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Beginning Aug. 8, 2013 We are in the process of changing to our new name (and site) — because for too long conservatives have allowed the Progressive Left to exclude us from society and from the arena of ideas. For example, even though the Republican Party was founded 160 years ago (1854) in order to fight against Democrat Party racism to free the slaves and MLK was a Republican. On Aug. 24th there was a huge celebration on the Mall in Washington, D.C. celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Yet, not one conservative, not one Republican, not even one Abolitionist was allowed to speak on this auspicious occasion. Why? Because Black and White Democrats have hijacked history, hijacked the Civil Rights movement in order to shamefully treat conservatives like Niggers unworthy to be heard or respected, thus the new name of my website was created to reflect the Left’s invidious discrimination and hatred of conservatives and conservative ideas…


Nice guys do finish last

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washington121123When I look at the political careers of a Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the political hacks of Democratic Socialist Party, the Country Club Republican Party and the millions of liberals, socialists and Marxists who are thriving throughout Hollywood, academia, labor, sports, entertainment and society by bringing America to her knees while systematically deconstructing everything good this country has done for her citizens and for the whole world, then all I can say is …

Nice guys do finish last.

Exhibit A: Barack Hussein Obama (1961 – ) It’s amazing how far a person can get in America with a little help at key times in their life from powerful and influential people who lift you up as the Manchurian Candidate by directing your life to deconstruct and undermine everything that America’s Founding Fathers gave their lives and sacred honor to uphold: freedom of religion, rule of law, liberty, culture, society, American exceptionalism, constitutionalism, capitalism, Natural Law.

Exhibit B: Ellis Washington (1961 – ) I have been a conservative for 30 years. I wrote my first published essays for our school newspaper on culture and politics in 1982 during Christmas break my senior year in college at DePauw University, where I warned the university faculty and my fellow students of the dangers of liberalism, progressivism and socialism. For 30 years, I wrote books nobody bought or read extolling the virtues of a country I thought stood for God, liberty and truth.

Nice guys do finish last.

Letter to Phyllis Schlafly

In a recent correspondence to one of my intellectual mentors, the legendary anti-feminist foe, attorney Phyllis Schlafly, I wrote the following:

Dear Ms. Schlafly,

Outstanding interview last Saturday on Joshua’s Trial radio show … I will be sure to buy your latest book, “No Higher Power” and let my 15-year-old son read your excellent opus as well.

Thank you for your yeoman’s work in positively affecting the marketplace of ideas. If I can ever be of service to you in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me my friend.

Ms. Schlafly, please pray for me. For at least 20 years or more I have been blacklisted by liberals and conservatives alike and I don’t know why. Perhaps because I am a doctrinaire conservative Christian intellectual and a legal scholar whose resume has transcended the slave chains of affirmative-action?

For several years I interviewed for law faculty positions at the annual Law Faculty Conference sponsored by the Association of American Law Schools in Washington, D.C., and naively believed that I would be given good faith interviews with these schools. Yet as soon as the interviewers deduced that I was a conservative and after several years of this Sisyphus experience and after participating in about two dozen interviews with various law schools, I was faced with the crushing reality that it was all for nothing!

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