Senate who dictates how they write their judicial decrees?

As part of my ongoing series of columns on justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, here I will chronicle how an obscure little footnote authored by an inconspicuous law clerk became the foundation of a radical, new judicial review during the midst of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s second term that tragically cemented a results-oriented liberalism while signaling the death of the rule of law and natural law jurisprudence, which is the original intent of the constitutional framers.

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  1. Gary Ford says:

    In the movie, Enemy of the State, the question is asked, “who is going to watch the watchers?” People like yourself are raising the alarm and providing the information, and it is the responsibility of every American who values freedom more than mere existence to do the watching. We will either make a break from the Nanny state, or become servants to the oligarchy.

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