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Beginning Aug. 8, 2013 We are in the process of changing to our new name (and site) — because for too long conservatives have allowed the Progressive Left to exclude us from society and from the arena of ideas. For example, even though the Republican Party was founded 160 years ago (1854) in order to fight against Democrat Party racism to free the slaves and MLK was a Republican. On Aug. 24th there was a huge celebration on the Mall in Washington, D.C. celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” Yet, not one conservative, not one Republican, not even one Abolitionist was allowed to speak on this auspicious occasion. Why? Because Black and White Democrats have hijacked history, hijacked the Civil Rights movement in order to shamefully treat conservatives like Niggers unworthy to be heard or respected, thus the new name of my website was created to reflect the Left’s invidious discrimination and hatred of conservatives and conservative ideas…


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Liberal fascism through the ages

No matter how mad the plan is – Fraternité, the “New Soviet Man,” the Master Race, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, Building a New Society, ObamaCare – a [liberal] mob will believe it. In the world of the liberal, as in the world of Robespierre, there are no crimes, only criminals. – Ann […]

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Brown v. Board of Education: Right Result, Wrong Reasoning

I. ABSTRACT The genesis of this Article was originally conceived as a letter to a journalist in response to an article I had read in the Detroit News titled, “Judge Damon Keith, governor hosts fund raiser on Saturday.”’ I also heard about this event while listening to National Public Radio that same day, and I […]

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A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness: A Word About Brown vs. Board of Education

”Much of what you say cannot be rebutted. Nevertheless, I find your words a bit too harsh . . . ” Professor Lawrence C. Mann, Director of the Damon J. Keith Law Collection of African American Legal History, Wayne State Law School Dear Ms. Kimberly Hayes Taylor: This letter is in regard to your article […]

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Letter to Generation Y

Professor Leonard McCoy is a faculty member at Savannah State University, a historical black college/university (HBCU) in Georgia. He is also an emergent scholar, a brilliant critical thinker and one of the most dispassionate, logical-minded men I’ve ever met. During my short tenure at SSU (2008-09) professor McCoy and I put on eight symposiums and […]

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Ann Coulter on (liberal) mob psychology

Leading conservative intellectual and my fellow WND colleague, Ann Coulter, has done it again, writing yet another No. 1 New York Times best-selling book, “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.”In this outstanding book, Coulter uses the enduring idée fixe that “Democrats are heirs to the French Revolution, the uprising of a mob. Conservatives […]

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Letter to Generation X

Property, brains and character will settle the question of civil rights. ~ Booker T. Washington Prologue In a recent correspondence to a young protégée, Marcus Williams, who is a member of Antioch C.O.G.I.C., a wonderful black church in Detroit which in my youth helped shape my character in many profound ways, I took the occasion […]

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An American Weimar Republic

What are the logical comparisons and consequences we can understand between the economic, moral and intellectual devolution of Germany under the Weimar Republic that ushered in the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler and a post-Ronald Reagan America (since 1990), that continued the Democratic socialism of Wilson, FDR and LBJ, which eventually ushered in the Age […]

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I remember Allan Bloom, Part 2

The world is a dangerous place to live not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. ~ Albert Einstein Einstein’s aphorism above in an utterly singular manner extrapolates why professor Allan Bloom had to write his magnum opus, “The Closing of the American Mind,” […]

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I remember Allan Bloom

For Bloom, the moral vacuum created by liberalism inside the souls of Americans was filled by demagogic radicals in the ’60s similar to the Nazi Brownshirts who in the ’20s and ’30s filled the breach created in German society by the Weimar Republic. Bloom further argued that liberal values of philosophy and reason understood as […]

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Nixon and today’s progressive GOP

Despite the past two and a half years America has been run by a president who is in every respect a socialist with communist tendencies, the pathetic GOP cannot effectively mount a first-tier candidate to seriously challenge this diminutive Marxist professor. Why? Because for 40 years the GOP has used the rhetoric of conservative Ronald […]

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Symposium: The SCOTUS suicide pact

Socrates (470-399 B.C.) – a renowned Greek philosopher from Athens who taught Plato. Plato taught Aristotle and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. Socrates used a method of teaching by asking leading questions. The Greeks called this form dialectic – starting from a thesis or question, then discussing ideas and moving back and forth between points […]

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Professor Bruce Herschensohn on “An American Amnesia”

Does being on the left mean never having to say that you are sorry?—If you are talking about the Vietnam War and who won it 35 years later, that very well may be the case. Regarding the real truth of the Vietnam War after the fall of Saigon, Laos and Cambodia, Senator Fulbright, D-AK, who […]

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Gov’t imposing new emissions rules on plants, refineries

Fox News Senior Political and Legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano guest hosting on the Glenn Beck Show last Monday had liberal radio host Nancy Skinner debate with Chris Horner, a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of “Power Grab: How Obama’s Greenhouse Policies Will Steal your Freedom and Bankrupt America.” The […]

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America’s iconic Marxist historian

Like the proverbial frog in a cauldron of water, the distinction separating a warm bath and frog soup is only a difference of a few degrees. Likewise, people are dumbstruck with how America’s academy (i.e., colleges, universities, law schools and, to a degree, public schools) has gradually devolved since the 1860s from vaunted institutions of […]

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We’re all communists now, Part 3

Like the biblical prophets of antiquity – Moses, Elijah, Isaiah and John the Revelator, all who jeopardized their lives and heroically proclaimed the word of God to the ignorant, arrogant and barbaric masses, the Israelites, people who constantly refused to hear the words of life, truth, reason and salvation – so it is in our […]

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We’re all communists now, Part 2

In the early 1980s, one of the books I read in college that eventually converted me from Democratic socialism to conservatism was “The Naked Communist” (1958) by Cleon Skousen. The 45 communist goals Skousen documented over 50 years ago reads like today’s newspaper, but most people are either too ignorant (“I didn’t know”), apathetic (“I […]

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We’re all communists now

Communism in America was exposed in a 1958 book by conservative writer Cleon Skousen, “Naked Communist.” State capitalism, Federal Reserve, federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unionism, welfare statism (subsidies) and pension plans, are examples of the thousands of treasonous Ponzi schemes and slush funds politicians have used since the 1850s to dumb down society, […]

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War socialism, Part 2

War socialism perpetrated by the Soros-Obama-Power trinity isn’t new. In his outstanding chapter on President Woodrow Wilson, Jonah Goldberg eloquently wrote in “Liberal Fascism” how interconnected the progressive revolution was to the fascist revolution. This was precisely the totalizing social operation and mass appeal of Marxism and Nazism. Hitler made it clear that his goal […]

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