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This article is a detailed and substantive analysis of a declassified Nazi report on German family and inheritance law compiled shortly after World War II by the American Office of Strategic Services Research & Analysis. Dated July 16, 1945, the document is titled, “Nazi Changes in the Field of Family and Inheritance Law” (R & A No. 3092).3 The report is divided into two sections: I. The Law prior to 1933; II. The Law since 1933. This division is significant for Adolph Hitler, who became the Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, even though his Nazi Party did not possess a majority of the votes. …
Throughout this article I will follow and augment the ideas, research and writings of scholars like Youngson, Bergman, Shirer, Stein, Bloom and Wiker, among others. I will particularly focus on their shared thesis that Hitler and the Nazis purposely and systematically revolutionized German law to facilitate application of Social Darwinist policies like eugenics, natural selection and survival of the fittest, and systematically applied these diabolical ideas to every conceivable aspect of German society. These facts will become particularly evident for application and purposes of this paper in my analysis of German and Nazi laws on marriage, family and inheritance law.

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