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Dreams from Obama's real father, Part 2

Dreams from Obama’s real father, Part 2

washington-On March 3, 1964, Barack Obama, Sr. applied for an extension of his visa – which granted his part of the deal for his sham marriage to Ann – to be allowed to get his Ph.D. from Harvard. The film’s Obama impersonator says, “Obama’s frequent lessons in politics mostly involved Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. Frank explained, all history is class struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed. Frank lectured that America’s corporate system was designed to benefit the rich and to keep the poor down.

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Lenin's 'useful idiots' in Manhattan

Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ in Manhattan

For the past month, the liberal fascist mobs have been protesting American exceptionalism, capitalism and its symbolic embodiment, Wall Street in Manhattan. These legions of largely white hippie-types, are unwashed, unshaved, unemployed, unemployable masses; prone to violence, conspicuous drug use, rantings, cursing, public defecation on police cars and promiscuous sex – yet are clueless as to […]

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War socialism, Part 2

War socialism perpetrated by the Soros-Obama-Power trinity isn’t new. In his outstanding chapter on President Woodrow Wilson, Jonah Goldberg eloquently wrote in “Liberal Fascism” how interconnected the progressive revolution was to the fascist revolution. This was precisely the totalizing social operation and mass appeal of Marxism and Nazism. Hitler made it clear that his goal […]

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