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Please follow this website link to order Ellis Washington’s latest opus: The Progressive Revolution Vol. V, from Barnes and Noble. Below is a brief description of the book.


Ellis Washington’s tenth book, The Progressive Revolution (Volume V)—continues his legal, historical and literary series based on Natural Law, Natural Rights and the original political philosophy of the constitutional Framers and original jurisprudence of the U.S. Supreme Court. Washington systematically chronicles both the historical significance and political deconstruction that the Progressive Revolution or the Progressive Age (circa 1860–present) has perpetrated against Western Civilization and American society… even to this day. These volumes are a collection of selected essays, articles and Socratic dialogues from Washington’s weekly columns published in—an essential news and opinion website of primarily conservative writers and ideas. This opus—Volume V: 2014-15 Writings—which rather than being arranged chronologically by date, are organized topically according to their subject matter of 16 intellectual disciplines including—Law, Politics, Foreign Policy, Philosophy, Aesthetics, the Academy, Religion, Economics, Science & Medicine, Math & Engineering, Culture & Society, History and Legal Scholarship.


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