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Progressives’ 6th Amendment

washington130323[1]In their notes on the Sixth Amendment, O’Connor and Sabato’s textbook, “American Government: Roots and Reform,” wrote that it was “the centerpiece of the constitutional guarantees afforded to individuals facing criminal prosecution … [and] sets out eight specific rights, more than any other provision of the Bill of Rights.” Here is the full text of the Sixth Amendment:

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washington130302In characteristic, succinct style the Eighth Amendment has few words – Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted – yet the Eighth Amendment has produced a vast volume of commentary and litigation since its ratification in 1791. This should not be surprising, as the three major provisions of the amendment address some of the most controversial and emotionally charged issues concerning the rights of criminal defendants, which were greatly expanded during the eras of the Warren Court (1953-69) and the Burger Court (1969-86).

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Under Obamacare, we’re all abortionists now!

washington121201Regarding the approval of the Obamacare individual mandate by the Supreme Court June 28, in a Volokh Conspiracy blog entry by Nick Rosenkranz, “Constitutional Law after Obamacare,” there was an insightful comment by a reader named “Wolfwalker” who wrote: “[M]ost of the legal community is a bunch of fascists who have lost all respect for the Constitution much like the federal government itself. Mr. Rosenkranz, I can write your speech in two sentences: The decision upholding Obamacare is the worst decision issued by any Supreme Court since Dred Scott v. Sanford.

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supreme-court`2Like the proverbial hydra of Greek mythology, the deadly multi-tentacles of what I’ve termed the “Progressive Revolution” have so reached, affected and deconstructed every aspect of truth, law, politics, economics, culture and society that today it is nearly impossible to deduce what our Founding Fathers actually envisioned the laws of the country to be. Over the past 100 years, Congress, the president and the courts have so expanded federal power as to make states rights a dead letter.

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If you were to ask a typical liberal, progressive, or even a Marxist/socialist jurist who was the most important Supreme Court justice of the 20th century, invariably the name cited most often would be Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Holmes served on the Supreme Court from 1902-32, and many of his majority (and dissenting) opinions are considered some of the most legendary and sublime utterances in the history of the high court.

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As the Supreme Court ended a tumultuous week of oral arguments on Obamacare, all of the legal and political pundits are scurrying around like ants, reading and rereading every word of the justices, dissecting every syllable, every verbal inflection; trying in vain to read the tea leaves, to deduce how the court, or more pointedly how the court’s swing justice, Anthony Kennedy, will decide the fate of the Obamacare mandate tax/penalty.

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I am not a conspiracist; however, during my 25 years of studying the Constitution, I’ve often wondered if there is an unseen hand, a shadow justice that controls how all justices on the Supreme Court reach their legal conclusions. Does an invisible justice exist that is neither appointed by the president nor approved by the Senate who dictates how they write their judicial decrees?

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It is impossible to fight against a revolution that wars against, that undermines, that incessantly seeks to destroy everything you hold most dear (e.g., God, family, country) when you don’t even realize that you, your parents and your grandparents were born right in the middle of a vicious, perpetual war of ideas – Progressivism vs. […]

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Gov’t imposing new emissions rules on plants, refineries

“We have a democracy run amok. We’ve got bureaucrats running with a law that each time that it was attempted to be amended, it was amended and they tried to regulate CO2 and it was rejected each time. And the court said that you can regulate anything if you write it in the statute. The EPA said, good we want to regulate energy use and it is not to make the price go down and that has been described by the people pushing this as the worst thing that could happen to humanity,” Horner said.

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